The Sun Tarot Card Meaning, Explained

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the sun tarot card

Since the beginning of forever, we have equated the Sun with happiness and positivity. And the Sun tarot card brings the same good tidings.

When we draw this card in a tarot reading, we are being given a chance, a light at the end of the tunnel. In general, when we see this Major Arcana card, the Sun, it is often a time for rejoicing.

Sun Tarot Card Meaning

Upright meaning keywords: Success, positivity, confidence, good luck, happiness, truth, optimism

Reversed meaning keywords: Lack of enthusiasm, pessimism, ego, conceit, inner child

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The Sun card is one of optimism, freedom, fun and positive energy. It is the 19th card in the Major Arcana, and is one of those cards people are drawn to due to its obviously joyful depiction, causing instant happiness as soon as one sees it.

It is a card of victory as well. When one has suffered and pulls this card from the tarot deck, it is a sign to that person that their suffering is coming to an end. It is a card of victory over bad habits, addiction, and the end of lousy love affairs. The Sun is the card of second chances and great payoffs.

But depending on its position, the meaning differs.

An upright Sun means things are going well, your self-confidence rules, and problems will dissolve. Life is good if you open your eyes and look, and good fortune is coming your way.

Reversed, the Sun means sadness, inability to feel joy, and serves as a wake-up call to realize you might have overextended yourself, or that you need to withhold something you have given too much of.

Sun Card Description

In the standard Rider-Waite tarot deck, the Sun on the card itself represents life energy, the source of all life.

The face on the Sun is neutral; the Sun shines no brighter on any one person than on another. The sheer brightness of this card is appealing and induces feelings of vitality, joy, courage, enthusiasm and truth.

Photo: vimolsiri.s / Shutterstock

Under the sun, we see a young person — a childish, naked person — riding atop a white horse, in a field of sunflowers. The four sunflowers that grow in the foreground symbolize the four elements, as well as the four suits in the Minor Arcana (wands, cups, swords, pentacles).

This child is waving a flag and rides beneath the enormous, bright yellow shining sun. The white horse he sits upon is a symbol of strength, nobility and purity, while the child himself represents the innocence of childhood, and the joy that comes with connecting with your true self.

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Sun Upright Meaning

The Sun tarot card upright means you are about to experience great success. This is more than likely in the workplace, though it can most certainly be a financial promise as well.

The Sun is the card of abundance and plenty, so depending on what you have asked of the cards, that good fortune you are about to experience is more than likely related to that special something only you know.

When we get the Sun card upright, we are being shown a map of good health and well-being.

Sometimes, the Sun upright appears after a health scare. It is the wake-up call that you did the right thing by stopping those bad habits. This card affirms to you that the work you have done to make your life better is working.

This is also a very spiritual card, and because it is associated with light and clarity, it works in our world as a beacon of truth; something we can believe in, something "good."

If we are at a loss, or if we are confused, depressed, or world-weary, this card lets us know that all is not hopeless, and that there is much still to look forward to. This card is also at times the herald of a pregnancy.

Sun Reversed Meaning

Even though it would seem as if luck suddenly disappears when pulling the Sun reversed, it is not true. The Sun does not suddenly go out of the sky for you, but, reversed, this card does have meaning that should be considered.

Reversed, the Sun tarot card packs a punch and can mean boredom, lack of enthusiasm, sadness, lack of drive, conceit, arrogance, abortion and miscarriage. Yes, all of that.

It is mostly a warning card, however, that asks you to check your behavior. It might be about spending too much, or giving too much to the wrong people. It is also a warning that says, "Stop being such a pig!"

We tend to let our egos run others down, and when we are not stopped, we forget that our behavior is boorish and wrong. The Sun reversed tells us that we need to look at why things are not working.

In health, it is a card that does not warn of ill health to come, but of bad habits to stop. The Sun is the card of recovery and new beginnings.

Spiritually, the Sun reversed notes that you have been feeling down or dark, and it is letting you know that it is within your own power to rise again, like the Sun itself.

Sun Meaning in Love & Relationships

In a reading for your love life and relationships, the Sun can indicate a happy and loving partnership, as well as boredom or unhappiness. But it all depends on whether it is upright or reversed.

Love and Relationships: Upright Sun Meaning

If you do a love reading and get the Sun card, it is probably a very good sign. The Sun is in your reading to let you know that the number one way to keep your relationship strong is to live in the light of the truth.

This card is the great reveal; there is no place to hide, no place for secrets or deception if the light is shining bright, and that is what the Sun lets you in on: Live in the truth. If you live in the truth, you never have to remember your lies.

Love and Relationships: Reversed Sun Meaning

Reversed, the Sun represents a wake-up call for you and your partner to start paying attention to the relationship.

Remember, there is always hope with this card, so it is never dire, but it is there to stir you, to get you to open your eyes, and see what is before you. The Sun asks you to be your best, to treat your loved one well, and to show them the respect you want to be shown as well.

This card is always positive, and lets you know that you are in control here; your love life can go smoothly as long as you live in respect, with open communication in honesty and shared values.

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Sun Meaning in Career

When the Sun appears in a career reading, it can represent success in the workplace, or it means feeling overly confident about your position. Other interpretations include feeling energetic at work, feeling trapped, or holding unrealistic standards for yourself.

Career: Upright Sun Meaning

The Upright Sun in a career reading indicates that, just like the sun shining bright, your outlook will point towards the bright side; this card in this context also represents success, optimism, enthusiasm, happiness and motivation, especially as it pertains to your job.

When this card appears, know that it is a time of opportunity and that you will experience a positive environment alongside your coworkers. This card can also point to success if you are currently looking for a new job or want to switch careers.

Career: Reversed Sun Meaning

Though a reversed card usually has a negative meaning, with the Sun, whether reversed or upright, positivity is the common denominator.

When you pull the Sun reversed in a career reading, it means feeling stuck or trapped in your career. However, this only means that something is standing between you and happiness, and this card is the encouragement you need to look deeper into why you feel the way you do in the workplace.

Additionally, the Sun reversed indicates that your lack of confidence or unrealistic career goals are making you miss out on new opportunities.

Sun Meaning in Finance

In a financial reading, an upright card indicates strength in your finances, while reversed represents temporary difficulties. But no matter which way the card appears, there are still positive undertones.

Finance: Upright Sun Meaning

Upright, the Sun is an indicator that your finances are currently doing very well. Because the Sun is a card of abundance, any business ventures or financial decisions will have a positive outcome.

Just as the sun shines and illuminates, the Sun tarot card reveals anything that is currently hidden. This means that if there is hidden information related to your money or financial situation, you can expect all the truths to come to light.

Finance: Reversed Sun Meaning

In the reversed position, the Sun means that you will experience difficulties with your finances, but that these will only be temporary. Additionally, the situation you once thought was dire will actually turn out to be not so terrible.

The good part of a reversed Sun card in a financial reading is that you are being encouraged to think long and hard about any money decisions you make. Keep an open mind and stay positive while looking at any financial issues.

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