How The First Week Of Aries Season Impacts Each Zodiac Sign's Horoscopes Starting March 18 - 24

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Each Zodiac Sign's Weekly Horoscope For March 18 - 24, 2024

Welcome to the week of March 18 - 24, 2024. We are here to take an in-depth look at what's going on in the cosmic sky and how those transits, alignments, and events influence each zodiac sign.

We'll get specific and also point out certain days or transits to be aware of for each zodiac sign.

A lot is going on this week. One of the bigger 'events' is the introduction of Aries season, which also marks off the Vernal Equinox, otherwise known as Spring. New beginnings are everywhere.



With transits such as Sun trine Moon, a Leo Moon, Venus sextile Saturn, Mars in Pisces, and Venus sextile Jupiter, we can most assuredly know that much of our attention this week will be placed on love and family.

We do have several oppositional transits, such as the Moon opposite Mars, Saturn, Venus, and Neptune, which will definitely show us our limits and test our patience.

Still, there's so much strong, powerful, fire-like energy to help us combat the conflicts that we'll be able to see ourselves as true winners by week's end.

How Aries Season impacts each zodiac sign's week beginning March 18:


(March 21 - April 19) 

March 18 - 24: Do you feel as though you want to go over every detail of something you've recently done so that you can check for errors? You are quite the perfectionist at times, and it is during this week that there's a method to your madness. What's going on is that you wish to create something that works without a hitch.

You have come to rely on the idea of patience, even though you, at times, have very little of it. Still, this week shows you that if you are strong enough to create victorious endings, then you are strong enough to have the patience to see them through properly. It's a week of endurance and power, and you will enjoy the outcome as you take it all step by step. It's well-paced.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: March 20, 21, 22. Keep in mind that you are being supported in all of your efforts by the transits of Moon trine Neptune, an Aries Sun, and a Leo Moon. Expect the highest this week, Aries, as you're on a trajectory for great success in both business and pleasure.

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(April 20 - May 20)

What you see inside your mind this week, March 18 - 24, is nothing short of greatness. You will somehow align everything for maximum success. At this point in your life, you really feel strong and determined, and with Aries season just coming up, you feel more inspired than usual. Perhaps it's the 'taste' of Spring that shows up, letting you know that new beginnings are all around you.

You feel as though accomplishment is your birthright, and you aren't up for any discussion of failure. In fact, the negativity that takes place in everyday conversation may bother you enough for you to walk away from it. You are purely 'you' during this week, Taurus, and that means you'll get things done and you'll have much to look forward to.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: March 18, 20, 21. For confidence and character building, look at the transits of the Moon sextile Uranus, the Aries Sun, and the Leo Moon. During this week, you are very capable, and you'll see that if you trust the universe, it will bring you what you need.

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(May 21 - June 20)

You know yourself very well, Gemini. So you'll be used to what happens this week, March 18 - 24, because your mind will be so filled with thoughts that you might not be able to express them to another person. You are alive in your mind, and so much is going on there. Only you know just how beneficial this can be, as it's the equivalent of a well-laid plan.

You'll see that you are now able to translate mishaps into adventures during this time. This means that you are no longer tied to bemoaning your fate, as you've discovered that every mistake you make has potential wisdom. This is the week that you can use that wisdom to your advantage. You may come across as quiet, Gemini, but you have plans—big, beautiful plans.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: March 18, 21, 24. The Moon trine Saturn immediately tests your patience. You'll swiftly get things under control when you take advantage of Aries' energy, which shines down on you. Stay open for the healing rays of the Sun sextile Pluto and Venus sextile Jupiter.

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(June 21 - July 22)

There is nothing you can see in your life that isn't beautiful this week, March 18 - 24. For you, Cancer, that's a lot, considering what you've been through. His week shows you that it's all in the mind and that if you choose to shift your perspective from negative to positive, you'll be in the running for the winning position. While this has nothing to do with competition, you could actually win if you were to compete.



Aries energy is enlivening everyone, including you. What you didn't think was possible—a truly exciting and positive outlook—is indeed your next stop. You are responsible for how you see the world, and this week shows you that you can turn all of that negativity on its side. The world is your oyster, Cancer.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: March 19, 20, 21. Sun trine Moon shows you that love is definitely the topic of the week. With an Aries Sun and Venus conjunct with Saturn, whatever issues you might have with your partner will be resolved this week.

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(July 23 - August 22)

Choices, choices. It's all about figuring out what to do with a certain topic that's really been taking up all of your mental energy this week, Leo. You are very clear about one thing: whatever the choice ends up being, it's going to be the good one. You are driven towards doing the right thing. If it takes you a little more time to decide, then that's just the way it has to be.

You are quite 'internalized' during this week, and even though Aries energy rules your world, you'll use that superpower to make your big decision. You aren't sparing your energy this week, and during March 18 - 24, you'll be focusing on getting it right. His is worth it to you, and if you need to pull away from people to do what's best for you, then that's perfectly fine, too.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: March 20, 21, 22, 23. The Leo Moon makes you feel tall and proud. This works well during Aries season, as you're always at your best and healthiest around this time of the year. Look to Venus conjunct Saturn and the Moon opposite Mars for new ways to look at old concepts. Renewal is key this week, Leo.

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(August 23 - September 22)

There are moments when you know you take yourself too seriously. What you'll find happening during March 18 - 24 is that you overhear some 'words of wisdom' from the mouth of a stranger. Those words hit you hard and have you really going over the thought that maybe you don't need to take it all that seriously. This week shows you that you can go back to laughter again and that taking things lighter is 'safe.'

What an interesting revelation for you! This is the kind of thing that will have you walking into the Aries Spring season with a much lighter step. What you didn't think was possible is not only happening but joyous. It's nice to feel light as a feather, and when you release much pent-up negativity, you can't help but feel fit and healthy.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: March 18, 19, 20, our shining transits are Moon square Mercury, a Leo Moon during the first day of Aries, and Moon square Jupiter. The energy that you feel is working against you is a matter of perspective, Virgo. Shift your perspective, and you'll find that everything is much, much better than you thought.

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(September 23 - October 22)

Rather than delighting in the many loves you've had, you might feel that this week has you going over your losses in love. Perhaps this is just your way of shedding skins, as a snake might do in the upcoming warmer months. You might feel as though during the week of March 18 - 24, you need to get rid of some old 'emotional' baggage.

This is a brilliant move on your part, Libra, as we all carry around too much mental weight at times. If transformation and healing are part of your agenda, then you'll want to divest yourself of the material that drags you back. You are doing so well, and you'll notice that you've made much progress this week, in particular.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: March 20, 22, 24. The Leo Moon enables you to get something done that you've been wanting to achieve for way too long. With Mars in Pisces and Venus sextile Jupiter, you'll see that you are not only sensitive but open-minded, which gives a touch of optimism to the week for you, Libra.

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(October 23 - November 21)

You'll be tempted to spend money like crazy during March 18 - 24. That might be a good idea, but there's definitely a warning that comes with it—to be careful not to go overboard. The upcoming Spring inspires you, and you want to 'suit' up for the season. The entire idea inspires you, but be careful—you don't want to build up debt.

Still, you'll be able to do exactly what you want because, the truth is, you are quite clever when it comes to balancing funds. Since it's hard for you to resist temptation, you'll find a way to buy what you want without tearing your heart out over how much you've spent on it. Do you know what you're doing? Just keep an eye on the balance. That's all, Scorpio.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: March 20, 21, 23, 24. Moon square Jupiter might have you wondering if you've done the right thing, but you'll get yourself back on track with Moon trine Mercury and Moon trine Uranus. You needed that jolt of confidence, and you'll be getting it in the form of Venus sextile Jupiter at week's end.

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(November 22 - December 21)

All is well in your world, that is for sure, Sagittarius, as everything you see in your life finally seems as though it's fallen into place. This means that your schedule for the week of March 18 - 24 allows for everything you want to do. You are no longer feeling chaotic or lost. You've made real-time efforts to work it all out, and this is the week it starts to pay off for you.

From your vantage point, if you continue like this, you'll be able to carve a place out for yourself in this life where you can count on happy days, as well as productive weeks to come. It's taken you a while to get to this place, but now it's as if the wheels are in motion and the machine is running strong and smoothly.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: March 18, 20, 21. The week starts on a high note and continues to soar as you begin with the power punch of the Moon trine Saturn. Work your way through the Vernal Equinox while picking up some extra fire from the first day of the Aries season. Sun sextile Pluto wraps things up for you so that you can begin your 'grand' transformation.

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(December 22 - January 19)

There is no sense in going over the past, and one particular memory has you stuck. Until you 'unstick' yourself and realize, at that moment, that you really do have the power to do such things, which automatically implies that you will always have such a choice. Basically, if you don't want to feel pain or regret, all you have to do is decide that's what you don't want.

You are a fast learner and easily apply your lessons to real-life conditions. During March 18 - 24, you'll see that this is more of a lifestyle choice for you than a burdensome lesson worth learning. You are way too adept at improving your own life, so whatever lessons come your way, you always see them as challenges worth taking.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: March 19, 23, 24. Moon trine Neptune shows you that you're a little more intuitive about someone in your life than you knew. With the help of Moon trine Uranus and a Libra Moon the next day, you'll see that you can truly be a force of inspiration to that person if that is what you want to be.

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(January 20 - February 18)

You are studious and observant. If there's one thing about you that separates you from the crowd, it's that you can stick with a project and never leave its side. You are the ultimate dedicated person, whether to another person or an idea. On March 18 - 24, you will find something in your life that you want to spend a lot of time with, and you will do just that.

Spring inspires, and so does Aries season. You don't mind staying open to receive messages from the universe that show you the way to success. Whatever you put your mind to has the potential to become successful, as this goes way beyond luck when it comes to you, Aquarius. This is about focus and determination, all of which you have in spades.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: March 18, 19, 21. Moon trine Saturn, Sun trine Moon. Aries season starts you off on the right foot, and as you approach Moon square Uranus on the 21, you'll see that it's becoming easier to ask yourself the questions that you've been avoiding. Your answers are simpler and sweeter than you thought they'd be, fortunately.

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(February 19 - March 20)

This week, March 18 - 24, may spotlight your romantic feelings, and if you are with someone right now, questions will come up. You may feel as though you are either not ready to take on such a love or that you are 'too' ready. Both scenarios will have you weighing the options to determine what they are worth to you.

While love is most definitely the dominant topic of the week, this may not be restricted to people. The love of work and the love of casual interest also take up much of your mental space during this week. You may find that you don't have enough time in a day to do all the loving you want to do, which may have you trying to figure out how to schedule your life so that you can basically do it all.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: March 19, 20, 24. The Moon trine Neptune gets you in the mood for love. Fortunately, that works well for you, as the Leo Moon shows you that you are quite charming when you want to be. By week's end, the Moon will be opposite Neptune, bringing the perspective you need to see something clearly.

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