3 Zodiac Signs Experience Karmic Relief During Saturn Retrograde In Pisces From Now Through November 2024

Choosing the path of change will set you free.

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Saturn will begin its retrograde in Pisces on Saturday, June 29, a journey that will last through November 2024. Saturn is the planet of divine timing, karma, and even boundaries, and this retrograde period will bring karmic relief to three zodiac signs.

Saturn helps you become structured enough to accomplish your dreams and challenges you to better yourself by working harder and committing to your most desired goals. When it’s retrograde, you are called within instead of focusing first on external changes. This allows you to discover what you genuinely feel called to pursue and make any necessary changes to enable you more freedom.


While Saturn can feel restrictive at times, it only creates that tension when you resist change or growth. But if you surrender and rise to any challenges, freedom and abundance will surely be yours.


3 zodiac signs experience karmic relief during Saturn retrograde in Pisces from now through November 2024

1. Pisces

You may feel exhausted with all of the recent work you’ve been doing, Pisces, but a chance will arrive to help you work smarter and not harder. Saturn first moved into your zodiac sign in March 2023 and will remain there until May 2025. You are in the home stretch now — trust that this pace isn't indefinite. 

You have always had countless dreams for yourself and your life, but many have remained just that. To truly manifest the abundance and success you crave for your life, not only does it take commitment, but also hard work.

Saturn retrograde in Pisces presents an opportunity to slow down a bit. Even if it still seems like you have a lot to do, there will be more time for reflection. This is to help you see and understand the ways you can have others help you with your pursuits instead of trying to continue to do everything on your own. 

Use this phase to reflect on how you manage your time and the path that you are on, especially if there are any changes that you are resisting. Make a list of those contacts and friends and see if someone can help you relieve some of the work you’ve taken on yourself. 


This is your chance to seize any redirections to achieving your dreams and start asking for help. By doing so, not only will you experience growth, but you will also attract the abundance you’ve been dreaming of.

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2. Gemini

There has been so much focus and movement in your career since last year that it might feel hard to keep up with all the changes, Gemini. The good news is that you are making considerable progress — not just in achieving greater success, but also finally feeling like you are living in your purpose. 

With Saturn in Pisces, this time has been about a change in your career, returning to school, or trying to branch out and start your own business. While it's felt like work matters have dominated your life in recent months, you will start experiencing more space in your life for other matters that will give you the confirmation you’ve been searching for.


As Saturn stations retrograde in Pisces, external tasks and work responsibilities slow down. Instead, it will feel like you are being asked to practice just being. Don't think of it as stalling the pace, but rather that you are being guided to reflect on how you feel about all you have created. This is your chance to focus more on the overall balance in your life as you have more time to enjoy with loved ones, travel, or even other pursuits. 

During this time, it's important to ensure that the success you’ve been trying to achieve feels like you hoped it would. You may need to perform a slight pivot to feel better about your accomplishments. Remember, the goal is to work in an area that doesn’t actually feel like work. It might require time, discipline, or even long hours, but it shouldn’t exhaust your soul. The more you can honor how you want to feel, the easier it will be to take this time and embrace the opportunities that will lead to greater balance and abundance.

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3. Aquarius

It’s time to take the reigns back for your life, Aquarius, and focus on your financial wealth and stability. You have a great deal of dreams, but to bring them to fruition, you need to generate more income (or at least practice greater responsibility with your finances). 


As much as you sometimes tend to view money as more of a nuisance rather than a necessity, it would benefit you greatly to change this perspective and respect the value that it possesses in your life. You don’t need to be money-hungry, but you do need to honor that you will need a certain financial foundation to manifest much of what you’ve dreamed of.

Saturn retrograde in Pisces invites you to reflect more on your finances, the value you attach to money and what you believe your personal worth is. Once you have acquired money, do you carelessly spend it or try to save and tend to your debts? These are many of the questions that Saturn will invite you to explore during this time, and while you may have to go over your bottom line more closely, it’s also a decision that will bring you the reward of greater wealth. 

Remember that Saturn does invite a certain dedication and commitment to growth and improvement, so spending time and money wisely during this time will greatly benefit you. Everything that Saturn asks you to do is only to prepare you for the abundance you are asking for, so embrace this period of financial review trusting it will, quite literally, pay off.


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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and bespoke retreat curator.