What Each Zodiac Sign Can Effortlessly Attract The Week Of July 1 - 7, 2024

This week's planetary movements open the doors for each zodiac sign to manifest wonderful things into their lives.

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Another memorable week awaits beginning July 1, 2024, with this week's planetary movements opening the doors for each zodiac sign to manifest and attract wonderful things into their lives.

The Moon in Taurus will light our hearts with love and care on July 1, followed by Mercury entering Leo on July 2, making us crave some good social connections that allow us to transcend. The transit has us seeking meaningful relationships that will change us for the better. 


The Moon in Gemini on July 3 will conjunct Jupiter, adding more social energy to the collective. This Gemini Moon transit is also a prelude to the New Moon in Cancer on the 4th, bringing emotional awareness and deepening our existing relationships — a beautiful transit that helps us connect with our purpose, especially with Saturn making a friendly aspect to the Moon. 

The week closes with the Moon in Leo conjunct Mercury, another lively and engaging transit that will bring an adventurous vibe to the weekend.

What each zodiac sign can effortlessly attract the week of July 1 - 7, 2024

Aries: Awakening

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Allow yourself to feel the attention and spotlight now with Mercury in Leo illuminating the part of your chart that allows your creativity to shine through. The Moon in Gemini this week will bring you many opportunities to engage with others and find a muse when needed, followed by the New Moon in Cancer which will help you take it easy. 

With Saturn now officially retrograde, the Leo energy will help to add more optimism and color to your world as you experience your metamorphosis within.

Journal prompt: What is a good hobby that allows you to tap into your creative purpose? With Saturn now retrograde, discuss who you wish to reconcile with and why. What have you dreamt of lately?

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Taurus: A solid foundation

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This week, you will be a lot more aligned with your goals for home as the Mercury in Leo transit helps you make something meaningful for you. It is also a time when your curiosity will be on overdrive. 

The New Moon in Cancer may allow you to focus on researching, planning and learning to hone your skills in your respective field. The process of creating a structure comes easy now that you are motivated.


Journal prompt: What skills are you focused on improving? Discuss what you would like to explore or learn more about during the next several weeks.

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Gemini: Success

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The week will bring your talents and abilities to light with the Moon in your sign making a sextile to Mercury in Leo. This is a time to step out and show the world what you are made of. 

One of the most impactful transits will be the New Moon in Cancer, which will help you elevate professionally since it will aspect your career house. The year will bring you plenty of opportunities to nurture yourself and heal, especially with Jupiter in your sign

Get ready to start a meaningful new journey with Mercury in Leo, opening up your mind and world.

Journal prompt: How are you congratulating yourself this year? What projects would you like to evolve during the next several weeks?


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Cancer: Confidence

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Although the crown is synonymous with Leo, it is still your birthday season and you are feeling a lot more confident and powerful with the Sun, Venus and the New Moon in your sign. After the Full Moon in Capricorn, you are on your toes and waiting for your next adventure. 


For now, with the New Moon in your sign, it is a fruitful period to set new intentions, believe in your abilities and dream big. Rejoice, because the transits will give you plenty of support from Saturn to get on your desired path.

Journal prompt: Do you feel worthy of wearing the crown? How excited are you during your birthday season? What do you feel grateful for?

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Leo: Ambition

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Get ready for Mercury entering your sign on July 2, since this will make you feel right at home with all of the potential connections you can make during this transit. Expect your mind to conjure new ideas and plans as well. 

We are approaching your season and you may feel more connected with your energy now that Mercury has entered your vibrant sign, a time to tap into your courage and ambition. The potent New Moon in Cancer this week will also be a period for you to reflect and strategize.

Journal prompt: How will you nourish your talents during this Mercury transit? Have you neglected a website you built or a project you were working on? What will you do to evolve in your creative sector?

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Virgo: Love

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As Saturn stations retrograde, there could be a longing for some romantic connection, either in the past or present. Mercury in Leo can bring healing, allowing you to dig deep and uncover the areas that may have been tormenting you. 

But the New Moon in Cancer this week can be a very positive force allowing you to feel more optimistic about your future connections. Expect to meet people that will help open your mind and teach you about self-love.


Journal prompt: What have you given up for a relationship? What have you learned from a previous or current relationship? Have these lessons changed you for the better?

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Libra: Independence

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It can feel like a social awakening now with Mercury entering the part of your chart that needed a lot of action. During the next several weeks, you can expect things to get interesting as you tap into your power and fall in love with yourself. 

Messages from the Full Moon in your sign may resurface, reminding you to know your worth. The New Moon in Cancer will also allow you to feel powerful and reconnect with your independent side.

Journal prompt: How will you focus on evolving during this transit? What have you accomplished during the last six months? What are you proud of?

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Scorpio: Fruition

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Having the potent energy of Mercury at the top of your chart this week can represent the start of a new era where your confidence levels will rise. 

The New Moon in Cancer will be a good transit for water signs, initiating a period for you to discover your dreams and desires. You may also feel a lot more prepared to embark on a new learning journey. Saturn has you going for everything you want, but with a practical mindset.

Journal prompt: Have you meditated recently? Discuss what goes through your mind when you meditate. Reflect on your goals and dreams.

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Sagittarius: Evolution

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With Mercury entering Leo, you're in for a magical experience bringing you the fire energy you may have desired. As you turn the page and uncover new aspects of yourself, this transit is the recipe you need to feel like the old you. 

The New Moon in Cancer allows you to continue discovering your strengths and build momentum to move forward with more faith in yourself. While Saturn's impact still transforms you, you are able to nurture your ego and be prepared for the next phase of your evolution.

Journal prompt: Are you planning on learning something new soon? Discuss what challenges you were facing in the last year and how you managed to overcome them. How are you planning to succeed?

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Capricorn: Emotional release

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You may still be reeling from the effects of the Full Moon transit in your sign. Nevertheless, you know that nothing can stop you on your climb to success. 

The New Moon in Cancer will help you discover what traits you desire in a partner and will be a way for you to deal with Saturn’s impact once more as you dig deep, work through your emotions and learn to release. The transit brings you face to face with your fears but you will have the tools to win this battle.


Journal prompt: Are you being honest with your emotions during this transit? Discuss your fears. What do you want to overcome? 

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Aquarius: Admirers

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The Saturn-ruled Full Moon at the end of June may have made you feel dazed and confused. Hopefully, you are now feeling more relaxed and ready to take on the world with Mercury entering your relationship house, adding more excitement to your communication and changing the dynamic of your connections. 

The New Moon in Cancer initiated a period where trusting your dreams may allow you to make them a reality since Mercury’s optimism can serve as fuel to get you where you want. The support you receive from others can also be extraordinary.

Journal prompt: Discuss how you took care of yourself during the Full Moon in Capricorn? Do you feel rested? What will you incorporate moving forward that can allow you to feel better?

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Pisces: Romance

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The weekend brought in a massive transit with the Saturn retrograde sparking new methods of planning and rebuilding. Now, Mercury entering Leo can be a great way to carry on Saturn's torch. 

The New Moon in Cancer can feel restorative and beautiful because it will open your heart to love, joy and serenity. It is a magnificent reminder to continue giving yourself the support you need and to understand that you deserve your place in the sun.


Journal prompt: Discuss your relationship with the concept of love. How has love changed you? What is the greatest message that love has taught you?

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