Your Karmic Soulmate, Based On Your Moon Sign

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A karmic soulmate is someone that you may have met in a past incarnation. The person you share this connection with will reflect the same sign as your Moon either through their Ascendant or personal planets such as the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury or Venus.

Karmic connections can be challenging because they are linked to changes that are going to happen. The partner is a catalyst that initiates profound transformations within us. A synastry connection with any of these planets unlocks a door revealing mystery, pain, and the promise of hope leading us through the chaos that pushes us to transform.

Your karmic soulmate, based on your Moon sign

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Aries Moon karmic soulmate: Scorpio

Scorpios can bring about a very enchanting and otherworldly connection. There can be an immediate attraction with a Scorpio because there is familiarity between them since both are Mars-ruled signs. The love can easily turn sour if both parties focus on dominating the other. However, this connection promises growth and discovering our inner strength whether we want to or not.

Taurus Moon karmic soulmate: Sagittarius

Sagittarius brings new perspectives and teaches Taurus to value independence and discover their confidence through self-love. It is a sign that can make Taurus uncomfortable because this is a mutable modality, which represents adaptability while Taurus is fixed, meaning that they do not like change. Through this connection, both parties can discover how to love unconditionally.

Gemini Moon karmic soulmate: Capricorn

Capricorn enters their life like a hurricane bringing order and structure. At first, it can feel enchanting and wondrous but with time Gemini will grow bored if Capricorn is focused on controlling them. Saturn’s energy here does impact the Gemini native, teaching them to take things slower and appreciate what they have. Freedom is essential and trust to make the relationship last.

Cancer Moon karmic soulmate: Aquarius

Aquarius will feel like a good book that leaves a lasting impression. Aquarius will make the Cardinal sign uncomfortable because they will push the crap to be less codependent. Meanwhile, Cancer will teach Aquarius about emotional intelligence. Aquarius will learn to communicate more effectively if they want to with their partner. Both parties will be transformed after the relationship is over.

Leo Moon karmic soulmate: Pisces

Pisces brings forth a magical and intense connection that has the potential to last. It is one of the bonds that encourage one another to grow at their pace and to discover the best aspects of themselves. Leo will be pleased with how giving and selfless Pisces can be, but they will feel more inspired to protect and guide them. Pisces will teach them to be more magnanimous and gentle to others.

Virgo Moon karmic soulmate: Aries

Aries brings a connection that is not for the faint of heart. When Aries enters Virgo’s life, this is a bond that will force both parties to evolve in the most uncomfortable way possible. Aries will be less ego-driven and Virgo will learn more about balancing control. This connection forces both parties to communicate. If the relationship ends, they will be thinking of each other in the long term after the relationship ends.

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Libra Moon karmic soulmate: Taurus

There is beauty and magic with Taurus and Libra. These signs are both ruled by Venus and they will encourage one another to be more aware of the way that they love. Love is the theme here and how they learn to love and give their love will impact their current and future relationships. They will also respect and show themselves more grace.

Scorpio Moon karmic soulmate: Gemini

Gemini will represent a key to unlocking a door Scorpio may have avoided. The connection can feel overwhelming, especially if Scorpio wants to have full control of the relationship. Gemini teaches Scorpio to let go, to embrace change. Even if the connection fizzles, this one will leave a lasting impression on the Scorpion because it will show them what it means to face their fears.

Sagittarius Moon karmic soulmate: Cancer

Cancer brings emotional intelligence to the Sagittarius' world. They teach the Sagittarius how to open up and not run away from their emotions. As a sign that prefers to escape, Sagittarius might feel uncomfortable at first but will get used to showing their vulnerable side. It is a very deep connection that brings secrets to light.

Capricorn Moon karmic soulmate: Leo

Nothing is more potent than having someone who embodies the energy of the Sun and brings a new perspective into your world. Leo will awaken the Capricorn native and show them that there is more to following rules. They will teach Capricorn to enjoy, explore and love the world around them. Leo opens up the Capricorn to a new world, shedding light and empowering them.

Aquarius Moon karmic soulmate: Virgo

Virgo and Aquarius represent the meeting of the minds. It is one of those connections that will reshape Aquarius' philosophy on personal views. The presence of the Virgo can feel like a calm after the storm for the Aquarius. Through this relationship, they will become more set on their purpose and motivations. Virgo can help them initiate and take the lead on this new journey.

Pisces Moon karmic soulmate: Libra

Libra and Pisces can bring serenity into one another's world. While other connections can feel overwhelming, this one is easygoing. Libra brings structure and direction to Pisces. It is a connection that inspires creativity and lots of communication. Libra guides Pisces on a journey to self-love.

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