4 Zodiac Signs That'll Thrive Under The Energy Of Jupiter In Gemini From May 25, 2024 To June 9, 2025

Jupiter makes things bigger and better in whichever area of your birth chart it influences.

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Jupiter is about to change zodiac signs! This is a big deal because Jupiter, the planet of fortune and magnanimity, has been in the sign of Taurus for a little over one year now. And now that it's about to transit to Gemini on May 25, 2024, things are about to shake up (in a good way) for the collective.

Jupiter tends to make things bigger and better in whichever area of your birth chart it influences through its transits. So, for example, if you have Jupiter in your first house, your confidence and popularity may experience a significant boost during such a transit while an influence in your 10th house can have an extraordinary impact on your career. So where will Jupiter in Gemini influence you in this new transit? Take a look at your birth chart to find out. And if you feel called to, work with an astrologer to make the most of this fortunate transit for that area of your chart and life.


4 zodiac signs that'll thrive under the energy of Jupiter in Gemini from May 25, 2024 to June 9, 2025

1. Gemini

First of all, as this transit is occurring in Gemini and the other planetary influences are favorable too, people with sun, moon and/or rising signs in Gemini can look forward to an extraordinary year ahead until June 9, 2025. Venus in Gemini will also benefit from this wave, but in a less obvious way and more so in their relationship with people they already have an established love connection with (whether platonic or romantic).

Sun and moon in Gemini can expect the Jupiter in Gemini transit to bring them fresh opportunities, more respect (especially in the area of their birth chart where Jupiter will reside), and unexpected friendships and communal support. Gemini rising, on the other hand, will feel a boost in their personal drive to achieve something big. If you channel this energy right, you can conquer many significant goals over the next year.


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2. Taurus

Taurus can breathe a sigh of relief because their good luck won't end just because Jupiter will move out of their sign and into Gemini. Of course, their luck may not be as supercharged as that of Geminis, but the plans and undertakings they have been nurturing so far will continue benefitting from this good energy. Just remember: new seeds (metaphorically speaking) may not flourish as quickly as they did last year. So be more realistic about your expectations in those quarters while expecting good returns and results in those areas where you have already laid the foundation and done good work.

This energy this more so benefits Taurus sun, moon, Jupiter, and Venus signs, so check your birth chart to see if you have more than one of these placements. It may reveal more luck than usual if that's true.

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3. Cancer

Cancer will experience good luck during Jupiter's transit through Gemini in a manner that speaks to their soul. It will help them feel more at peace wherever they go and also bring good energy to their home. This influence can be likened to an early manifestation of Jupiter's blessing that they will receive in full when Jupiter eventually transits to Cancer on June 9, 2025. So be prepared for a milder year ahead with fun times and less stress. You are urged to steer clear of toxic people and situations as they may block this good luck from flowing into your life. 

Cancer sun, rising, and Venus signs will experience this good fortune more than other Cancer placements, so check your birth chart to see if you have more than one of these. If you feel called to, journaling your thoughts, scrapbooking as a vision-board exercise or doing yoga or some other form of relaxing physical activity will help you stay aligned with this Jupiter in Gemini.

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4. Scorpio

Scorpio, prepare yourself — because the next year between May 25, 2024 to June 9, 2025 will be a rollercoaster ride for you with big payouts in your favor. Jupiter in Gemini won't have a direct positive impact on you, but it will make it easier for you to hop from one milestone to the next in your quest to achieve whichever goal is important to you. So fix your sight on something and hold on tight. You'll get to the end and be victorious, but as mentioned, there might be a few ups and downs along the way. You are also urged to keep your secrets close to your chest for the best results.

Sun in Scorpio, Scorpio moon, and Mars in Scorpio will experience this more so than other Scorpio types.

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