4 Rules You MUST Follow To Stop Attracting Creeps With Your Profile Pics

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Quality guys are out there. Help them find you.

Are there some types of photos that will turn away quality men?

Surprisingly, the answer is YES!

You can actually go too far when showing off your womanly assets in your selfies.

If you are serious about finding love with a good man, here are some things to keep in mind regarding your online photos for dating sites and social media:

1. Avoid posting boudoir shots.


I’m all for looking hot and sexy in your pictures to capture attention, but this can definitely backfire if you take it too far.

Many of my dating coaching clients hire professional photographers who recommend boudoir-style shots. They mistakenly suggest poses that might be fun if you already had a long-term love and wanted to surprise him with a few risqué shots.

But these sorts of poses will send the wrong message, and attract men looking for sex vs. a long-term relationship.

Examples of classic poses from “Pin Up Girls” of the 1940s and 50s that will get you plenty of male attention, but not from the quality men you want:

  • Lying on your stomach on the bed propping your chin up on your hands and bending your knees with your feet in the air
  • Wearing lingerie and partially covering up with blankets or shawls
  • Leaning against the wall with one or both arms over your head
  • Facial expressions where you appear to be feeling pleasure

This is exactly how looking too sexy can sabotage your chance for love.

Some sex appeal is smart, but overdone sends the wrong message. You want men to find you appealing but in a tasteful, stylish way.

2. Be careful of wearing clothing that is too revealing.


If you’re serious about finding love, there are a couple other looks you’ll want to avoid.

There’s nothing wrong with a little cleavage, but plunging necklines can be a bit much. Sitting down is a super short skirt is another clothing option that won’t work in your favor.

If your focus is on looking hot, you have already gone wrong because you won’t be leaving enough to a man’s imagination.

And his imagination is what will intrigue him to look into you some more.

3. Make sure your pictures truly represent you for who you are.


My client Barbara is a perfect example of how photos can work against you. She signed up for coaching because she wasn’t attracting quality men.

When I saw her photos, I knew immediately what a big part of the problem was.

A cheesy photographer had taken her picture which made her look like a sex kitten.

She got plenty of attention from men with one thing in mind, and honestly who could blame them?

Her sexy poses made it clear why men sent her lewd comments and expected intimacy on the first date.

Barbara looked like a sexual play thing — yet this was clearly not her intent!

4. Tone it down and shoot for date-worthy.


I advised Barbara to take down all those photos and replace them with pictures where she looked beautiful and “date-worthy”.

With a more tasteful approach, she wore a stunning little black dress, a great skirt and blouse, and a couple of casual outfits and jeans. She had her hair blown out, did her makeup, and accessorized with heels, strappy sandals and statement jewelry.

Needless to say, quality men started to contact her and the off-color remarks stopped.

Within a few months, Barbara met a great guy who was a wonderful match and she was very happy with him.

What would you wear for a dinner date with a man you’re really excited about?

Try a stylish dress or skirt that flatters your figure and shows off your legs. Maybe something with a wide scoop neck or classic V-neckline. If you have a great waistline you might wear a belt or go sleeveless if you work out and have well-defined arms.

Add a pair of sexy heels and a little jewelry and you are sight to behold, looking your feminine best. You will never go wrong when you select clothing that tastefully compliments your figure.

Remember: Go for beautiful or chic instead of hot if love is your priority.

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