How Saturn Retrograde In Pisces Affects Each Zodiac Sign From Now Through November 2024

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Saturn in Pisces will station retrograde beginning on June 29, 2024, until November 15, 2024. As intuitive astrologer Jenni Zullo explained in a TikTok video, "this Saturn retrograde is going to make you reflect on things that have been blocking you — and mostly it's yourself."

The transit will mostly impact mutable signs who may find the energy demanding and taxing. However, it will enable these signs to continue progressing and fighting for their dreams. Water signs may experience an epiphany with this transit, connecting them with clues and plans for their next moves. 


Overall, the collective will experience this transit as a way to start "working on our trauma and working on that inner child," Zullo said. "This Saturn retrograde is going to clear out any blockages or show you the blockages and you have an option to clear them out or not."

@jennimoonenergy The astrology during this Saturn retrograde is supporting us to clear out any blockages that no longer serve us anymore ways of thinking old ways of doing things so we can bring our dreams into reality as Saturn is sitting in Pisces and is the sign of our dreams. So utilize this astrology stuff that you don’t want there anymore. ♓️#astrology #astrologypost #saturnretrograde #retrograde ♬ original sound - JenniMoonEnergy

Saturn retrograde in Pisces 2024 horoscopes for all zodiac signs


Prioritize rest, reconnect with people from your past and learn to appreciate those learning experiences you took for granted. Saturn retrograde wants you to feel refreshed and prepared for your next phase. 


For the next five months, you may feel compelled to review the lessons you acquired over the last year. It is also a time to focus on recuperating, especially if you feel overworked.

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With Saturn retrograde, you will consider how your philosophy has evolved in the last year. Reflect on what you learned, the people you have met, the topics that warm your heart and how you have evolved from these learning experiences. Saturn retrograde will help you feel much more aligned with your ideas during this time and you can surprise yourself by focusing on learning something new.


Personal expansion and abundance will be themes of this Saturn retrograde due to the impact of Jupiter in your sign. There is a lot of integrity in your planning and the direction you want to take. Saturn is adding some blessings at the highest point in your chart, meaning the lessons you acquire during this time can allow you to blossom in the future.


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Saturn has allowed you to progress but also continues adding a lot of responsibilities to your plate. With Saturn retrograde beginning during your season, it can feel like a triumphant energy that helps you to stay goal-oriented for the next six months. There could be some breathing room now as you revise and review plans for your next phase.


The Saturn retrograde can help you understand a lot about the meaningful connections you have made over the last year. It can also be a time when you may reflect on your achievements, especially if you have managed to overcome any challenges on your own. Saturn shows you your discipline and strength this time, giving you the confidence to continue winning.



Balancing your relationships during this time is essential. Saturn will show you how to bring more harmony to your personal and professional relationships. It is a time to be very aware of how you communicate and interact with the people around you. 

For those in romantic relationships, Saturn can feel tense and add a lot of conflicts. Nevertheless, you will be able to connect on a deeper level with your partner. The relationship may elevate to a new plane or the messages will repeat in the Saturn retrograde next year. Saturn will teach you humility and how to be more comprehensive.

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With this energy, you will look back toward topics that began during Saturn’s ingress in Pisces. There could be relationships that you think about now as well as reconciliations. 


Saturn Retrograde can also be a moment for you to look ahead toward the future and plan. Connecting with your hopes and dreams can give you the confidence to take pride in the work you do.

@haleycometastrology nothing to fear if you’ve been on Saturn’s good side !!XOXO, Saturn 💋 #saturnretrograde #astrology #saturn #karma ♬ original sound - Haley Comet 💫


You are entering a new phase where you can see how your hard work has allowed you to progress. Water signs have benefited from this transit since it has enabled you to stay on top of your game. 

For the next six months, you may feel a lot more inspired to continue to plan and edit the work you are inspired by. You can also use this period to see the types of relationships you prefer to have in your life.


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Saturn retrograde will help you find the right balance between work and self-care. It will also shine a light on your relationships, with Jupiter in Gemini adding transformative energy to your house of partnerships. 

Develop trust in yourself, a message that first began during Saturn’s transit in Aquarius. It is your time to show others what you are made of. Saturn Retrograde may have you focused on getting back to showing yourself self-love through learning more about your family or roots.


Saturn in Pisces has been transforming your communication, and Saturn retrograde is a chapter that will help you build confidence with your self-expression. It will be much easier for you to be more open to emotional healing and transparency during this critical season. With the Full Moons in Capricorn opposing your partnership house, your relationships continue taking center stage for the next several months.



Saturn retrograde in the sign of Pisces is a very enlightening transit teaching you discipline and patience. You are learning a lot about your material possessions and how you manage your finances. Saturn may encourage you to declutter or to be mindful about monitoring your spending habits. During this Cancer season, you may feel more confident taking action to experience more financial stability.


The retrograde period is your evaluation. Once again, the areas of your life that had been tested last year will once again be in the spotlight. Saturn may have had you thoroughly analyze your moves and taught you to take on new challenges, but you may not feel confident enough in yourself. Saturn wants you to play it safe so you can progress in any field.  

Learning how to build good friendships and take care of those dreams you have may seem important. The transit may have made you less optimistic, but Jupiter in Gemini will help you get back in touch with the dreamer in you.

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