How Mercury Entering Capricorn Empowers Love Horoscopes Throughout The Week

Get ready, zodiac signs. Magic occurs when your head and heart align on December 3.

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The week starts with the Full Moon, but the magic really begins to strengthen once Mercury enters Capricorn on December 1. As you approach the end of the year, it's important to remember that the cosmos works on a different schedule.

At the same time, you might hope for the door to close in 2023 with certain themes or struggles, it doesn't always mean that it's meant to.

Instead, this is just another turn of the wheel as you are guided to celebrate with gratitude what you've been able to create and reflect with mindfulness on what may still be unsettled. 


While the astrological new year is celebrated in April with the beginning of the Aries Season, this end of this calendar year will carry into the new year. Mercury shifts into Capricorn on December 1, ahead of its retrograde journey, which will begin December13, a couple of weeks.

While Mercury is deep within its pre-shadow phase, meaning that you may already be feeling the effects of it in your relationships with anything from misunderstanding to botched plans. During Mercury's retrograde, it will shift back into Sagittarius before stationing direct on January 1, 2024. Yet, it won't reenter Capricorn again until January 13, which means much of what begins to surface this week may not truly find resolution or understanding until then.  


But, in this process, it's important to remember that everything is happening as it's meant to. If an important issue isn't meant to be brought to fruition until next year, then it means it's because you need the extra time. Use the energy of the Full Moon in Gemini to help blend the energies of your head and heart, as you can merge the air and earth energy in the week.

The Full Moon in Gemini will bring to fruition events and themes that began in your life around the New Moon in this air sign, which occurred on June 18. Since that time, you've moved through Venus and Saturn retrogrades, helping you to understand the lessons of the heart and while you might have to wait a few more weeks to find the place where your head and heart can coexist, it doesn't mean that there still isn't magic to discover.  

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The Full Moon in Gemini is opposite the Sun and Mars in Sagittarius, and square Saturn in Pisces, representing the desire to act in a new direction but still feeling as if there are delays or blocks first to be removed. While this time of year can help to bring together romantic unions and encourage proposals positively, those feeling their path veers in a different direction often find the necessity to wait until the new year.


With Mercury in pre-shadow for its upcoming retrograde, this will be more true at this time. However, it doesn't mean that you can't use this lunation to your full advantage. Reflect on what arises for you, what direction you feel yourself called in. 



The difference that might exist between your human self and soul, as Gemini symbolizes these distinct aspects of yourself. Then, as Mercury shifts into Capricorn, begin to formulate a plan for how to honor the balance within yourself as you work to create greater balance in your romantic life.  

Key dates for this week that impact romance the most

Friday, December 1 

Mercury rules communication, thought processes and written correspondence. As Mercury shifts into Capricorn, there will be a more logical, grounded aspect of how you think about things and what feels most important to discuss with your partner. This will assist you in the process of whatever truth arises with the Full Moon in Gemini. However, you must also realize the need for patience at this time.


Whatever you are trying to sort out or plan will have to wait until January 2024 to be fully implemented. That doesn't mean to sit around and wait until then, but to look at whatever you're doing as more flexible and in process than definitive, as Mercury retrograde in Capricorn and Sagittarius will help you find the space of understanding courage. Decisive action is needed to honor your inner truth.  

Here's how Mercury in Capricorn impacts love by the end of the week for all zodiac signs in astrology:

Aries best days for love: November 27 and December 1 

Leading Energy: Full Moon in Gemini, your house of communication 

It's time to open up and finally address what you've been feeling in recent months. As much as you've tried to keep things in or wait for the proverbial better time, it's not necessarily going to arrive. There is never a completely perfect time, but this Full Moon in Gemini is about as good as it comes. Gemini rules matters of communication and in your house, which rules this theme, it offers you an immensely powerful time for life-changing conversations.  

Remember that nothing changes unless you address it, and while you can sit and hope your partner will bring it up, you are the leader of the zodiac. Take the initiative and open up to your partner about how you've been feeling, as it's the only way you're going to see improvement.  


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Taurus best days for love: November 27 and December 1 

Leading Energy: Full Moon in Gemini, your house of self-worth  

You know what you deserve from a relationship, but you've been on a journey of learning to embody it. This takes the idea of self-worth from your logical mind and places it in your soul. The Full Moon in Gemini is making this a monumental moment, as this air sign naturally represents these different facets of who you are. By allowing yourself to embody what you are worth, you raise the stakes in your romantic relationship. 

As long as you and your partner are able to communicate effectively and healthily, you can resolve any issue that arises. You can't assume or expect your partner to know how to treat you unless you first set that standard yourself. Try to open up a space of conversation with your partner, and be as specific as possible so that this time, you leave no room for misunderstanding.  


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Gemini best days for love: Friday, December 1 

Leading Energy: Mercury in Capricorn, your house of intimacy 

Capricorn energy rules over your sector of intimacy and transformation, which is always needed in order to bring you and your partner closer together. Feelings may be high and intense this week as you move through the Full Moon in your zodiac sign, but take it as an opportunity to initiate the change you've been seeking.  

Whether you want just to jump in and plan a date or evening of quality time, focus your energy on how to create the most positive changes that you can. Life can become quite busy, but learning to devote your energy to the relationship you value so highly will allow you to continue to develop the highlight intimate connection you desire.  


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Cancer best days for love: December 1 

Leading Energy: Mercury in Capricorn, your sector of relationships 

Love inevitably will bring changes, especially as it grows. For you, this is an area of your life you've been experiencing dramatic shifts within as Pluto has begun to move from Capricorn into Aquarius. But, with Pluto now direct for one of its last phases in Capricorn, along with Mercury, you need to have some important conversations.  

Use Mercury in Capricorn to address recent changes and what the future holds, as the pre-shadow phase of Mercury will help you with this process, especially as it's ongoing. Try to be mindful of the difference between proactive conversations and simply dredging things up from the past, as whatever you say should be able to serve a purpose in the life you are trying to create.  


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Leo best days for love: November 27 and December 2

Leading Energy: Full Moon in Gemini, your sector of emotional support 

It can be hard learning to lean on someone again, especially if the memory of heartbreak is one that still affects the decisions that you make. The Full Moon in Gemini, though rising in your sector of emotional support, signifies that it's time for you to hope up and start sharing your feelings with others. It's okay to ask your partner for what you need, even if it's simply a hug.  

When you create space for your partner to support you, automatically, you become closer because some of those walls are removed, and you're able to show them your true self. Try to use this lunation to lean into your partner, to ask for what it is you need and remember that they're here to love you — you just need to let them.  


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Virgo best days for love: December 1 

Leading Energy: Mercury in Capricorn, your house of joy and commitment 

You've been on an incredible journey this year of creating what you've always dreamed of. You've taken leaps of faith, trusted your partner and have been able to manifest so many positive changes within your life. Now that Mercury shifts into Capricorn, you may find yourself with a proposal or finally getting around to planning that wedding. With Mercury in pre-shadow, it's best to firm plans up after the new year, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the planning process.  

Allow yourself to embrace this bright new chapter in your life, whether it's bringing marriage or a significant commitment, as you are on the path to complete and utter happiness. Make sure to involve your partner in the planning process as well. As much as you enjoy it and are skilled at it, they will want to feel like they are a part of things.  


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Libra best days for love: December 1 

Leading Energy: Mercury in Capricorn, your sector of domestic intimacy 

Mercury in Capricorn will highlight your sector of domestic intimacy and home, which means there may be some important decisions around moving in together or purchasing a home. Remember that as excited as you are, take your time if you're making any big decisions, especially with Mercury in pre-shadow, but it doesn't mean you can't start talking about it. 

This will also be a wonderful time to share what it is that is important to you in a relationship and if you have any non-negotiable. By doing this, you'll ensure you and your partner are on the same page for years to come. If any topics come up for greater healing during this time, remember that you and your partner are on the same side, so you can work through anything that arises together.  


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Scorpio best days for love: November 27 and December 2

Leading Energy: Full Moon in Gemini, your house of life partners 

You're increasingly understanding what you want from life and love, but now it's just a matter of how to position yourself to receive everything you've always desired. The Gemini Full Moon lights up your house of life partners and transformation, representing a powerful time to make the positive changes necessary to deepen the bond with a current partner or to be in the place to attract a new great love.  

Never underestimate the importance of a single moment and its power to change your life. Whether it's a moment of quiet with your current partner or a chance meeting with someone new, there is never anything to lose when it comes to taking a risk for the sake of love. This is what you've always wanted, so don't let anything stop you from creating it.  


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Sagittarius best days for love: November 27  and December 3

Leading Energy: Full Moon in Gemini, your sector of romance 

The Gemini Full Moon offers you a powerful portal of clarity and understanding as it occurs in your sector of romance and relationships. The Gemini New Moon rose on June 18, just before the rush of the intense retrograde season. Since that time, your romantic life likely looked quite different than you thought or hoped it would, but it doesn't mean it's negative — only not what you had anticipated. 

Love rarely follows a definitive plan, but open yourself up to what arises with the lunation in Gemini to help you understand what you have created, the power of your choices and to direct your path if there are any changes you want to make. There may be an opportunity to release something or someone around this Moon, so be mindful of only moving forward with what is in the greatest alignment with your truth.  


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(December 22 - January 19) 

Best days for love: November 27 and December 2

Leading Energy: Full Moon in Gemini, your house of peace 

Relationships shouldn't just be a source of fun or company and a place of peace. You and your partner should both be able to offer that to one another. Not that complications or arguments won't occur, as that's a natural part of relating with another, but underneath it all, your relationship should bring you peace. As the Gemini Full Moon rises, focus on the sense of peace you've built with your partner and anything that either of you can do to continue to protect and regard it as sacred.  


A Full Moon often brings certain themes to fruition, so if you're reflecting around this lunation and don't feel very much peace in your relationship, then it's also time to discuss that with your partner. As always, try to reflect on what is yours to carry versus address with your partner, but peace, like love, is always a two-way street.  

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(January 20 - February 18) 

Best days for love: November 27 and December 3

Leading Energy: Full Moon in Gemini, your sector of happiness and family 

Let yourself simply be happy for the sake of enjoying life more. There will always be background noise or situations in life that are unpredictable, but it doesn't mean they should be able to steal the joy from your life or relationship. If you and your partner have felt disconnected or completely distracted by other aspects of life, try to create some time around the Gemini Full Moon to be happy, to laugh simply, and to remember why you first created the relationship you did. 


Gemini energy also brings the possibility of commitment into your relationship, so talks of engagements or moving in together may also surface. Remember that while you already know you're independent, it doesn't mean that life still can't be better together.  

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(February 19 - March 20) 

Best days for love: November 27 and December 1

Leading Energy: Full Moon in Gemini, your sector of home and healing 

Gemini energy rules over your house of home and well-being, creating the space where you need to feel fully understood and seen in order to create the relationship you desire with another. Observe what arises in your home and relationship during the Full Moon in Gemini to see if anything surfaces that need to be healed or honored as you continue to grow and build a life together with your romantic partner. 


You may find it helpful to reflect on June 18, when the New Moon in Gemini peaked, and what themes may surface around this lunation. Remember that Full Moons are about cumulation, and so you may find that you're finally ready to put a longstanding issue to rest and get on with your life — and with falling more in love with your partner each day.  

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