How To Manifest The Love Of Your Life Using This Simple Law Of Attraction

Don't make someone else your source of love.

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If you want to learn how to manifest love through the Law of Attraction, Abraham Hicks may be able to teach you. My fondness for his teachings will resonate deeply with you.

One of the greatest teachers in love and relationships, Abraham Hicks is a spirit guide and a universal intelligence who is channeled through a woman named Esther Hicks.

This might sound a bit strange, but then again, we are living in really strange times right now.


The proof of channeling supernatural experiences is not worth trying to figure out. What's important is the message, and Abraham has a wonderful message.

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You are a spirit in a human body.


In your body, here on Earth, you are having experiences that allow you to see the contrast between love and fear with the goal of moving toward greater love and peace — a.k.a., feeling good and happy.

The goal of moving toward love is to reconnect with the spirit part of you that is connected to God or a universal intelligence and continues to exist and vibrate in a realm that we cannot see.

With this said, the teachings describe an important tool we have in our attempts to connect to our spiritual self or source. This tool is our emotions!

Let your emotions guide you.

Our emotions are meant to be used as a measuring stick regarding how in alignment we are with the source of our spiritual self. The idea is that our chosen thoughts evoke emotions of love or fear.


Loving thoughts keep us in alignment and fearful thoughts keep us out of alignment. They allow positive attraction, while fearful or negative thoughts with their corresponding emotions allow for negative attraction.

Therefore, the spiritual work we are tasked with is to use our willpower to choose loving thoughts over fearful ones.

Put another way — vibrate with love, not fear in order to invoke positive emotion or vibration that is in alignment with our source.

So, the better your thought makes you feel, the closer you are to your spirit’s vibe. And therefore the closer you are to your goal of attracting more peace, love, and your personal goals for happiness.


The better your thoughts make you feel, the closer you are to your spirit’s vibe.

On the other hand, the worse your thoughts make you feel — the thoughts that are fueled by fear and anxiety — the further away you are from your spirit’s vibe. And the more you are not only pushing away good things but also attracting bad things — the things you do not want.

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A few primary teachings from Abraham Hicks include:

  • Your emotions are a guidance system.
  • The most important relationship is between you and you.
  • Thoughts turn into things.
  • You get what you focus on, in essence.

So what does this have to do with love and relationships? Everything!


The main point with regards to love is that your spirit still exists in a realm connected to God or universal intelligence. It is the first relationship you must nurture and cultivate — the relationship between you (earthly, fearful you) and you (spirit, full of love, and intelligent you).

This is your primary and ultimate source of security and love. Therefore, this is the relationship you tend to first. This is the key to a beautiful relationship with another person.

Connect first to your own source and do not make another person your source.

Relationships are difficult because we have mistakenly made our primary relationship with each other a partnership.


We are trying to get from each other what is not natural. We have existential cravings for love and connection that is continuous, secure, and complete.

Yet, the only real source of continuous and unwavering love and security comes from connecting to our inner beings. This can be a religious or spiritual experience depending on your beliefs.

So when someone connects first to their source, they need no other person to make them feel complete. They are already complete, whole, and full of love.

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They then can find a partner who compliments their life and with whom they can share their wholeness and love. They do not depend on anyone to make them feel anything. Their primary relationship with the source fulfills them and gives them a sense of being loved, wanted, and secure.


Imagine being in a relationship with someone like this. Imagine how easy it would be.

When you are this person, you rarely take things personally and you rarely feel needy. Instead, you feel free to be open and vulnerable. You have plenty of love to give and never feel desperate.

You can be selective because you do not feel desperate. You feel worthy and valuable. You bring fullness to a relationship that others do not.

Thus, a person knows you are high value because they sense that you rely on your own source for ultimate love and fulfillment. This person knows you will not demand and depend on them to always make you happy. They then feel free!


This feeling of freedom makes this person want to be in your presence and commit to you over and over again. You are considered a God or Goddess in their eyes because you are a source of love and light.

You are in this world but are connected to something much greater.

When you are this person, you rarely take things personally. You rarely feel needy and you feel free to be open and vulnerable.

The more you feel lovingly connected to the source, the higher your vibrational thought, and the stronger you attract relationships that resonate at this level.

Love and relationships actually get easier. Remember that you get what you focus on.

When you feel connected to your source of love, it is easier to focus on love and, in turn, get more love!


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Malena Violeta is a feminine energy dating and relationship coach.