6 Materialistic Zodiac Signs Who Love Being Showered With Gifts In A Relationship

It's the way to their heart.

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Show me the money. Or the gifts. Or the opportunities. Or the whatever you've got that I want, need and must have!

The truth is, many of us really and truly do love being showered in gifts when we're in a relationship. As they say, "Sometimes love ain't good enough." And guess what? It's true. Love is a very cool word that covers some good ground, but there's another side to the worth of love — it's the materialistic side, and some of us honor that side of ourselves, big time.


This is the materialistic zodiac signs in astrology preferred form of affection. Because many people don't just want the attention — they want more.

We want more than kisses and being told we look good; we want... stuff. Stuff lets us know that someone was smart enough to take that love to the next level and make it materialistic. Sounds backwards, right? Wrong.

Falling in love is awesome and it stirs up all the good vibes and cosmic woo-woo, but love itself falls short; we need more than love, and some of us go crazy with happiness when we are given wonderful, amazing gifts.

As they say, "Ain't nothing goin' down but the rent. Gotta have a J.O.B. if you wanna be with me." And what does that JOB do? It allows you to buy prezzies for your beloved, of course!


Who are the most materialistic zodiac signs who love being showered with gifts in a relationship?

1. ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Aries actually equates gifts with love. And if you aren't quick enough with the gifting, they'll find a way to get the money out of you so that that can do the gifting... for themselves. Aries doesn't buy the idea that love and romance comes free; there's an exchange of efforts in that mix, and that means if you love an Aries, expect to be judged by the quality of the gifts you give them.


Listen, if you already are in love with an Aries, then you know it's worth your while. But do yourself a favor and shower your person with gifts. They will not only appreciate your effort, they will reward you with a life of loyalty and adoration.

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2. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

One of the reasons Sagittarius loves gifts so much is because they spend half of their lives losing money and getting themselves into situations where they can afford nothing. So, a gift is like this radical treat. "Ah, someone cares!"

Sagittarius lives entirely in their own head, so when someone penetrates that wall of willful Sagittarius ignorance, the Sag themselves is so surprised that they think it's love. Sagittarius wouldn't know love if it hit them on the head, but they do know charity. And they do know donations, gifts, presents and opportunities given.


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3. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

If you want to make a Taurus giddy, give them a gift. In fact, if you want to make them extremely giddy, happy, overjoyed and crazy for you, then dump the whole load of presents at their feet and let them go nuts.

Nobody gets into presents like Taurus, and they'll be the first to make a list of necessary items for you to purchase. Whether it's concert tickets or the latest sneakers, if it stimulates their senses, you've done the right thing. Taurus is both grateful and goofy, so if you want to see you them in their happiest moment, give them an awesome gift. Get out your phone and video the whole thing because the gratitude of Taurus is memorable.


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4. PISCES (February 19 - March 10)

Always one to give gifts and share love, Pisces doesn't mind a little reciprocation on that deal at all. Give Pisces a gift and you'll receive three in turn. It's a love fest with this sign, and while they don't mind just living in the good ol' security of love itself, they go positively bonkers when they are given gifts, especially cool, expensive ones that say the other person really spent stupid bank on them.

Enamored with riches and style, you'd be safe to say that the best gift a Pisces can get is a ride around the block holding your hand in that new Tesla you got them. Yeah, no playing around here. It's straight to the Tesla.


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5. GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

Gemini would prefer gifts to affection. They love things, love to play, love to get deeply involved in a hobby or an interest, and if you are in a relationship with a Gemini, you probably already know they aren't the most affectionate people around. Oh, they are capable of love, it's true, but the kind of love that really turns them on is the kind that comes with perks.

Affection isn't enough; they want goods. This should come as no news to you if you're involved with a Gemini. This sign is superficial, materialistic and self-involved. If you want to win their heart, you'll have to do it with gifts... expensive ones.


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6. LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

Libra is into getting gifts and never giving them. This sign will tease you with promises of a life together, a love that lasts for all time; in fact, everything you want, they will tell you they will provide, but it's all just to shut you up and make you stop bugging them for more.

The cheapest sign in the zodiac, Libra actually has the nerve to flip that on you and demand gifts from you. They will drop hints and passive-aggressively let you know that they want something, and after much brooding and wimpering, you'll get the idea that the only way to get them to love you is by buying them things.


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