What The Universe Has In Store For Each Zodiac Sign Between June 24 - 30, 2024

As we move into the cardinal Cancer season, horoscopes for the week of June 24 - 30 bring a change of pace for all zodiac signs.

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Weekly horoscopes for June 24-30, 2024, switches things up for all zodiac signs as we enter the second week of Cancer season. While the Moon in Aquarius obtains the magic and sentiment of Gemini season, we prepare for the calm that the Pisces Moon brings on the 26th. It is a period of diving into our subconscious to pull out the sweetest parts of our dreams to lighten us with some optimism in this spirited season.


As we approach the weekend, the Moon enters Aries on the 28th, bringing a change of pace to this Cardinal season. We can feel the challenging energy from the Sun and Moon, but because it is in the same modality, we can expect to have breakthroughs if we give it our all in a project. 

What the universe has in store for each zodiac sign between June 24 - 30, 2024


The week will help you find your place in the Sun, with the Moon in Aquarius earlier in the week shining a light on your potential and bringing a lot of positive energy to your social life. As you get used to Mars in Taurus, the Moon in Pisces on the 26th helps you restructure your plans to align with this new momentum. 


Once the Moon is back in your sign this week, you will feel ready to take on more responsibilities.

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Mars will create tension with the Moon in Aquarius earlier in the week. Revision and biting your tongue will work in your favor and prevent conflicts. 


The Moon in Pisces on Wednesday the 26th brings your social calendar to life. Catch up with people you love and care about and do something exciting. If you want to slow things down during the weekend, the Moon in Aries on the 28th reminds you to listen to your heart and be more patient.

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As an air sign, the Moon in Aquarius will give you the momentum needed to succeed as Saturn restructures your career house. On Wednesday, the Moon in Pisces brings you a period of planning and building. When it makes a sextile to Mars in Taurus on Thursday, you could surprise yourself with what you can accomplish. 


The Moon in Aries on June 28 has you going forward and fighting for your dreams, bringing a familiarity similar to this year's Gemini season to the collective.

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Your season will be impactful and help us all get back on track. The week begins with the Moon in Aquarius, making you reflect on relationships and adding a dose of optimism with the Moon teaming up with Jupiter to make us feel hopeful. 


Things get a lot more energizing for you with the Moon in Pisces on the 26th, opening your heart and mind. You can power through and accomplish a lot during the next few days. Finally, the Moon in Aries on the 28th helps you feel triumphant, confident, and ready to take on the world for the next week.

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Starting the week with the Moon in the sign of Aquarius brings a lot of energy to your relationship house, making things feel a little more exciting. The Moon is making a trine to Jupiter, helping you attract meaningful connections that also help awaken your inner adventurer. 


The Moon in Pisces on Wednesday brings you up to speed with your plans and purpose. Developing a plan for the future seems easier now, and with the Moon in Aries later in the week, you can help your dreams take flight.

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Working hard can be a challenge during this time, but the Moon in Aquarius will improve your time management skills. The Moon in Pisces on Wednesday will bring you more serenity at work or in fields where you collaborate with others. 


You are feeling a lot more settled and prepared to tackle surprises. Towards the end of the week, the Moon in Aries allows you to go within and discover new aspects of yourself that will help you tap into your power.

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Evolving will be the theme this week with the Moon in Aquarius making a conjunction to Pluto, already letting you know this can be an intense time. 

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Evaluating relationships could manifest this transit as you learn more about what you seek in romance. The Pisces Moon on Wednesday heals and opens up your heart so that the Moon in Aries can bring more romance to your world.

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The Moon in Aquarius started the week off making a square to your sign and helping you overcome fears, a time to experience your new armor and feel courageous, especially when the Moon in fellow water sign Pisces makes you feel unstoppable. 


Things settle down with the Moon in Aries near the weekend, helping you feel your emotions and connect more with your objectives. The destination ahead may fill you with more optimism.

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Big dreams are tied to this week's transits for you. The Moon in Aquarius fuels you with mental energy and inspiration, ready to take on new challenges. On Wednesday, you can rediscover yourself once the Moon enters Pisces through your ambitions and projects, helping you learn to be more diplomatic and adapt to your changing environment at work or school. 


The Moon in Aries at the end of the week makes a trine to your sign, fueling your creativity. Love can also bring you happiness if you open your heart.

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Still reeling from the impact of the Full Moon in your sign, things may feel similar to the Moon in Aquarius, adding structure and magnifying the themes of your lunar transit. The Moon in Pisces meets up with Saturn on to add more work to your plate while the Moon in Aries on the 28th reminds you to take a break when needed. 


You are experiencing a lot of growth during this season. It is your reminder to look after yourself when you get caught up in the web of responsibilities.

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Patience is a virtue this week as the two Moons in Saturnian signs will have you going slower. The Moon in your sign will align with Pluto, setting the stage for new chapters to further your evolution. The Moon in Pisces on Wednesday brings more focus to hard work and planning. 


At the end of the week, the Moon in Aries echoes the Capricorn Moon's themes yet again, representing an awakening. Although you may feel overwhelmed with responsibilities, add some fun when you can.

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The week begins with us still feeling the impact of the Full Moon in Capricorn, a message the Aquarius Moon at the start of the week will continue. The Moon in your sign midweek helps you discover a gateway to new learning experiences while the Moon in Aries at the end of the week allows you to kickstart new plans with much more optimism and courage. 


Cancer season will be a time where you will feel more optimism carrying out plans and may be excited to see how they grow in the future.

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