10 Incredible Signs You've Met Someone From Your 'Soul Family'

Sometimes, you just know.

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When you die, your soul shatters like a vase thrown against the wall. It sounds like a rather tumultuous thing to go through, but it's actually quite wonderful.

Souls are being shattered all the time, but they're then swept back up and made into new souls. Sometimes pieces of your old soul find their way into someone else's new soul. Sometimes their pieces get added to your soul, which is how a soul family is made.


What is a soul family?

A soul family is a group of people with pieces of each other's souls. It's similar to soulmates, but considerably more familial than romantic — you are connected on a soul level instead of being connected through physical ties.

Your soul family is full of like-minded individuals who share the same energy and goals as you. They know how you're feeling, what you're searching for, and will help you on your journey to finding your true purpose.

Similarly, they are the people you will help guide along the way to their true purpose. You have a strong connection to your soul family, and it's required in order to traverse your spiritual journey.


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How do you find a soul family?

The steps to meeting your soul family are simple: just wait. You don't need to find your soul family in an active sense because they'll come to you. You are destined to interact with a soul family member at some point on your never ending journey to finding your soul purpose.

Since your soul tribe will eventually find its way to you, the question then becomes how do you know if you've made soul family connections? We'll help you figure out whether or not you've found the people who have made a connection with your soul and have helped you toward your spiritual awakening.


10 Signs You’ve Met Your Soul Family

1. They build you up.

Your soul family builds you up. When you want to change, they have your back. When you have a big idea, they help you see it through.

Your soul family is always going to be there for you. They understand you on a deeper level — a soul level — and they'll help build you up no matter what.

2. But they still call you on your nonsense.

If you're screwing up, they'll tell you; don't you worry about that. Remember that your soul family member is someone that will help you and act as your guide.

There are bound to be bumps along the way, and you may feel downtrodden or make some mistakes. Your soul family will call out to you when you reach those darker places.


3. You work well together.

Soul family members jive better than most. They work together really easily. You seem to be on the same wavelength and get things done effectively.

Your soul family shares a common goal with you, reaching spiritual awakening and figuring out your true purpose. Do you think those people wouldn't have a connection with your soul?

4. You're patient and compassionate together.

With people outside of your soul family, you may feel ambivalent. You may not really care or feel much compassion for them. But those in your soul group you make time for. You have all day for them. You feel passionately for them.

You act as a teacher and a guide for this person without even realizing it yourself, or maybe you do it on purpose because of their connection with your soul.


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5. You think globally together.

Your soul family are the people you stay up with until 4 AM talking about big ideas — to start a business or save the world or explore space. You think big thoughts together.

Your wavelengths will be in tune with each other and your thoughts will align in similar ways on the grand scale.

6. They can read your mind, and you theirs.

Meeting your soul family will be like meeting your long-lost twin. They know exactly what you're thinking almost always, and you'll be able to figure out their thoughts in just the same way.

They have a connection with your soul, and you'll be able to read a member of your soul family just as easily as they can.


7. You're twin flames.

Twin flames not only share a soul family — they share a soul. Despite having your own soul, you and your twin flame share one as well.

Your connection to your twin flame is tumultuous but intensely passionate. Sometimes, you and your twin flame may not incarnate at the same time as a result.

However, if you meet your twin flame, you'll know. You'll be able to hide nothing from them, but they'll also boost you on your journey to finding your spiritual purpose.

8. You feel totally safe and comfortable around them.

Similar to your blood family, you should feel safe and comfortable around members of your soul family. A common sign that you've met them is this sense of safety. You can be totally vulnerable around them.


Your soul family connections will leave you feeling at peace when you are around them.

9. They help you see the bigger picture.

As they guide you on your journey, a member of your soul family will help you see the bigger picture. You will be able to envision what your future should look like as you continue on your journey towards a spiritual awakening.

10. You just know.

Sometimes, the simplest sign that you've met your soul family is that you just know. That kind of strong connection is unavoidable, and you'll instinctively feel like you've met your soul family.

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