What Relationships Will Be Like For Each Zodiac Sign In February 2024

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What Love Will Be Like For Each Zodiac Sign In February 2024

When you were born, your heart was imprinted with a unique call to know precisely what is meant for you — and even what isn't. It's this divine inner piece of you that calls to soulmates, twin flames and a love that goes beyond reason and limits. In this space, time doesn't exist, nor do obstacles or challenges, because the only thing the heart knows how to do is love.  

February 2024 introduces you properly to a new dynamic, freedom-inducing era of your life. Pluto, the lord of the underworld, shifted into Aquarius at the end of January and will be joined by Mars, Mercury, and Venus. The influx of planets in Aquarius will actually create a powerful stellium February 16-18, which will prove to be especially promising for your life and relationship.  

A stellium is defined by five or more planets being within one sign, though, depending on which they are, it also changes the influence and meaning it will have over your own life. This Aquarius stellium will be incredibly intense, especially with Pluto being a part of it.

The energy from this can have you uncovering a deeper desire of yours, a new inner truth, and the ability to rationalize no longer why you shouldn't follow your heart. Expect a declaration of freedom in love around this time, which may arrive as a transformation within your relationship or as one within your own heart.  

As Pisces Season begins on February 18, the power shifts to one of greater hope, love, and romance as you are encouraged to create time to enjoy what you have been called to create.

As you find your balance between independence and togetherness, you can begin to understand more about what it is you need from love or how to ground a profound spiritual connection better. No matter what direction the stars pull you in this month, it's guaranteed to be one of the soul and heart.  

Important Dates For February 2024 

Monday, February 5 

Mercury, the planet that helps you speak the truth in your heart, shifts into Aquarius on Monday, February 5 and inspires you to break free from restrictions. Mercury governs how you speak to yourself and what and how you communicate with others.

In the free-spirited air sign of Aquarius, this will help you say what it is you really want and need, which can benefit you in your romantic life. The era of playing it cool or only saying so much has happened, and now you can see the only way actually to get what it is you want to say precisely what that is.  

Thursday, February 8 

On Thursday, February 8, asteroid Ceres will shift into Capricorn just as asteroid Vesta stations direct in Gemini. Ceres in Capricorn can help you pay more attention to your home and the container you and your partner have created for your relationship. You may find yourself drawn to focus on physical matters more, especially in how you nurture and care for one another with this new energy, which, of course, will arrive just in time for Valentine's Day.  

Asteroid Vesta inspires you to honor your divine flame and helps you tap into your inner feminine goddess. In Gemini, it's active, thought-provoking, and wants to discuss important matters.

Use this energy to realign your desires with your partners and to take the initiative in speaking up for what you want. Most importantly, this can help you realize that you don't have to choose between being a free spirit and having a relationship that feels like home because, ultimately, you can have both.  

Friday, February 9 

The New Moon in Aquarius rises on Friday, February 9, and will usher in the Lunar New Year. This is an intensified time as not only is this a brand-new cycle beginning, but also a lunar year helping to make your intentions all the more powerful. Aquarius governs the collective, a deeper meaning and a call to become more authentic in your life and relationships. This energy can help you take a stand for what matters most and find success in love as long as you don't give up on what you know is destined for you.  

The New Moon in Aquarius will also begin the year of the Wood Dragon, which represents authority, success, and good luck. All of this is only possible because you will be stepping into your power, which is one of the leading themes of February. To be in your power doesn't mean to take away that of others, but to know in your soul that you are worthy and deserving of creating a life and relationship that is reflective of your purpose.

While you can use this energy to set an intention to honor the truth of your heart, be mindful that this New Moon will clash with Uranus in Taurus and may bring about greater stubbornness, so try to keep seeing that the clearest path to your dreams, may not be the way you had originally thought.  

Tuesday, February 13 

Mars will shift into Aquarius on Tuesday, February 13, just ahead of Valentine's Day, bringing in greater clarity and a desire to follow your path and not the crowd. Mars helps you embrace your inner motivations and desires to take action toward creating what you most want — which also includes pursuing and manifesting the relationship you dream of.  

The energy of Mars in Aquarius can help you align your words with your actions, as Mercury will also be in this dynamic air sign. You will have a clearer mind, helping you to figure out how to manifest the desires of your heart, and you may also be drawn to a romantic partner who isn't usually your type. Under Aquarian energy, you will crave something different, whether it's in a person or in how you enjoy quality time together in your relationship. Let this energy breathe fresh new life into your heart and love life.  

Friday, February 16 

On Friday, February 16, Venus will join its cosmic lover, Mars, in Aquarius, creating an energy powerhouse in your romantic relationships. This will be the fourth planetary body in Aquarius, which, although it will only last a few days, will provide you with just enough courage and freedom to make some dramatic moves in your life and relationship.  

Aquarius prefers to work together for the greater good, but it is also fiercely independent. It can often be found going against the crowd if it believes that, ultimately, it's for a higher purpose. Venus in Aquarius is more independent, which means being able to feel like you and your partner have quality individual time and space together will become important. This actually introduces the possibility for greater love in February as you realize the stronger you are apart, the deeper your connection will actually become.  

Sunday, February 18 

The Sun shifts into Pisces on Sunday, February 18, breaking up some of the Aquarian energy and making you fall in love with life all over again. Pisces is the last zodiac sign, and because of that, it carries qualities of each of the eleven others. It is divinely connected to the spirit, eternally hopeful and optimistic. It also brings the perfect romantic energy to help you make the most of your efforts in the second half of February.  

Although Aquarius can often be seen as detached, it also creates a healthier way of relating to your partner. Now, with the waves of Pisces Season just beginning to wash over your life, you can find the best of both worlds. Let this energy create moments of connection and romance in your relationship without you abandoning yourself or your dreams in the process.  

Monday, February 19 

One of the most pivotal aspects of 2024 arrives as the North Node conjuncts Chiron in Aries. The North Node represents your fate and what is divinely destined for you, while Chiron represents the karmic and generational wounds you must heal to seize them. As the North Node and Chiron conjunct, they merge into one energy, reminding you that your greatest blessing often stems from your deepest wound.  

In a month that largely focuses on healthy attachment and love, the alignment of the North Node and Chiron will arrive in divine timing to help you heal to a deeper level so you can fully receive what you have always wanted. There may be moments of important conversations or those in which you can rise above your previous wounds and trauma to take a new chance on love. Although some fear may still exist, the Aquarian and Piscean energy will also be reminding you that it's better to honor the truth of your heart and take a risk than only continue to keep playing it safe.  

Friday, February 23 

After a few short weeks in Aquarius, Mercury will shift into Pisces on Friday, February 23. Mercury in Pisces will have you seeking deeper connections with your partner and more profound conversations. Let yourself embrace the mental, emotional, and spiritual connections this can bring by talking about spiritual matters, the meaning of the universe, and the hopes and dreams you may often shy away from.  

Not only will you seek someone who can meet you in the place of your soul, but you and your partner will also be more prone to romantic declarations. While this can include poetry, songwriting, or art, you may also just find that simply showing your partner how loved they are is the most romantic thing you can do. Mercury in Pisces will always choose to share its heart over trying to keep it hidden, so use this energy to make sure that you are fully transparent with everything that you're feeling at this time.  

Saturday, February 24 

February will come to a dramatic close with the Virgo Full Moon on Saturday, February 24. The Sun in spiritual Pisces will always draw a balance between the mystical world and the more practical one with the Moon in Virgo. However, Saturn will also be in opposition during this lunation. With the Sun and Saturn in Pisces opposing the Full Moon in Virgo, it may make for a rather tense time, even if Jupiter is casting a lucky glow over events.  

The Full Moon in Virgo will draw the need to reflect on how you've been living your life and operating in your relationship versus what you intuitively feel called to do or what you dream of. This will ask you whether you've been living in the dream world of fantasy or the fear based on practicality too much.

When it comes to love, it's important to see the truth yet always retain hope in your heart. After all, you should be able to see your partner in the best possible light, not because you're wearing rose-colored spectacles, but because you can see the truth in their heart.  

February 2024 love horoscopes for all zodiac signs:


(March 21 - April 19)  

Best Love Day: Monday, February 19, the North Node and Chiron conjunct in Aries in your house of self 

To attract and continue to grow the love you desire, you must move through a deeper healing within yourself. The more you live, the more heartbreak you can build. With this comes the fears or old wounds that prevent you from opening your heart as you previously had. You not only want a beautiful love, Aries, but you also deserve it, which means leaning into what may still hurt.  

The North Node and Chiron will meet in Aries on Monday, February 19, bringing an important and intense moment of healing and growth. Not only will there be a moment of awareness and awakening, but you will also see, quite quickly, how it leads to you growing into a deeper love. All the answers you seek are within yourself, which means the first relationship you must focus on is the one with yourself.  

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(April 20 - May 20) 

Best Love Day: Thursday, February 8, Vesta direct in Gemini, ruler of your house of self-worth 

When you know you are worthy of more, the universe conspires to deliver it to you. Self-worth can be messy as others are always telling you what you deserve, or just the fear of the unknown can keep you in situations long after you've outgrown them. As Vesta stations direct in Gemini, you will have a more confident sense of what you are worthy of, which will make a dramatic shift in your relationship.  

Asteroid Vesta rules over your internal flame, which is not only part of your authenticity but also power. It allows you to create boundaries and take a stand for what you need. As Vesta stations direct, you will move through a new realization of where you've been selling yourself short in love. This will allow you to start creating a relationship that truly honors yourself. Don't be afraid to ask for the world. After all, you deserve it. 

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(May 21 - June 20) 

Best Love Day: Thursday, February 8, Ceres in Capricorn in your house of intimacy 

Sometimes, it's enough just to be, especially if it means being in the arms of the one you love. While the rest of the world seems to be pulling you in new directions, try also to see the value in the intimacy that you have created with your romantic partner. While it feels good to connect with your partner so deeply, it can also help you embrace what you want for your life so that you will know precisely what direction is divinely meant for you.  

Asteroid Ceres is the nurturer of the cosmos as it helps you tend to what you want to grow in your life because of what it can give you in return. As Ceres shifts into Capricorn and activates your intimacy sector, you'll realize that tending to your romantic relationship provides the same benefits as self-care. The stronger and more connected you feel, the more risks you'll be able to take for expansion in other areas of your life. Time together is never wasted, but time is invested.  

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(June 21 - July 22) 

Best Love Day: Thursday, February 8, Ceres in Capricorn, ruler of your sector of love 

It's time to believe in love once again as Ceres shifts into Capricorn, ruler of your sector of love. You've been through a lot in the past few years as you've realized that you've outgrown what you once thought you wanted. Even if it hasn't resulted in the transition of a relationship, the moments of growth you've moved through haven't always been easy. As that chapter of your life ends, another one begins.  

After experiencing intense growth, it's important to be able to let go of the survival mindset you acquired during it so that you don't miss out on new or deeper chances for love.

Asteroid Ceres is soft; it wants to tend to what means the most, and it's looking to nurture whatever it touches into a beautiful new beginning gently. Lighting up your sector of love is your chance to attract new love or shift your current relationship into new territory. The more you allow yourself to see that the past is now behind you, the more you will get to enjoy your future.  

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(July 23 - August 22) 

Best Love Day: Friday, February 16, Venus in Aquarius in your house of romance  

February 2024 is going to be an incredible month of romance for you. Once Venus, the planet of love, shifts into Aquarius, it will create a stellium in this air sign, which is the ruler of romance in your life. This will create a two-day span from February 16-18 in which Pluto, the Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Venus are all in Aquarius, lighting up new chances for love and giving you the courage to follow your heart.  

Venus in Aquarius helps give you the courage to create your desired relationship, even if it balks at traditional norms. You weren't made to blend in, Leo, but to stand out, including the romantic relationship you choose to create. There are no rules left to follow, but instead, only the call of your own heart to listen to. Once you do, you'll see that the best kind of love is the one that is created from your truth.  

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(August 23 - September 22) 

Best Love Day: Sunday, February 18, Sun in Pisces, ruler of your sector of relationships 

As much as you may be focusing more of your energy on your professional life right now, don't miss the amazing opportunity for your romantic relationship once the Sun enters Pisces on Sunday, February 18. Since Saturn moved into Pisces in 2023, you've been looking at love in a more committed way, which has resulted in or still will result in a significant relationship or marriage. While life is all about balance, it's okay to prioritize your success and love in February 2024.  

The Sun is one of the luckiest planets in the cosmos, and as it shifts into Pisces, it will also help shift your mindset. As much as you've been working to be more mindful and enjoy what you have already created, you will now be gifted with the opportunity to bask in the radiance of love simply. Get back out on the dating apps if you're single or plan a weekend away with your partner if you're already in a relationship. The goal is to create the moments that will confirm and continue to help ensure this love lasts a lifetime.  

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(September 23 - October 22) 

Best Love Day: Monday, February 19, the North Node conjunct Chiron in Aries, ruler of your house of romantic partnership 

In 2023, you began looking at your romantic relationship differently. Unavailability or inconsistency was no longer deemed attractive and something you wanted to fix; it was non-negotiable. This idea of having boundaries and drawing a line in the sand so others would no longer have access to you was new for you, but it's one that you've been practicing more and more, which means the rewards for it are just around the corner, too.  

The North Node and Chiron will meet in Aries, ruler of your romantic sector, allowing you to see how the healing you've been doing is leading to your romantic destiny. The North Node governs your fate, while Chiron rules your healing journey. Take time to reflect on what you've learned and how you can open yourself back up to love because the trick to receiving the love you desire is knowing to accept better finally.  

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(October 23 - November 21) 

Best Love Day: Sunday, February 18, Sun in Pisces, ruler of your house of commitment 

Everything you have dreamed of is on its way to you, but first, you must permit yourself to commit to the life and relationship you really want. The Sun will shift into Pisces on Sunday, February 18, lighting up your sector of commitment, joy, pleasure — and marriage. This has been an area of your life that you've been reflecting on since Saturn moved into Pisces in 2023. While this has great potential to bring significant love to your life, you must first commit to what brings you the most joy. 

When you're living out of alignment with your truth or sacrificing your happiness for what you believe is the betterment of others, it's challenging to attract what is meant for you, including the love and commitment you want.

When you fully commit to living a joyful life that resonates with your soul, you show up in different places and move differently, which means the love you've been searching for most can finally find you. Take the time to invest and commit to what brings you happiness so that a partner who will do the same can finally show up and love you in all the ways you deserve.  

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(November 22 - December 21) 

Best Love Day: Sunday, February 18, Sun in Pisces, ruler of your home and family sector  

You have learned to take the close personal relationships in your life more seriously since Saturn shifted into Pisces in 2023. This created a space not only for commitment but also for being more serious about how you prioritize your relationship and quality time spent together. No matter how great a relationship is, if your partner is constantly left feeling like the most important person in your life, then you end up being the one cheating yourself with the love you really want.  

As the Sun shifts into Pisces on Sunday, February 18, you will get a burst of action regarding a deeper commitment to your romantic relationship. While this could be about buying a new home together or moving in, it may also bring about a proposal or marriage.

Just after the Sun shifts into Pisces, joining Saturn, the North Node and Chiron align in Aries in your sector of marriage and commitment. As much as you need to do your inner work to be ready for a long-lasting relationship, you must be open enough to realize love will always work in its own time.  

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(December 22 - January 19) 

Best Love Day: Monday, February 19, the North Node conjunct Chiron in Aries, ruler of your house of healing  

You have already done an amazing job of moving through all the challenges life has brought you to start creating the relationship and, in some cases, the family you've always wanted. Now, it's time for a new chapter, which means you must also release those lingering fears and learn to trust yourself more so you don't sabotage the best thing that has ever happened to you.  

The North Node and Chiron will meet in Aries, helping you become aware of what still needs your attention so that you can continue progressing in your relationship. Look for themes of past heartbreak, childhood wounds or generational trauma that may come to the surface.

This won't be something new, but instead, a feeling that has periodically surfaced in the last few years. The sooner you're able to label it and give yourself the love you need, then the quicker you will be able to go all in on this new chapter and the relationship you've created. 

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(January 20 - February 18) 

Best Love Day: Saturday, February 24, Full Moon in Virgo in your house of transformation 

February brings an exciting energy elixir into your life with the Aquarian stellium on February 17, so it's no surprise that on Sunday, February 24, the Full Moon in Virgo will highlight transformations within your romantic relationship.

The influx of Aquarius energy will help you feel more confident, embrace new areas of growth, and help you shed anything from the past that is still clouding up the choices you make now. While you are always encouraged to learn from the past, you also can't make decisions in the here and now based on anything that has previously occurred.  

The Full Moon in Virgo will happen in your house of transformation, and it is an incredible time to have important conversations with your partner about what the future holds for your relationship.

The sky is the limit here for you, so you should tap into that new budding sense of authenticity so that you can truly show your partner your deepest vulnerability and continue to grow together. You may find that this unlocks a new path for yourself, but remember, it's safe to trust love again, especially when it's helped you grow into this new and incredible version of yourself.  

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(February 19 - March 20) 

Best Love Day: Saturday, February 24, Full Moon in Virgo in your sector of soul connections  

Although Valentine's Day may be the day for love, yours will arrive a bit later with the Full Moon in Virgo on February 24 in your sector of soul connections. With the Sun in Aquarius energy still lighting up your intuition, dreams, and spirituality, the Virgo Full Moon can help you come together with an important soulmate or twin flame. This energy will allow you to speak more of your heart, listen to your inner self, and be open to where the universe directs you.  

Virgo is the zodiac sign that rules love and relationships for you. Still, with the current astrology, the Full Moon also introduces the possibility of divine soul connections as well. Both the Sun and Saturn will be opposing the Virgo Full Moon.

Be mindful of being able to ground this spiritual connection into the physical world and having any important conversations necessary to ensure that you both are on the same page in your connection. Most importantly, make time to enjoy it because not everyone finds their once-in-a-lifetime love, but you have.  

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