5 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Drastically Improve The Week Of June 24 - 30

Under the astrological energy of June 24 - 30, we're encouraged to approach matters of the heart with determination and clarity.

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Multiple significant astrological shifts are happening the week of June 24. While we'll all feel these influences in some areas of our lives, five zodiac signs will see their relationships improve thanks to the astrological energy of this week.

It’s important to focus your energy on your divine choices before Saturn retrograde in Pisces occurs at the end of the week on Saturday, June 29, as it may bring some unforeseen restrictions and lessons of commitment. Mercury in Cancer will align with Saturn in Pisces on Wednesday, June 26 giving you the freedom to remove yourself from situations or even decisions where you feel stuck. As this energy merges with Mars in Taurus uniting with Venus in Cancer on Thursday, June 27, there is an increase in your desires, magnetism and desire for love — which can help fuel you to make even more powerful choices in your life as you realize there is no point in putting off what you most want. 


As the Last Quarter Moon in Aries rises on Friday, June 28 you may feel an urgency to your choice, where it seems like everything is boiling down to a moment of now or never. While you should never feel rushed to make a decision, you also must understand that not all opportunities come around a second time. And even if they do, they often will have greater challenges as the universe tries to remind you why it should have been a choice you made previously. 

Try to clear your mind, trust your heart, and let yourself choose to move ahead in your relationship. Make the big decisions, take the risk, and never put off the love you dream of today for some distant time in the future — because the reality is, you may not be given this opportunity again.


5 zodiac signs whose relationships drastically improve the week of June 24 - 30

1. Capricorn

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Love really can feel this good, Capricorn, but you need to make the choice that allows it to be. Mercury and Venus have both returned to Cancer, lighting up your house of love and giving you plenty of opportunities for connection, romance, and new opportunities. But you have to make sure that you’re still not approaching love as something you have to work for or earn. When you realize that this is something you should freely receive simply because you are you, then you can also allow love to surprise you in the most beautiful ways possible.

On Thursday, June 27 Mars in Taurus will unite with Venus in Cancer, bringing in a need to make a decision — not just about what you will deserve, but also about the future of your relationship. Mars and Venus are known as the cosmic lovers, so this transit is about as good as it gets for love. Even better, while Venus is in your house of love, Mars is making itself comfortable in your marriage zone signifying that you may either be tying the knot this week or even receiving a proposal for deeper commitment. 


Choosing to let love be easy will help you not only know what you want but also free you from thinking it was ever a feeling that had to be earned. You deserve not just love, but an easy love, Capricorn — so it’s time to start finally receiving your destiny.

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2. Pisces

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You can often feel like you are your own worst enemy. Not because you aren’t trying your best, but because you often change your mind or struggle with actually doing something you want because it feels new and unknown. But to continue building this important relationship in your life, you need to be able to release yourself from your past beliefs and attitudes toward love. Don’t ruin something amazing simply because you’re afraid of what could happen or even because there is a fear around change itself. It is safe to not only trust yourself, but also love and the person you are with. But to get to that new phase of your relationship, you have to let go of any rigidity or fear that has kept you stuck in place.

Let yourself become more flexible and engaged with the process of love as Mercury in Cancer aligns with Saturn in Pisces on Wednesday, June 26. Saturn in Pisces is responsible for helping you learn and honor your personal boundaries. It’s helped you walk away from situations that never served you so you could make space for what will, but now you may have become a little too stuck in your ways. Having boundaries is a balance because it can’t be only your way or the highway, and with an offer of love coming in, you need to be flexible enough to receive it. Try to give your partner some credit, ground any fears with logic of who your partner really is, and recognize that there is no perfect way to create forever — just the willingness to try.

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3. Libra

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Don’t delude yourself into thinking that you have forever to make an important decision, because the universe is going to have events begin to move fairly quickly in your life. In this case though, there are really only two options; finally choosing the love you’ve always deserved, or finally letting go of the love that is only blocking your blessings. Like anything though, you will have to be the one to choose which situation you are in. But you’ve been through this is something that you should have a good awareness about already. Just don’t be so scared of starting over that you continue to carry what isn’t meant for you. Make the decision that you feel in your heart is the right one and trust the process ahead.

There will be a moment around the Last Quarter Moon in Aries on Friday, June 28 that might have you feeling like it’s all or nothing. This is a powerful Last Quarter Moon in your house of relationships signifying a crisis point, and moment when you will need to take action. A Last Quarter Moon is more endings, but it doesn’t always mean the end to a connection – as it could also be an end to denying your feelings or procrastinating your commitment. But this decision or choice that you are being called to make will affect the rest of your life, no pressure though of course. This year ahead is one not only of healing romantic choices, but also in breaking free from what you’ve known and allowing yourself to grow into the life and person you’re destined to. You just need to decide if the relationship you’re in is one that is helping you do that, or if they’re hindering your dreams.

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4. Scorpio

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Change looks good on you Scorpio, and you should be proud of how far you’ve come. But you also need to ready yourself because this is only just the beginning. As much as movement is starting to occur in various parts of your life, pointing to a bigger shift you’ve intuitively felt was coming, there’s still a matter of romance and love. It’s very likely that you won't find the relationship solution or new connection you need where you are. Whether you are thinking about relocating, taking a second honeymoon, or even moving outside the city, where you are has a great deal to do with the type of relationship you can attract and build. The question is, though, once you receive this opportunity, will you allow yourself to take it knowing that it will also bring other changes?

Try maintaining a mindset of openness and trust as Mercury in Cancer aligns with Uranus in Taurus on Sunday, June 30. You will receive a surprising or unexpected offer that opens up new possibilities in your life and relationship, but you might second guess or overthink this opportunity. In order to build what you have been dreaming of, you must be willing to release what you already have. There is a sacrifice to every blessing, with the caveat being what you gain will always be greater than what you appear to lose. You must let yourself believe in this new offer and opportunity so that you can choose the path of love, abundance, and success. Yes, it will feel different, and may even challenge you to a degree. Life will have to change in order to accept it, but it will also lead to attracting or deepening the relationship you’ve had your heart set on.

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5. Aries

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There's nothing like an existential crisis to help awaken you to what you really want. It’s time to get out of your head and really see what you have in front of you with the awareness that unless you take action, what you want may not always be an option. In this case, it’s all about love and a very special person who has touched your heart in a way that you didn’t even think was possible. You’re once again excited about life and partnership and feeling more like yourself while building a deeper sense of security and comfort within your home. You have returned, dear Aries, but now you must be willing to see the writing on the wall and take a chance on yourself — and this person you hold so close.

Mercury in Cancer will align with Saturn in Pisces on Wednesday, June 26, encouraging you to empower yourself to figure out how to make this relationship work. Let yourself see possibilities instead of restrictions. Trust that it’s time to take action and that there is no reason to delay anything for the future. You have so much love to give, and it’s not just that you’re feeling more like yourself but that this person has allowed you to return to who you’ve always been destined to become. As long as you take the energy of Mercury and Saturn and focus on listening to your inner self when it comes to setting up the life you dream of, then the Last Quarter Moon in Aries on Friday, June 28 will help you let go of any self-doubt or self-sabotaging qualities. Make a plan for what you want and trust your first instincts — otherwise, you may realize that the regret of doing nothing is worse than taking a chance on everything you’ve ever wanted.

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