If You Spend The Last 5 Minutes Of Each Day Doing This Before You Sleep, You Can Manifest Anything

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how to reprogram your subconscious mind to manifest

There are many different Law of Attraction methods and manifestation techniques designed to make manifesting easy and approachable. There are manifesting journals all the way to visualization methods.

We, however, have found the key to manifesting your dream life by falling asleep... in a certain way.

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According to a video making the rounds on TikTok, all it takes is five minutes before bed to reprogram your subconscious mind and create the reality you really want.



The video is based on a popular speech by author and motivational speaker Wayne Dyer in which Dyer explains that “your subconscious is most at home” during the hours it’s asleep. That's how your subconscious mind works.

That’s why, he says, it’s the most effective and important time to program your subconscious to attract the things you do want in life instead of spending those precious moments before bed reviewing all of the things you don’t like.

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Here's how to subconsciously reprogram your mind in the 5 minutes before you fall asleep.

Subconscious programming is the process by which information, beliefs, attitudes, and patterns of behavior are deeply ingrained in the subconscious mind, shaping an individual's thoughts, emotions, and actions without conscious awareness or deliberate control.

It is a result of repeated exposure to certain stimuli, experiences, and conditioning that influence the subconscious mind over time.

“What you place into your subconscious mind as you are about to go into this deep slumber is all dependent upon what you do the last three or four or five minutes before you go off to sleep,” Dyer explains.

While many manifestation techniques suggest starting your day with positive affirmations, Dyer’s is different in that you end your day with them.

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According to Dyer, in the five minutes before you go to bed, you should tell yourself positive affirmations.

"In the last five minutes of your day," he says, "you were to say, 'I feel great. I feel joyful. I experienced what I want. I met the person that I wanted to meet. I was able to get the job that I wanted to get.' And you start saying to yourself, 'This is how I feel,' now you've got eight hours, and your subconscious mind believes that that's who you are and what you want."

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Your subconscious mind will then have the opportunity to “marinate” in these thoughts and begin to believe them.

“For the next eight hours, it begins to align you in the mysterious way that none of us can understand that allows for the manifestation and the materialization to take place,” Dyer explains.

After all, Dyer concludes, it’s ultimately your feeling that creates the reality around you: "Feelings are the manifesters within your life and within your body."

So it makes sense that the longer you allow your subconscious mind to sit with these feelings, the more likely they are to actually materialize. "I go off to sleep into that beautiful world of peace and joy and fulfillment because that's what I feel and I created it in my mind," he adds.

Be like Dyer and stop filling your mind with everything you don't like about your life before bed. Instead, fill it with your manifestations.

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