What Your Zodiac Sign Can Start Manifesting This Week By Writing In A Journal

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zodiac signs can manifest using a journal november 13-19, 2023

Welcome to your weekly manifesting guide for the week of November 13 - 19, 2023. The New Moon in Scorpio gives us the push we need to start making lasting changes that will last through 2024. Please note that this push will be rather sudden and unpredictable, but it will work, which is all that matters. 

While working on these changes, the people around us will also be going through many internal shifts. These shifts are temporary and no cause for panic, but be aware of them and especially your reaction to their actions. Those around us may make some poor choices; try to encourage them on the right path and then let them choose.

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New Moons are a time to start fresh, and the last thing we need is to spill ketchup on our new crisp white tees. We’ll find we have an increase of energy, alertness and the willingness to work with others. Take advantage of this positive energy to move forward on any projects you have been working on or want to work on.

On 15, Moon square Neptune may cause a certain level of confusion in communication. It’s not the time to do too many financial interactions or handle heavy negotiations. People are likely to have mind fog, and it’s close to impossible to see clearly in any type of fog. Use this time to relax, reconnect with yourself and move slowly and deliberately.

Later on in the week, the Moon in Capricorn brings back our forward focus and makes handling transactions easier and smoother. This is a good time for planning and taking steps on our action lists. Lastly, Moon in Aquarius gives us a change of pace socially. Parties, networking events and college socials are in abundance. Take advantage of them and use the time to network while having fun.

A special pet project that would also be useful in setting up your manifestation or gratitude journal for the coming month. Many people wait until the final days of the month to set up for the upcoming month, but how many times have we planned that, and something more pressing showed up? Get ahead of the curve and draw out your weekly and monthly spreads for December.

Here's what your zodiac sign can manifest this week by writing in a journal:

Aries: Opportunities to be in nature

Journal Prompt: What is your fall bucket list? Which things are reasonable to be able to achieve?

We are entering late fall. Every season represents activities that can only be achieved with that season. Make it a point to write a bucket list for each season. What is your fall bucket list, and given the time left we have in fall, which things are reasonable to be able to achieve?

Everything comes in cycles. Whether it’s seasons, menstrual or the Moon itself. Being in alignment with cycles creates an ease that will make everyone around you wonder how you get everything done and still find time for yourself.

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Taurus: Healing

Journal Prompt: What motivates you?

Make a written playlist of songs that ground you. Include songs that lift your spirit and songs that make you dance.

The New Moon on 13 makes your relationships (business or personal) a priority. This is a great time to take action in these areas, as the progress you’ll make will be substantial. Don’t forget to rest while doing “all the things.” Listening to music and dancing is considered “active rest.”

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Gemini: Fulfillment

Journal Prompt: What helps me to feel rewarded?

List one equivalent reward for each task on your daily log or to-do list. Make it relevant to the task, like taking a nap after a workout, buying a small treat after running errands or a long petting session with your cat or dog after taking them to the vet.

The New Moon energy gives you a boost to continue or start a new fitness regime. You either want to get in shape, get better health or get organized in your personal affairs. Whatever the impetus, you have a high likelihood of success. Just make sure to self-care in the process. Keep going!

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Cancer: Divine Feminine e

Journal Prompt: How do you define feminine and masculine energy?

What is divine femininity vs divine masculinity to you? Draw a simple yin/yang circle or alternatively make two columns ( titled yin and the other yang). What aspects of each do you appreciate in yourself? What aspects of each do you appreciate in others?

The New Moon will prove to be a productive time for you. Expect a boost in romance, fun and personal projects. Lean into your personal brand of femininity and strength.

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Leo: A balanced life

Journal Prompt: What do I need to feel rested?

See rest in your immediate future. There are several types of rest, including mental, spiritual, physical, financial, and emotional rest. Which would you benefit from most, and what optional thing can be deleted to make time for it?

The New Moon on 12 resides in your home and family sector. Additionally, the Sun and Mars will be in this area of your chart on 17 and 18. This means home projects are at the top of your get-it-done list. A lot has been on your mind lately, and you are bursting with creative energy. It may be a full move to another city or across town or just moving the couch from the living room to the basement. Either way, being proactive in these areas will bring you great satisfaction.

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Virgo: Healthy boundaries

Journal Prompt: What words affirm me?

Write down any affirmation that affirms you, and review it each day this week. Speak it aloud and make it stick. "I make space for others by honoring my needs. I honor others by honoring myself. I check in with myself often to make sure my needs are being met."

Beware of impatient tendencies and the urge to speak before you think things through. The New Moon will act as a spearhead toward making important contacts, following up with potential business partners or attending to the “littles” in your life. No one is moving as fast as you right now, so try to be patient with them as we all experience peaks and lows in our energy. Right now, you are flying high, Virgo.

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Libra: A supportive network

Journal Prompt: What does it mean to have someone be there for me?

Who is your network that you can lean on? Are they spiritual or corporeal beings? Who is in your proverbial wolf pack that is looking out for you, and how can you call upon them for help in ways they only can?

The holiday season is your favorite time of year. You usually are doing so much for your family that you can lose yourself in the process and forget to rest. The best way to avoid burnout is to find those you can trust to help you in your endeavors.

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Scorpio: Stronger intuition

Journal Prompt: What enhances my intuition?

Develop stronger intuition by listening to all your hunches. Create a bullet journal spread of all your hunches this week. List them or fill them in small boxes to verify if your intuition is correct next week.

Scorpio, this month proves to be the best so far as far as personal growth is concerned. The New Moon in Scorpio is the exact jolt of confidence you need to prep for the coming year. What do you want to do or achieve? How will the New Year fit into your ultimate 5-year plans? These things and more start to come together this week.

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Sagittarius: Natural healing

Journal Prompt: What areas of my life need healing?

Create a short list of herbs or natural elements that call to you or your health condition. Then research what are the healing properties of each. Make notes of all you find.

The colder months usually mean some time of flu or cold for you. It’s possible this could be one of the seasons where either the flu occurs or a chronic ailment that you mostly have under control. Don’t discount that Mother Nature has some pretty good remedies worth considering.

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Capricorn: Personal improvements

Journal Prompt: Create a Level 10 Life spread in your journal.



Level 10 time is a personal growth that self-measures how you feel about the 10 main life areas:

1. Health

2. Home

3. Charity

4. Fun

5. Relationships

6. Career

7. Finances

8. Spirituality

9. Personal development

10. Family & friends

The idea is not to spend too long thinking about any one factor. Rate each from 1-10, and then make some notes on how you could improve each. Some people get fancy and make a chart or graph. If not spread thin for time, do that! Visuals improve any journal.

A change in pace is in store for you, Cap. You’re done with the routine and are now looking for something novel. This is a great time to make the move to get started on your self-improvement projects or even small decorating projects around the house.

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Aquarius: Self-compassion

Journal Prompt: How do I define joy?

When was the last time you experienced pure, unadulterated joy? Was it a hobby, with a person or a specific event?

Expect a performance boost from 13 to 16. You have a boost in confidence, allowing you to be a high performer whether it’s work, relationship or reputation-related. If you have the urge to act, now is the perfect time to.

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Pisces: Power

Journal Prompt: Write an affirmation in your morning pages to help your subconscious agree with what you know to be true.

With great power comes great responsibility. I accept the new life role bestowed upon me. I accept both the challenges and rewards. The time has come to step up to the plate in some life areas that you take very seriously. This will happen very suddenly and perhaps catch you off guard. Don’t sweat it. You have all the tools needed to be able to execute your goals and plans.

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