An Astrologer's Hack For Achieving Significant Career & Financial Success

Hint: your Mercury placement can reveal unique strengths and skills that can get you ahead in your career.

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Mercury, the planet of thinking, communication, problem-solving and processing information, plays a crucial role in our professional lives. Understanding your Mercury placement, distinct from your Sun sign, can reveal unique strengths and skills you can use in the workplace. 

Leveraging these insights can help you can enhance your work performance and career progression. 


How to use your Mercury sign for career & financial success

Aries Mercury

Best way to get ahead in work: Learn sales psychology / learn how to craft the perfect pitch

Ruled by Mars, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. This fire sign communicates directly and tends to make quick decisions. As streamlined learners, they prefer information to be fed to them quickly so they can move on to the next project. Aries Mercury has no problem promoting their new ideas, especially if they are excited or enthusiastic, which make them natural sales people.

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Taurus Mercury

Best way to get ahead in work: Invest in public speaking and presentation skills.

Taurus, ruled by Venus, brings a grounded, earth-sign influence to Mercury. This placement promotes deliberate and thoughtful communication, prioritizing substance over superficiality. Unlike Aries Mercury, they need to take their time in processing information, usually relying on their full senses to extract practical information about a situation and only then proceeding. 

Taurus rules over the throat, and people with Taurus Mercury placements tend to have a pleasant voice with deliberate and carefully thought out words to back it up.

Gemini Mercury

Best way to get ahead in work: Attend conferences, networking events, and build your network.


Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and as an air sign, it has an extra advantage when it comes to communication. Gemini Mercury’s communication style is confident and smooth with a touch of playfulness. They can effortlessly work a room and have no problem gaining recognition. 

Beneath that is a calculated logical mind extracting as much information as possible from their environment. While they have a hard time shutting off their brains, which can lead to anxiety, they can read the room or subtle body language and adjust their behavior accordingly.

Cancer Mercury

Best way to get ahead in work: Become familiar with facilitation, mediation or conflict resolution.

Cancer, governed by the Moon, is the first water sign, infusing Mercury with a nurturing and emotionally resonant communication style. Oftentimes, what’s not said is more important than the words used, and this is where Cancer Mercury can have a difficult time at work, where harsh feedback can be taken personally. That said, if placed in an industry where having and showing emotional intelligence is a strength, Cancer Mercury placements can thrive.


Leo Mercury

Best way to get ahead in work: Learn marketing, branding and storytelling.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, and as a fire sign, Leo Mercury placements communicate with authority and charisma. Leo Mercury will also have a head-turning creative style that makes them stand out. As information processors, they are not bogged down by details and focus only on the big picture, which makes them visionaries. 

To also walk the walk, Leo Mercury placements must be surrounded by earthy placements to ensure they can realize their vision.

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Virgo Mercury

Best way to get ahead in work: Work on setting and advocating for your boundaries at work.


Speaking of earthy Mercury placements, Virgo — the second earth sign — gives this placement a grounded communication and thinking style. Praised for their attention to detail, organization and reliability, these placements usually get ahead in work by doing their jobs well and meeting set goals. This, however, can lead to “performance punishment” in which companies can easily take advantage of the efficient and high-performing Virgo Mercury placement.

Libra Mercury

Best way to get ahead in work: Develop strong negotiation skills.

Libra's ruling sign Venus endows those with a Libra Mercury placement with a particularly charming and persuasive communication style. Their reputation for indecisiveness is often misunderstood — it stems from their strong commitment to diplomacy and equality, ensuring they carefully consider all options before making the best possible decision. 

They can make great managers, especially in developing teams, because of the way they can offer feedback without embarrassment. That said, Libra Mercury placements can be prone to people-pleasing tendencies for the sake of keeping harmony at work.


Scorpio Mercury

Best way to get ahead in work: Learn non-violent communication.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Mars (traditionally), and as a water sign, this Mercury placement communicates in a powerful (Pluto) and direct (Mars) way. Scorpio Mercury placements have their heads on a swivel making sure that they have surefooting wherever they go. This unease is palpable to others making most interactions with this placement intense and even uncomfortable. 

This placement excels in roles like interrogators or investigators, as they have a knack for uncovering people's motivations and genuinely enjoy this type of work.

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Sagittarius Mercury

Best way to get ahead in work: Dedicate an hour a day to organizing your workspace (having a clean workspace helps in ideation).

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion. As a fire sign, this jovial Mercury placement is enthusiastic in their communication, often focusing on the macro lens of ideas rather than the boring details of how it will work. At work, they are optimistic cheerleaders who are ready to give a pep talk at a moment’s notice or boost up the team before a big presentation.

Capricorn Mercury

Best way to get ahead in work: Develop an understanding of different types of communication styles to less conflict.

Capricorn, ruled by Saturn and characterized as an earth sign, imparts its Mercury placements with authoritative and competent communication, favoring a straightforward, no-frills approach. Capricorn Mercury placements process information that skews toward practical and useful and discard the rest. 


They have incredible minds that can compartmentalize a lot of different information, but can get easily frustrated with changing data. While they can be seen as a wet-blanket from time to time, it’s often needed when there’s lots of fire Mercury placements in the room.

Aquarius Mercury

Best way to get ahead in work: Organize team building activities or after-work social events.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, and as the final air sign, always has something interesting to say due to their different ways of thinking. Resistant (Uranus) to following rules or strict schedules, Aquarius Mercury placements often find themselves at odds with more regimented signs. But it's through this opposition that they find innovation and breakthroughs. They enjoy learning others’ perspectives and fostering a collaborative environment.


Pisces Mercury

Best way to get ahead in work: Find an accountability partner at work to keep you on track with your tasks.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune. As the final water sign, Pisces Mercury has an exceptionally gentle communication style. They often rely on their intuition, absorbing and responding to the emotional atmosphere around them. Pisces Mercury natives make for great listeners and warm speakers with people often feeling safe and comfortable in their presence. 

The downside to this placement is their indirect and vague communication style and seemingly disorganized thought process, which can lead to delays at work.

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