9 Ways Your Online Dating Profile Could Be Turning Off Quality Men

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How To Get A Guy To Like You & Make Your Online Dating Apps Profile More Attractive

Is your dating profile repelling great guys?

When it comes to building a profile on online dating apps, like Bumble or Tinder, the process looks so simple. Write a couple of lines about yourself in your dating profile, take a few selfies and you're ready to meet the love of your life... your soulmate! However, if you’re serious about wanting to know how to get a guy to like you so much that he becomes your boyfriend, you have to make sure you're setting yourself up to look as attractive as possible.

So in order to start off on the right foot with your new relationship, you're going to need to make sure that your profile is a brilliant reflection of the best parts of yourself. Crazy as this sounds, your online dating profile is actually a form of advertising. Discovering the best way to capture a man's attention online or the apps will significantly impact the number and quality of the guys you meet.

Most importantly, you don't want to turn off the decent men! How you talk about yourself and the man you are seeking without this knowledge can cause men to click away to another woman in seconds.

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So if you want to learn how to get a guy to like you and make your online dating app profile as attractive possible, avoid these 9 faux pas:

1. You're making demands.

Most men prefer a woman who is pleasant and easy to please. So, the minute you start making demands in your profile, that good man is gone. You want to let readers know you have preferences but that you're also a nice person.

What words should you avoid? The most offensive word is "must" as in "must like dogs," "must be a vegetarian," or "must be a man of faith." It's OK to prefer these things, but soften up the language. For example, if you want a religious guy, try, "A man with a strong faith gets bonus points."

2. You've listed typical clichés.

Everyone likes to walk on the beach, go to the movies and dine out which is why saying these things makes you sound like every other woman online. If he can’t picture the kind of person you are, he’s not inclined to take a chance on connecting

Spend time thinking about what makes you different. What are 5 things you'd need on a desert island? How would you spend a rainy Sunday afternoon? And if you are a big movie fan, mention a couple of favorites. Being specific makes it easier to set yourself apart in a good way.

3. You're flaunting your independence.

It's great that you are an independent woman! Just be aware that if you talk a lot about it, you'll sound like a woman who doesn't need a man — which can be a major turn off.

Men want to feel needed just like women do, so when you are staunchly independent, you create an image of preferring going solo. That's simply not appealing. Sometimes women think they are showing that they aren't clingy but, demonstrating confidence is a better way to go.

4. You're "mommy bragging."

Being a mom is one of the most amazing things in life. Too bad it's not sexy or romantic! Being proud of your children and how they mean the world to you will not get you a date. Sites like Match.com have questions about whether you have kids or not, so answer that and leave it out of your profile.

When dating a women with children, men will want to know if you'll have enough "alone time" for them. When you talk too much about your kids, you give the impression that the man in your life will never be your number one priority. Yes, your kids come first, but you don’t need to announce the fact — everyone knows that.

5. You're expressing anger toward past loves.

Maybe you've had some difficult relationship or dating situations. And as a result, you have acquired meaningful deal breakers that are huge for you. This is a good thing to help you weed out men who are not compatible partners. However, you don’t want to draw attention to your unhappy romantic history.

When you express anger about other men, all men reading your profile will feel that anger and quickly click away. Instead, talk about what you do want in a man rather than making comments like, "No couch potatoes need apply." You catch more bees with honey, as the saying goes.

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6. You're too focused on work.

This is a really big mistake. Your goal is to find love, not a new job. That's why you don’t want to use your resume as the foundation for your profile. Even if you love your work, talk about that later when you meet or even on the phone if asked.

To attract a quality man, share fun things about how you spend your free time that he can relate to. Position yourself as someone fun to be with to increase your appeal.

7. You're listing activities that won't appeal to men.

Many women seeking love put on their profile how much they adore culture — theater, ballet, art museums, etc. That's great, but these activities can be a yawn to most men. Once in a relationship, the situation is different, and men will go with you even if it’s not their first choice.

However, there isn't a man on the planet who is going to read your profile and say, "Wow that chick likes the ballet, I’m so hot for her I’ll message her right now." Yes, tell men who you are, but more importantly get him to connect with you.

Include activities men enjoy that you like as well to get him to read your profile and reach out. Think team sports, jazz music, or history.

8. Your profile is wayyy too long.

You may think sharing everything about yourself is the best way to attract the right man. Too bad that’s not the case. Keep your profile relatively brief, around 250 words. Shorter is better if you are hoping men will read your profile!

Remember, the purpose of your profile is not to explain who you are but, to get a man to reach out! So, there’s no need to go into lots of details. Just pick the most interesting highlights about yourself and leave something for your phone call and first date.

9. You're making "lists" of your attributes.

Many women tend write lists of adjectives to describe themselves. Unfortunately, lists are excruciatingly boring for men to read. While it might seem like the easiest way to help someone "get you," this is one of the surest things that turns off a man quickly.

It's far better to use a few highly descriptive phrases than a litany of adjectives, which will never set you apart from all the other women online. Steer clear of sentences like, "My friends say I’m kind, thoughtful, a good listener, creative and friendly." You’ll never get enough attention with that kind of dull profile.

So, there you have it. Those are 9 ways you can avoid pushing quality men away in your online dating profile.

According to CNBC, over 30 percent of all relationships today are attributed to online dating and apps. So once you learn how to use this tool properly, you'll connect with more men, get more dates and maybe even meet the love of your life!

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