How To Recapture That "Special Spark" Again


That "something special" was why you first fell in love. Imagine the feeling if you found it again!

All relationships begin because there is something special and no matter how bad it gets, as long as you can get back to that "something special" again, you can save your relationship.

Let's face it, when you first got involved with your signficant other, there was something really special between you two. You were able to tell that your partner really loved you. You felt the magic of that love and happiness. You could see clearly how much that person cared about you.

That "special something" is the very reason why you fell in love in the first place. It is what glued you together. It is what made you see each other's good qualities and made you oblivious to each other's faults at the same time.

This "special something" was the driving force behind all those wonderful things you've done for each other, the fun times you had and even the times you both had to forgive and forget.

Consider the fact that the original "special something" was strong enough to make relationship partners out of two strangers. This idea alone is a miracle. If you went as far as getting married, that marriage bond is such a big step that there must have been something incredible between you two at one point in time.

In fact, if the "special something" was that strong back then, imagine its strength if you found it again and tapped into it!

Yes, this is one thing that should NOT fade with time. When partners spend years together, they build a history of ups and downs that only serve to strengthen their bond. The problem is when partners forget how much work they had to put into the initial courting stage to create this bond. 

As they build this "special something" into a lasting bond, the work involved seems to get side-stepped with the children, house, job, car or whatever else happens to distract the couple from what's important—the thing that brought them together in the first place. For without that "thing" there is no "children, house, job, car"—the stuff of their relationship or marriage. Because there is no relationship or marriage.

So, how do you recapture that "something special?  Ideally, you both have to agree upon some focused time spent together alone without intrusions. Start by talking honestly about what you used to like about each other.  Talk about what you used to like to do together. Take a trip down memory lane and try to recapture the good times, the fun times, the silly times and all the special feelings those times evoked.

Rediscover what attracted you to each other in the first place and why you felt the way you did. Play "your" music, dance to your songs, play games, watch movies...anything that you enjoyed when you were dating. Talk, write or sing. Recreate what you did those first weeks, months or years. If you spent hours on the phone, call each other. If you wrote long letters write each other. Put yourself back in the dating mood you once shared.

Once you have rediscovered that special ingredient, decide together on a plan of action to bring it back to life. Do something together you stopped doing long ago. Do the things that remind you of the old times. Even visit the old places if you can! Spend the time to recreate these memories and the feelings will follow.

When you find your "special something" again, cherish it. Then go back to it over and over again. Go back to the time of wonder, of selfless love and of appreciating each other. 

This is an incredible step toward reconnecting with your mate and possibly even saving your relationship or marriage. You will once again appreciate your partner and have a reason, and the strength to weather the storms together that every relationship must endure.

You could even say it will be just like old times. But, now you will be more mature, somewhat wiser and have a better ability to appreciate your partner, and your relationship more than ever before.