3 Zodiac Signs That Will Be The 'Universe's Favorites' During Cancer Season From June 20 - July 22

Three zodiac signs will revel in the cozy energy of this Cancer season.

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Make way for Cancer season! This moon-blessed month between June 20 - July 22, 2024, is all about love, family, home, and the sweetness (and depth) of emotion. Are you ready to lean into it and let it sweeten your relationships?

Of course, three zodiac signs will be luckier than the rest during this Cancer season. They are: Aries, Pisces, and Cancer. Here's what is in store for them.

3 zodiac signs that will be the 'universe's favorites' during Cancer season from June 20 - July 22

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1. Aries

Aries, you are in for a real treat during Cancer season! But not just Sun sign Aries. Those with Moon, Venus, Mars, and Saturn in Aries in their birth chart will also experience a big boost of luck during this period.


For those with Sun and Mars in Aries, Cancer season will be a period of learning to receive love and not just give, give, and give. You are called to relax and slow down. Let the world reveal its gifts and pleasures to you. You will find your luck when you are observant and take the time to smell the roses.

Venus and Moon sign Aries will discover joy during this astrological period when they are in the company of children. Whether your own, your nieces and nephews, grandchildren, or children you encounter during babysitting or volunteer work, there's much to learn from the young'uns! Don't discount what they say — kids are often said to be closer to the divine and often act as messengers even if they don't realize that's what they are doing.


Saturn in Aries will discover luck during Cancer season when they lean into hard discipline and link their goals to something tangible they wish to do for their family and loved ones. After all, building a great business is... great, but it's even better when you wish to provide your loved ones with the best life has to offer. If you feel called to, work with obsidian or tiger's eye during this Cancer season to bring more emotional intelligence to your actions and decision-making.

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2. Pisces

Cancer season 2024 will be a beautiful period for those with Pisces Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. So check your birth chart, Pisces, if you want to know about your moon and rising. Double (or triple) Pisces with two or three placements in this sign will have even more luck than individuals with just one such in their birth chart.

Your luck during Cancer season will stem from your psychic abilities. And don't say you don't have any! All Pisces are blessed with it, and those with heavy Pisces placements just tend to have a stronger gift. So find out what your unique psychic ability is. Your psychic abilities will be heightened during this period and will be the channel through which luck whispers to you. This is mainly because the Moon, which rules Cancer, is exalted in Pisces


If you feel called to, you can try working with a crystal ball or cut crystals like moonstone, smoky quartz, or fluorite. Combining this with guided visualization meditation can be even more potent. But tread wisely! You don't need to overdo anything. Trust your instincts on what the right path is for you.

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3. Cancer

As the namesake zodiac sign of Cancer season, one would think Cancers would top the chart in the arena of luck. But that's the sweet thing about Cancer, it prefers its luck to unfold slowly and heartfully so it can experience bliss not just for a month but for a lifetime. In this way, your luck during this astrological season, Cancer, will be the kind that fills your heart with joy for nights and days on end.

But this luck is not restricted to Sun sign Cancers. It will also bless those with Moon and Venus in Cancer, specifically in your love life. Those who want to find their soulmate (whether the romantic one or platonic soul tribe mates) can truly manifest them now. You just have to make sure you are socializing more than usual so they can find you too.


Now's also the perfect time to think about taking your romantic commitments to the next level, whether that's through popping the question about marriage or renewing your vows in a sweet ceremony with the family and children around. You choose what's best in this regard. Those getting married during Cancer season will also find your union blessed by the stars. It's definitely a beginning to aspire to!

If you feel called to, work with selenite, moonstone, labradorite, or fluorite to boost your luck and sensitize your intuition even more. There's much to look forward every single day!

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