Weekly Tarot Horoscope For June 24 - 30 For All Zodiac Signs

Sweet days are ahead!

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The week of June 24 - 30, 2024, the weekly tarot horoscope for every zodiac sign has us looking at the Four of Pentacles and Five of Wands, reminding us that when we work hard for something, it's equally important to be vigilant of crows and thieves who may try to steal our good work from right under our noses. Don't roll over and allow the bullies to win. Even if you have had a similar experience in the past, you can change your future responses by choosing to act differently. Let your inner lion roar (or insert which strong animal totem you resonate with). 


The Empress is also here to add some sweetness to your days. So be receptive and make time to do nothing. It will allow you to be spontaneous and more creative. 

Plus, there's something fun about lazying around with no agenda after a tough day by yourself or with your significant other. 


Now, let's take a look at the weekly tarot card reading for every zodiac sign for June 24 - 30, 2024.

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Aries: Seven of Swords

Aries, you got the Seven of Swords this week as your tarot card. It urges you to know when to speak and when to hold back. It's not the same in all situations. Those of you who struggle with patience are encouraged to make space for the learning curve and allow yourself to stumble even as you get stronger with every round of practice. Just remember: you don't have to be an open book just to put others at ease. Your secrets are your own, and so are your boundaries. Establish them strongly, both in real life and on social media.

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Taurus: King of Swords

Taurus, have you ever wondered what it would feel like if you were born in a different century or ruled over a fiefdom? Cosplay can help you realize those dreams, and so can active theater groups. The King of Swords is here to remind you that you get to make the rules for your personal life and your hobbies. There will always be people who like to put others in a box and stop them from exercising their creativity; don't pay them any mind. Do you! And be true!

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Gemini: Ten of Swords

Gemini, you have the Ten of Swords on the table for you this week with a strong message. If you feel the internal urge to pull away from social events and cocoon in the comfort of your home, do that. Don't question this instinct. It's cosmic protection acting in your favor. You can have fun with your loved ones, significant other, or pets, or just enjoy a chilled evening at home while you watch some of your favorite shows or movies. Events in the near future will reveal why this introversion is the best thing you can do for yourself.

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Cancer: The Sun

Cancer, you may be ruled by the Moon, but this week you have The Sun tarot card here for you! The message is crystal clear: as long as you stay true to yourself, stand by your beliefs and vision for your life, and don't allow anyone to put you in the backseat of your metaphorical car, you will do fine. Your luck is extra strong this week, too, so make sure to take advantage of it! If you channel it to the areas of highest priority for you, you will thank yourself later for that focused attention.

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Leo: King of Cups

Leo, you are the bravest and the boldest that ever lived! Yes, that is a bit of a positive exaggeration, but that's the nature of this week's energy for you. With King of Cups on the table, your heart will be overflowing. So make sure to surround yourself with loved ones and your best mates so you can exchange this beautiful energy with those who equally love and care for you. Steer clear of toxic forces at all costs! You don't want to waste this week or your luck on those actively trying to be obstacles on your path or are secretly jealous of you.

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Virgo: Two of Pentacles

Virgo, you are excellent at what you do because you are persistent and disciplined. You don't give up, no matter what. Don't let anyone treat you as incapable because of their bigoted beliefs or underlying inability to match your style and strength. You've got this! The Two of Pentacles is your tarot card of the week. It reminds you to make sure you are juggling the right responsibilities in your life and not just picking up another's slack or cleaning up after them. The latter will distract you from what's right for you and keep you stuck. The former will give you wings.

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Libra: Three of Pentacles

Libra, the tarot card for you this week is the Three of Pentacles. As a card of teamwork and collaboration, it urges you to lean into your natural gifts of working with a crowd (whether as a leader or teammate) and reap the collective rewards of a job well done. If dad jokes and small acts of kindness foster an environment of positivity and comradeship, lean into that, too. Whoever said working in a team is the worst thing ever was probably not doing it right. You have the inner capacity to change that script and make the show a resounding hit!

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Scorpio: The Chariot

Scorpio, turn inward this week and search deep within you for the answers you seek. You may have The Chariot as your tarot card for the week, but this card is not just about charging forward with strength and vigor. A charioteer cannot steer their horses right if they are falling apart within or not resolute with a backbone of steel. That's your mini-quest at the moment. If you feel called to, incorporate a daily grounding practice like yoga, meditation, or mindful walking to help you align yourself with the powerful force within you. Let it help you break past all your fears and limitations.

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Sagittarius: Two of Pentacles

Sagittarius, you are the sweetest of them all! Your tarot card of the week — Two of Pentacles — is here to remind you that it's equally important to know what you want, just as it's important to be adaptable and set off on grand adventures at the drop of a hat. Both skills will come in handy at different points in life, so don't ignore one for the other. This way, you can be decisive when your intuition nudges you to set boundaries (even with friends and loved ones), and more creative when your intuition nudges you to get out of your comfort zone.

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Capricorn: King of Pentacles

Capricorn, you are one of the blessed zodiac signs this week. With the King of Pentacles on the table, you will feel fortunate in tangible and transactionable ways. Some of you may even earn more money than usual or get a bonus paycheck this week. If you are in real estate, this week will be extra good for you. Just make sure not to change your usual style. The luck will take care of the rest as long as you hone in on your talents and skills.

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Aquarius: Queen of Cups

Aquarius, you have the Queen of Cups as your tarot card of the week. It's here to remind you that small gains lead to bigger ones, and no one has ever changed the world by dreaming within the comfort of their home. The latter is metaphorical, of course, since we live in an age of intense technological advancement. Just remember that you have your loved ones to honor, respect, and take care of, too. So, if your chosen path doesn't consider their presence in your life, you may find yourself in places that you regret. There are always more ways than one to reach a goal.


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Pisces: Seven of Pentacles

Pisces, the energy is big for you this week with the Seven of Pentacles on the table. Focus your attention on the areas of highest priority for you and you will discover the abundance that the world has to offer. Just remember: your metaphorical (or literal) harvest may take a while to come in, but you will see big signs that you are doing everything just right to ensure its success. As long as you pace yourself, you will be golden.

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