How Your Zodiac Sign Can Use Journal Scripting To Manifest With The Gemini Full Moon

With scripting, gratitude journaling and speaking our truth, we'll make it happen.

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We did it, zodiac signs! We made it to the final month of the year. Much was lost this year, for sure. In totality, it only allowed room for more to be gained. How will we achieve it? Well, by literally scripting our future. We will literally write out our future on paper, speak it into existence and step into our curated reality. 

Scripting can be done in many ways but the most effective way is to be as specific as possible. Write your ideal day out in detail. If something you scripted does not happen that day ... write it out again for tomorrow. Continue to write it out until you see the changes appear before you.


You must never forget when the changes appear; be grateful for them. Show thanks. Use positive language in your entries, like "I am so happy I can pay all my bills. I am delighted that my back no longer hurts. I love that I wake up in my dream career each day." Positive energy = positive results.

On November 27, The Gemini Full Moon will engender better communication in our relationships and the starter energy to seek out new adventures. We are tired of being cooped up inside and are looking forward to new Winter experiences. In the meantime, we have a lot to untangle — relationship-wise. This lunation will shine a light on clarity in our relationships. We either need to figure something out or to express something. Most likely, this relates to unmet needs in our relationships.


On 29, The Moon enters Cancer and makes the time ripe to share our feelings and concerns with those closest to us. Be tactful, but don't hold back. The openness to communication will also allow for greater creativity in areas we've been stifled in.

Regardless, the openness to communication could transition on November 30, when Moon Square Saturn leaves us feeling burnt out or lonely. Take time in both your words and actions, zodiac signs. 

On 1, Moon Square Venus makes bonding awkward and it's better to take those feelings to free writing, paintings or doodling on canvas or notebooks. Those who identify as femmes may likely have some menstrual cramping or harsh PMS symptoms if the bleeding part of your cycle lands around this time.


Lastly, on 3, Moon square Uranus continues the trend of moodiness but this time, making us a bit aggressive with mood lability. It's best not to make large decisions and instead wait for the storm out until we are more even. Luckily, this aspect will be a fiery two hours and then see its way out! Whew.

How your zodiac sign can use journal scripting to manifest during the power of the Full Moon:


Manifest: My dream life

Aries, this Full Moon will bring a lot of paperwork piled on your desk. Pay attention to the paperwork so it doesn't sit and you let important deadlines pass. To make the time go by faster, put on your favorite tunes and buy a delicious crafted drink. Afterward, you can reward yourself by getting back to the personal project you've put on the back burner.



Journal Prompt: What does my dream life look like? Where does it take place and most importantly, when I wake up every morning, how do I feel?


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Manifest: Confidence

Clarity come easily to you on, November 27. You're finally seeing what needs to be done to get to the next step and what realistically can be done in the time given to you. Now is the time to put that next action in motion and on your calendar.

Journal Prompt: How can I prepare myself for change? What is the prep for the prep? There is an adage saying any goal will take much longer to achieve than originally planned. It says any goal will take "half as much and twice the time."

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Manifest: Relationship repair

Instead of focusing on the cracks in the relationship, in your journal, focus on the desired outcome.

Journal Prompt: For this prompt, use scripting. Some like to script by using the future tense. However, the universe responds to speaking in the present tense or even the past tense. The more "real" it feels, the more you have clarity on what you actually want to heal in both yourself and your partner.

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Manifest: Everything

It may seem in stark contrast to what you need to manifest, but slowing down is going to help you speed up. Stick with me here. The excitement surrounding your progress in many life areas can make you spin your wheels out of control.




Make sure you take frequent breaks to reflect on your progress and connect the dots where you feel stuck. Nature walks help with this, too.

Journal Prompt: What does abundance look like to you in career, finances, love and self-fulfillment?

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Manifest: Protection

The Gemini Full Moon will give you a sudden jolt forward in an area of life you have felt stuck in for a while. A new turning point has crossed your path and regardless of what it is, use this to connect with others for advice, nurture or support.

Journal Prompt: How can I protect my energy from energy vampires?

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Manifest: An opened third eye

Your personal life has recently taken the front seat and made it difficult to get your projects done on time. It has been so that you resent the people around you for stifling your progress and even if you haven't been outwardly mean, your passive aggression is felt. All that ends now. Expect a flurry of activity regarding external world projects like yours and a lot of forward movement all at once. 


Journal Prompt: This day, you're keeping a log of things you notice. Things that stand out as potential symbols of understanding. Use visual understanding to record all the symbols you deem relevant from dreams, your meditation practice, fantasies or too-good-to-be-true moments. What are these symbols telling you?

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Manifest: Rejuvenating rest

The Full Moon will bring you many life lessons. You are on the precipice of a full-on awakening. Expect answers about relationships, problems and health concerns you have had. As Zora Neale Hurston said, "There are years that ask questions and years that answer." this is the season of answers for you.


Journal Prompt: Write a short list. Ask yourself three questions and provide yourself with 3 answers. 

1. how can I rest my mind at work?

2. how can I rest my body at home?

3. how can I make space for all my feelings when feeling threatened or insecure?

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Manifest: Support

There are people in your life that want to be paid. They feel you owe them something. Whether it is promised love, promised debt payments, promised time shared or any other number of things. Some of these people are right to assume these debts, but regardless, you have to manage how much you have, how much you can give and how much makes sense to give. It's time to budget in all life areas. You have your work cut out for you, but only you can juggle these many responsibilities at one time. 


Journal Prompt: It goes without saying that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. That doesn't speak to supportive processes that take care of other areas of your life while you take care of business.

This is to say, who takes care of YOU when you take care of everything else? For this prompt, try to identify things AND people that can be part of your support team. I'm talking about a new coffee maker, a food delivery service and your roommate who owes you maybe a few favors. Help them make good on their promise and list everything and everyone that can make life easier for you. 

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Manifest: Hope


Expect a bit of relationship drama in your love life. It happens to everyone and your time has come around once more. Navigate these small conflicts the way you navigate everything else in your life, with swagger and style. You may learn some unexpected things about yourself and those around you. Keep notes on all of it. 

Journal Prompt: Find ways to connect daily to your aspirations so you know they are not lost in your daily hustle but they reside within you. This can be elaborate or simple. For example, write a morning word about what you hope to see in the near future, like "rest. Understanding. rejuvenation"

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Manifest: Replenishment

Responsibilities are creeping up on you faster than you can tackle them. This happens from time to time. The culprit is that these must-do tasks are coming in from every side. It's easy to get lusted and agitated but that never did anyone any good. 

Journal Prompt: Refill your cup. Try to discern what is triggering you most and work on that first. Even if it isn't the most pressing thing, getting through the most annoying tasks will allow you some breathing room to work on the others. Take a break for clarity so you can return to your projects with renewed energy.

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Manifest: Adventure

Some stagnation makes your family irritable around the Full Moon and the best way to raise everyone's mood is a change of scenery. The only problem is conflicting schedules. There may be the option to visit in-laws, sleepovers, interim vacations, work events, school events, etc. Lay out all your options on the table and carefully consider both what is feasible and, most importantly, the most fun.

Journal Prompt: How can I learn actively? Your highest self is reached through active learning. That means learning, practicing and doing all at once. It can be quite a task but it is completely exhilarating to see all you have achieved in the shortest time frame.

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Manifest: Divine understanding

Prepare for an emotionally taxing week. Family, friends and other close people will be demanding a lot of your time in the coming days. Because it can be easy for you to get sucked into others and their needs, fill your cup first so you can more efficiently care for others.

Journal Prompt: Map out your dreams for a week. Specifically, take notice of settings in your dreams. Many people will focus on what happened and who was present in their dreams, which is equally as great. Focus on the settings this week because settings give you a visual of the placement of your greatest worries or joys. What does a dream at a party represent to you? What about a dream in the ocean? How do the two differ?

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