Each Zodiac Sign's Monthly Tarot Horoscope For The Month Of June 2024

A beautiful month awaits all.

Each Zodiac Sign's Monthly Tarot Card Reading For June 2024 Designer Candles | Canva Pro

June 2024 is here! With it, we are back with the monthly Tarot Card reading for each zodiac sign. First, let's take a look at the general energies of the month for all. With 2 of Pentacles and 3 of Swords on the table, we are urged to plant our seeds where they have the best chance to grow. In love, this message cautions us against red flags and to not give shining qualities to the one we go starry-eyed over before we actually know them better. 


In friendships, it urges us to keep our secrets from those who are unreliable. In our professional lives, it urges us to make sure we invest in the right places and people and collaborate on special projects with those who always come through no matter what.


Monthly Tarot Card Reading For June 2024 Designer Candles | Canva Pro

4 of Swords highlights this message further by revealing that the comfort zone may not always be comfortable, but its familiarity can breed disinterest in growth and trying something new. It can also breed fear of the unknown, even when you do your due diligence and secretly wish to expand your horizons. Mindfulness can help you stay grounded despite these emotional undercurrents so you continue to win in life and find your joy. Now, let's take a look at the June 2024 monthly tarot card reading for every zodiac sign.

Each zodiac sign's monthly tarot card reading for June 2024:


Tarot card of the month: The World


Area of good luck: Singing

Aries, June's energy is amazing for you! We have The World (a major arcana tarot card) on the table, revealing the power you can wield and explore if you are willing to. So don't turn down opportunities this month, especially if they challenge you to stretch out of your comfort zone. You will shine brighter than ever before if you lean into this gift.

Those of you who find peace and pleasure through singing (even if it's just bad karaoke in the company of good friends) are encouraged to sing more this month. Intriguing experiences await you on this path!


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Tarot card of the month: Judgment

Area of good luck: Dancing

Taurus, trust your counsel, even if it feels like the facts aren't adding up based on the popular opinions around you. Your gut will guide you to the right path and away from the pitfalls of groupthink. This is especially being highlighted in areas that will have a lasting impact on your life and that of your community, be it a matter of environmental conservation, raising your children, or something else.

You are also encouraged to dance more this month. It will unlock your claircognizant abilities, allowing you to lean into your intuition even better.


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Tarot card of the month: Eight of Wands

Area of good luck: Calculations

Gemini, June's energy is absolutely amazing for you! It's your month after all. That's being highlighted with the 8 of Wands on the table — you will go farther (and faster) than you have ever before if you trust the cosmos and go with the flow in the most relaxed manner possible.

Just make sure to strike the right balance in your life by keeping your bills, accounts, and ledgers in order. This is also a good month to put a solid personal budget into place.

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Tarot card of the month: Temperance

Area of good luck: Taxes

@tarotreimagined temperance moves, it mixes, it mingles. as an extention of jupiter (through sagittarius) it has a deep need for movement and knowledge and expansion. patience is visited here, not because we are moving too fast, but to ensure we have rhe *right* elemenrs involved. #temperance#tarot#beginnertarot#learntarotwithme#temperancetarot#tarotschool#tarot101 ♬ original sound - tarotreimagined

Cancer, the tarot major arcana card Temperance is a beautiful gift for June 2024. It urges you to be patient, trust yourself and the process. Everything will unfold at just the right time if you have faith in your abilities and also in karma. Don't mind the naysayers!


You are also encouraged to stay on top of your taxes and ensure you don't owe anything to anyone or vice versa. Working with an accountant or tax professional is also highlighted for you.

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Tarot card of the month: Ace of Pentacles

Area of good luck: All-round

Leo, there's nothing you cannot accomplish in June if you set your mind to it. Remember that as the day progresses. That's your cosmic gift this month. As long as you lean into your talents and trust yourself, you will outshine anyone who thinks you are not all that. Plus, your personal style will add an extra burn.


If you feel called to, do focus on breathing every morning after you wake up for at least five minutes. Mindfulness will enable you to channel your blessings in the places of priority for you.

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Tarot card of the month: Page of Swords

Area of good luck: House & home

Virgo, if you don't have supportive people in your vicinity, don't worry. You have something even better rooting for your success. As long as you trust your intellect and your ideas, you will be fine. Look forward to some solid inspiration for this month, especially in the unlikeliest of places. So step out of your comfort zone in terms of hobbies and interests to lock into this.


You are also encouraged to keep the energy within your home steady and stable through decor and furniture that speaks to you. It's your home, do what you will!

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Tarot card of the month: Two of Wands

Area of good luck: One-on-one conversations

Libra, this month's energy has a steady quality to it. You will not consider this month to be very significant in your life, yet the relationships you nurture now will have a lasting impact on your future, especially in the last few months of 2024. So, listen more carefully when you engage with people in one-on-one conversations. The give and take of energies will subtly influence how things unfold behind the scenes.


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Tarot card of the month: Three of Cups

Area of good luck: Skillful questioning

Scorpio, June 2024 is perfect for finding your soul tribe! So trust those weird impulses that take you to unlikely places and events this month. It will put you on the path of new friends, new hobbies, and a few new opportunities too.

You are also encouraged to listen more carefully when conversing with people and work on your ability to zone in on the right details. If something baffles you or raises your alarm bells, note it down so you can figure out later why you were feeling that way.


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Tarot card of the month: Six of Cups

Area of good luck: Study & play

Sagittarius, June is beautiful for you! Some of you have big options right now regarding where you can take yourself and how your life will unfold, both in your private spheres and career. Let your heart guide you to the right path, and don't let fear dictate the terms!

You are also encouraged to strike the right balance between studying and playing this month, whether you are a student or not. Beautiful experiences await you on this path!

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Tarot card of the month: The Lovers

Area of good luck: Intuition

Capricorn, your life is deeply entwined with others at this time. Whether this is in your love life or referring to your team at work, in June you will realize that working well with others will bring you the greatest joy and success. This energy is subtle, though. So be mindful, and you will know how to proceed.

Your intuition will also be heightened this month, especially if you are at a crossroads. Let it guide you to the information you need to make the best decisions.


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Tarot card of the month: Three of Cups

Area of good luck: Friendships

Aquarius, your true friends will come through for you this month, while false friends will fall away. That's your hidden blessing. So be mindful when you are socializing with people so you can observe them and your reactions to them. Deep insights await on this path.

This will also be a month of hidden luck for you. Do what you need to, and don't worry about the rest. Everything will come through at exactly the right time!

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Tarot card of the month: Ten of Cups


Area of good luck: Family

Pisces, your loved ones and family are being highlighted through your tarot card for June. Make sure you are spending quality time with them. Love is always a priority, even if the wider world tends to value hustle culture more. You can hustle and still have loving relationships with those who matter. It's not either or.

As long as you lean into this message, you will cruise through this month without a hitch. The cosmic currents will make sure obstacles are removed from your path.


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