11 Spicy Ways To Make Life More Fun

Step out of your comfort zone to make life more interesting.

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Do you ever feel like you could use more of an edge to feel more alive? Do things feel a little too comfortable and you can’t help but think it would benefit you to feel a little prickle and spice? We can often feel miserable in our comfort zone and when we feel stuck, it’s often a sign that we need a challenge or a mission.

Here are 11 spicy things that make life more fun:

1. Do something few others have done

This can be done at many levels. Writing a unique book on Bulgarian vampires is one thing, and walking from Paris to Lapland is another. Something is exciting about venturing into untouched territory. But you don’t need to go crazy to be unique. You can make something your own and still enjoy being at the frontier of something new. What could that be for you?


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2. Test yourself physically

There’s a reason so many take on physical challenges like marathons or bike rides when bored of life. Being tested like this sharpens our wandering minds and strengthens us. Is there a physical challenge you can train for and commit to that will light a fire in you?

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3. Do a 30-day challenge

Hey, it’s fun. You get to decide what habit to mold in the next 30 days — something enticing but also something that will bring about huge benefits. Writing daily, no smoking for thirty days, talking to new people daily, running 5 miles daily, going to bed before 9.30 pm daily. What’s your mini-mission?

4. Start a podcast

Podcasts make you and your voice more visible. They can be scary because you feel vulnerable but ultimately, they can be a source of growing self-confidence, and you can develop your network this way, too. You can be the solo host, or you can interview others. You can also collaborate with others.

5. Go on a significant adventure

Whether a road trip through the States or a multi-week trek to find lost pyramids in the jungles of Ecuador, adventures introduce us to new realms. Most of us are daunted by ideas of adventure, putting them off and relegating them to the ‘wishful thinking’ shelves at the back of our minds. But what if you said, "screw it," realizing life is short? Get a plan together and make it happen. Why should others do all the far-out stuff? Why not you?

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6. Go to an event or meetup by yourself

It’s so easy to choose the comfortable route and listen to the voice that says we’re okay just where we are. But even if something makes you nervous, it doesn’t mean you can’t find real rewards on the other side of diving in. If it makes you anxious, it’s often just what you need. Find a meetup in your area, book it, and go. If you look a fool, big whoop. The win is that you went.

7. Do a ‘100 things’ challenge

We’re ramping the thirty-day challenge up a notch. What’s something you can do times one hundred that would push you and bring serious benefits into your life? Sometimes, all it takes is reflection on what this could be and acting on your commitment to change your life. It could be stretching every day for a hundred days. It could be writing 100 articles within 6 months. It could be praying daily for your spiritual practice. Another great one I saw a friend of mine doing was one hundred days of doing something every day that scared her.

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8. Enroll in a class or advanced course

Could you have reached a point in your life where you feel stagnant and need intellectual stimulation? Would you benefit from a return to college or enrolling in a night class to bring you new skills? Maybe you want to learn for the sake of learning, which is worthy in itself. Or you could level up to open new opportunities for income streams or meet new people.


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9. Go on a small adventure

Adventures don’t need to use up a lot of time or money. You have adventures lurking in your backyard. Sleep in your tent in the garden tonight. Visit a part of town you’re unfamiliar with. Infuse creative habits, such as photography, sketching, or writing notes. Smaller adventures give you a reason to be more conscious, mindful, and creative.

10. Consider the dreams you're currently denying yourself, and act on one

There are dreams you aren’t honoring, and you know it. What’s been a dream you’ve had for years? Climb a volcano? Write a book? Start a charity for stray dogs? Go to Bora Bora? Take it out of the dream world today and make it concrete. What’s one thing you can do today to set you on the path to making it a reality?

11. Organize a get-together

Organize a cool get-together for people you know. It could be a dinner, but it could also be something unique — something that brings people together in an environment that challenges them. Maybe they don’t all know each other. Even better. Be the leader, and you’ll feel the rush of energy of being in this heady position.


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