8 Ways To Create Good Luck With 'Magical' Items Around Your Home

The combination of your lucky outlook and a few strategically-placed items can manifest your future.

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Do you wish you had more luck? Maybe you hope to have serendipity on your side. Perhaps you daydream about receiving a monetary windfall. Or you once had a lucky break and want to experience that again.

The good news is you don't have to wait around hoping for good luck. Instead, you can create it! One way is to start with an optimistic outlook on life. Whether you seek more money, good health, a loving relationship, or a blessed life, being lucky sure would help, right?


The magic combination of symbols & mindset

People often make their own luck by believing in themselves and thinking they are lucky. It all starts with your mindset. Do you feel the universe is on your side? Have you noticed that things naturally fall into place for you? Do the solutions you seek to problems magically appear just when you need it? That’s luck.

How do you create a lucky mindset?

Some people are naturally lucky and see the glass as half full, expecting everything to go their way. Then amazingly, it often does. If this doesn't accurately describe your life, there is another way to attract good luck. You practice feeling lucky.


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As a child you spent plenty of time pretending, so you already have this powerful skill. That's all it takes to practice feeling lucky. Imagine the luck you want and then pretend you have it right now.

For example, if you're ready to buy a new car, you want to get it for a great price. You want the year, exact model, and color to be available now at a dealer near you. That would be lucky. Practice thinking this is your lucky car-buying story. Then spend time imagining this coming true.


Another way to build luck is to acknowledge all the luck you've had so far. Say how lucky you are out loud when something wonderful happens. Even something as minor as getting a great parking space counts as you being lucky.

How magical objects attract luck

You can also create good luck by surrounding yourself with symbols of good fortune. These items have been considered lucky for many centuries across a variety of cultures. It's hard to say for sure if these items carry good vibes on their own. While it's certainly possible, these luck-filled objects become far more potent when you believe in their power.

Choose any item or select more than one from the list below. Place them around your home in plain sight. Then set an intention for the luck you hope to generate. Every time you see the symbol, you lift your energy to match the luck you seek. In other words, if your intention is to bring good luck into your life, then that is the vibe you will create with these objects.

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Eight magical items that attract good luck

1. Buddha statues

When you place statues of Buddha around your home, this sets up the energy for peace, harmony, prosperity, and good health. One Buddha in particular – The Happy Buddha – is the most popular for attracting abundance and good luck.

For the best results, place your Buddha with care in a clean uncluttered spot, away from technology. Have the Buddha face east, if possible, towards the sunrise. Outside the home, a garden is a great spot for your Buddha. Just make sure to put it up on a stand, off the ground.

2. Power animals

Whether you choose a statue, photo, or piece of art, power animals are known to bring good luck. For instance, the bull is considered to bring good fortune to the people of East Indian, as well as Egyptians, Greeks, and Celts.

Other lucky animals include rabbits (fertility and abundance), Goldfish (fertility, abundance, and harmony), and pigs which are considered a good sign by the Chinese and Irish. In Asian countries the frog is considered lucky, as it helps you reach the prosperity you desire.


Let's not forget the elephant, the largest land animal, who brings good luck when the trunk is turned up at the end. This likely originated in India, where the animal was seen as a status symbol and good omen.

Place your power animal in a spot you are sure to see frequently to remind you how lucky you are.

3. Horseshoes

Ancient lore has it that the Chaldeans, who lived in Mesopotamia (now Iraq) at the beginning of civilization, believed the horseshoe brought good luck because it was a symbol reminiscent of the crescent moon. This represented a variety of moon Goddesses who protected people from evil.

When you hang a horseshoe for luck, be sure the ends point skyward to hold your luck like a cup. The Irish also are known to sometimes bury a horseshoe under the cornerstone of a new building to create good luck.


4. The Hamsa

This symbol originated in the Jewish culture relating to Miriam, the sister of Moses and is also revered among Middle Eastern Christians as the Hand of Mary. Islamic culture also adopted this, calling it the Hand of Fatima, who was the daughter of the prophet Mohammed.

Regardless of the religious tradition, this symbol is a hand representing protection and good luck. People often wear The Hamsa as jewelry or hang them on walls around there home to attract good luck where they live.

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5. The Evil Eye

For centuries, people of the Middle East, Greece, and Türkiye have associated the Evil Eye with warding off nefarious curses. It might be made of gold, silver or glass and looks like an actual eye, often showing a blue iris. It will protect you from someone’s jealousy, negative energy sent your way, or people wishing you bad luck.


This symbol can be worn as jewelry but is also a blessing hung in your home. The idea is that if you are protected from evil, you are open and safe to receive all the good luck you are due.

6. The Chinese character Fu

This symbol from Chinese writing means good luck or good fortune. Fu is one of the three “Star Gods’ and is often depicted as a male God labeled with this character. Again, displaying the symbol uplifts the vibration of your space and helps you feel blessed with a good life.

7. Mythical creatures

Dragons and unicorns are both mythical creatures that signify or bring good luck. In Asian cultures, dragons are very popular and seen as a source of power. They are considered to be symbolic of strength, health, and good luck.

Unicorns first appeared in writing and art in ancient Greece as a fierce animal, but centuries later this mythical horse was often depicted in medieval art, representing Christ. Unicorns were believed to ward off evil and bring good luck as well.


8. Sacred geometry

Designs from sacred geometry can be found in nature, demonstrating that everything is connected. Simple shapes like circles and triangles are often used. However, much of sacred geometry shows complicated, multi-faceted forms based on mathematical formulas.

Sacred Geometry artwork has a quiet beauty that resonates with the blueprint of creation. Hanging this art in your home or office helps you connect with the divine and provides a sense of peace and harmony.

In addition, you can gaze at it while breathing slowly as a form of meditation to connect with the oneness that unifies all things.

From building a lucky mindset, to decorating with luck symbols, you have many wonderful options to choose from. What will you do to magically boost your good fortune? Have fun with this and enjoy all the benefits.


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Ronnie Ann Ryan is an Intuitive Coach and Past Life Reader. Her audio course, How to Ask the Universe for a Sign is available for anyone looking for answers.