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Which Greek Goddess Are You, By Moon Sign & Divine Feminine Energy

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 Moon Sign & Divine Feminine Energy, By Zodiac Sign

Do you want to connect with your feminine energy or know who your Greek goddess is? Look no further than astrology and your Moon's zodiac sign! Although your zodiac Sun sign is important because it sheds light on your personality and your inner goddess.

Each Moon sign is also important because it gives you insight on your mother, the past and the lives you've lived, including your inner moods and emotions.

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Understanding your Moon sign can help you understand your subconscious better. Your Moon sign also dictates what you are searching for in your relationships and how you respond to living with someone else.

Willing to understand your Moon sign better can also help you connect with your feminine energy. Based on where your Moon falls in your natal chart, you will have an inner goddess and innate intuition influencing your feminine energy.

You are a strong woman and knowing your Moon sign will help you know exactly what type of Greek goddess you are and the strength you possess and can lead with.

Scroll down to find a horoscope for each Moon sign in astrology, the name of your Greek Goddess and horoscope for your divine feminine energy.

If your Moon sign is in Aries, then you embody the divine feminine energy of the Goddess of Fire.

Your inner femininity shines when you inspire and lead those around you. You feel at your best when you are embracing your passion, independence, and charisma. You embrace change and it pushes you to grow.

When in doubt, go with the flow and channel your spontaneity because it leads you to inspiration. You are a child at heart, so be wary that you don’t get stuck in boring situations and relationships.

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If your Moon sign is in Taurus, then you embody the divine feminine energy of the Goddess of the Earth.

You are stable, patient, devoted, and nurturing. However, you should avoid making rash decisions that could impact your emotional stability and security in life, because it will take a toll on your inner strength and self-confidence. Instead, try to enjoy the world around you and what it has to offer.

You will feel most confident and happy when you are enjoying good food, wearing fashionable clothes, and surrounded by great company. Try to not take on too much and recognize that your power comes from your natural ability to give love, beauty, and comfort to the world around you.

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If your Moon sign is in Gemini, then you embody the divine feminine energy of the Goddess of Air.

Your feminine energy is strong when you are communicating, traveling, moving, and exploring. Your willingness to learn about the world around you is what draws people to you.

When you are chasing new experiences, socializing with exciting people, and getting fresh ideas, you will feel the most connected with your inner goddess.

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If your Moon sign is in Cancer, then you embody the divine feminine energy of the Goddess of Emotional Depth (Water).

You will feel the most in-touch with your inner-self when you take time to recharge, ground yourself, spend time with your family, and do things that fulfill you.

You will not gain peace if you do not take care of yourself and instead focus too much of your attention on achieving your goals. Go on a run, redecorate your home, cook for your family, and trust that opportunities will come your way.

You are alluring when you show your emotions and vulnerabilities. There is a lot of strength that comes with understanding your feelings, so use it!

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If your Moon sign is in Leo, then you embody the divine feminine energy of the Goddess of Fire.

You are a natural-born leader, dramatic, self-confident, and passionate. You feel the most out of touch with your feminine side when you feel embarrassed, walked all over, or are acting out of character. However, take the high road and try to forgive those who embarrass you.

You are meant to be a leader so lead with kindness and your head held high. Surround yourself with people who support you instead of trying to control you, because you embrace your inner Goddess when you feel in control.

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If your Moon sign is in Virgo, then you embody the divine feminine energy of the Priestess of Purity.

You are loyal, analytical, kind, hardworking, and practical. You should try to remain humble instead of acting overly dramatic or attention-seeking because it can be off-putting to others.

You feel the most confident when planning for the future, accomplishing goals, and going to elegant places.

Always be sure to follow your intuition and moral compass, as it is your greatest strength. When you are organized in life, your heart will be more open to new love and relationships.

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If your Moon is in Libra, then you are in tune with the divine feminine energy of the Goddess of Justice, Themis.

Your Moon sign is cooperative, diplomatic, gracious, fair-minded, and social.

You will feel the most drained if you feel isolated and do not have a healthy work-life balance. It is important that you always make time for friends, social activities, and hobbies.

You feel the most connected with your inner-goddess when you are taking care of yourself and indulging in activities that bring you happiness. You attract others with your excellent communication skills and the value you place on justice.

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If your Moon sign is in Scorpio, then you embody the divine feminine energy of the Goddess of Mystery and Tantric Sexual Powers.

Those with a Scorpio Moon are more sexually attractive and magnetic than any other Moon sign. In relationships, you are passionate and dedicated to your partner. You thrive when you are in a relationship that is built on a strong emotional connection.

However, you might find deep and true love later in life. First, you might endure trying times and difficult relationships.

The hard times you go through are meant to make you stronger and more connected to your inner divine feminine power. Your mysticism and fierceness are your most powerful attributes so use them to your advantage!

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If your Moon sign is in Sagittarius, then you embody the divine feminine energy of the Priestess of Light.

You are optimistic, inspirational, energetic, and enthusiastic. You will feel the most in touch with your inner goddess when you are giving your positive energy to those around you. Give advice and be a shoulder to cry on to those who need it!

If you allow negative thoughts in, then it will be hard for you to feel confident with yourself. You feel the most connected with your divine side when you are traveling, being free, learning something new, and motivating others.

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If your Moon sign is in Capricorn, then you embody the divine feminine energy of the Goddess of Earth and Stability.

You tend to be very responsible, disciplined, and a master of self-control. You must not try to move through the world too quickly, as it will wear you out. Instead, focus on taking things one day at a time and make deliberate actions.

With a Moon in Capricorn, you will age very well, have better relationships, and become more connected with your femininity as time goes on. Reaching your goals one step at a time is what will make you feel the most fulfilled as a woman.

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If your Moon is in Aquarius, your feminine energy is tied to your independence. You are connected with the divine feminine of Goddess Ganymede.

You are very dedicated in love, but you crave the freedom to do your own thing. You love learning new things, meeting new people, and partaking in unique experiences.

You embrace your inner goddess the most when you are moving to the beat of your own drum. You are not meant to be with people that will try to control or over-power you. Embrace your individuality and what sets you apart, because that is what attracts people to you anyway!

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If your Moon is in Pisces, then you embody the divine feminine energy of the Goddess of Healing.

Others are attracted to your willingness to show your sensitivity, vulnerability, emotions, and romanticism.

Your feminine strength shows in moments where you are compassionate, helpful, and supportive of others. Throw yourself into your creative passions because that is where you shine!

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