How November's New Moon & Full Moon Affect Your Zodiac Sign All Month

There's a world of good waiting for us in November of 2023

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Welcome to the horoscope reading for November 2023. This month, we will see a New Moon in Scorpio on November 13 and a Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 27. We'll be spending the majority of the month in the Sun season of Scorpio, and on the 22, we'll shift into Sagittarius.

We are looking at Venus in opposition to Neptune, right at the top of the month, which may have us wondering where we stand regarding love and romance. Mercury is opposite Uranus, pushing us into making the wrong moves. With Venus trine Pluto, we will notice our mistakes and right the wrongs, just in time for Venus to enter Libra, giving us peace of mind.


Mercury enters Sagittarius at the same time as square Saturn, letting us know that if there's something we need to say, we had better say it now or forever hold our peace, as they say.

The New Moon in Scorpio opens the doors for many of us and gives us the nerve to put our minds toward the positive and achieve something great. With Sagittarius season upon us and the many Mars transits accompanying this aspect, we're looking at a very passionate and powerful end of the month. 


Here is how the Full Moon and New Moon impact each zodiac sign during the month of November 2023:


A bit of desperation comes with November of 2023, and you'll want to get your ducks in order very badly. You feel scattered but driven. You want to achieve something great and don't feel you've done that yet ... that puts pressure on you. That pressure, of course, comes from yourself.

You are unsatisfied with the state of your creativity, and you plan on making major changes. You know how to readjust your thinking and are only now trying to avoid extremes. It might be time to practice some 'middle path' thinking. Not too far this way, not too far that way. November has you searching for proper balance.

Dates and moments to remember: Remember that this month tends to drag on your Aries energy, so do yourself a favor and cop a pro attitude right at the start. That means taking advantage of the cosmic 'peace and quiet' of the first few days in November, as no hostile forces are at play. This is a perfect time to set your intentions and go for the positive.


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Starting November 1, set positive intentions and disallow the negative thoughts you believe may be coming. Look to November 8 for a serious upgrade in your love life. Expect to 'have it out' with a relative around the time of the New Moon on the 13. If you feel clingy or needy, you'll be in good hands as someone can help you ... if you are brave enough to ask.


You are happy with what you've accomplished so far during the year. Now, you only want to sit still and relish the moment. You've done well, and you're feeling good about yourself. November has you planning and reasoning about manifesting what you want in the future.

Your love life is doing well, and there's nothing to worry about there. There will be celebrations and outings this month. You might end up being that person who brings the party. You are well-loved and very much taken care of during this time. Good month for you, Taurus, especially with the Full Moon taking place in your zodiac sign.


Dates and moments to remember: If you can free up some time during November 8 and 9 to work on your personal life — mental and spiritual health — then you'd be doing yourself a serious favor as the transits welcome you in. 

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On November 10, it's as if the astrological transits tell you: make it happen, Taurus — we've got your back. This is how it also plays out on the 13 and the 15th. You've got a month rich with romance and love, so ensure you show up for all that.



While you'd like to think that November will grant you a reprieve from work, you know better, as this month has you working harder than ever. Still, it's OK, as this is the kind of work you signed on for, and in a way, it only affirms that you are a hard worker who makes good money and is on your way to success.

Gone are the days when November represented a winding down in the workplace. It's quite the opposite for you. While the work is demanding, it's just as rewarding, and you feel great about your life during this time. You'll get your time off when the time is right. You'll do what you must for now, and it's all OK.

Dates and moments to remember: Around the 11th of the month, you'll finally understand why you are where you are. 


This will inspire or set you back a hundred paces. Here's the thing: when the New Moon arrives on the 13th, you will be in your full power. You can use your mind to drive you to where you want to be, so don't doubt yourself, especially not during the New Moon. What you think is what you become, so keep that in mind and manifest yourself into success.

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When you get a thought into your mind, you don't let go of it, especially if you can see it to its final destination. You will spend much of November compelled by a thought you know will lead to success. What's also great is that you will have the support and love of someone who means the most to you. While you know that what you are trying to achieve is a solo effort, it feels exceptional to have someone on your side, and November will show you that you are not long beloved but that your self-love is a great engine for accomplishment.

Dates and moments to remember: You have every opportunity in the world being handed to you this month, Cancer, but you need to be open and aware of November 11 through the 13th. 


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This month's transits are those that only your sign can take full advantage of. We're talking about your love life and how you communicate your needs to the person you're involved with. This could be life-changing, but you need to get the nerve to be the person you know yourself to be. Get on it, Cancer.


You'll find that friendships are everything to you during November 2023. While you may argue with one or two friends, you will be in touch with the idea that these people truly are worth treasuring. You don't need to toy with them, as you once did, because you've started to mature and now really consider people's feelings. November has you feeling contrite about having said something nasty to someone, which makes it very easy for you to apologize. This month has you putting aside any bad feelings. Relationships will resume and fairness will prevail.


Dates and moments to remember: On November 15, you're going to see a change in your romantic life, and depending on how you perceive change, well, that's how the result is going to look to you.

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You're getting a second chance, thanks to the stars. It also puts the pressure on you to act.  You've got a Full Moon in Sagittarius that could take your love life and enhance it ... but the kicker is, you must admit that it needs a 'facelift.' If you can admit it, then you'll have success.



You feel as though you've dealt with a helluva year, and now you're about ready to release all the pent-up negative energy and have a good time. After all, it's November; in your mind, it's time to let it all go and ride the year out to the best of your ability. You'll find that a few of your financial problems smooth themselves out.

That you'll be receiving some assistance in that department, what you were so worried about no longer holds that much weight. This month, while not an altogether mentally 'easy' one, will bring you hope and peace. You'll have it no other way. You create this situation, and you do it successfully.

Dates and moments to remember: Right from the very beginning of this month, you will be holding back when asking for what you believe you are due. 


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This is work-related, and as the year progresses, you feel you are entitled to more than you've been getting. That's why November 20 and 23 dates are super essential for you, too. You need to screw up your courage and let them know that you are worthy of being respected, and respect, in this case, means ... dinero. Capiche?


It's all about perspective for you this November, as a change of heart makes you feel much better about something that might have something to do with your love life. You may have been stuck in a mindset that only seemed to take you down. Now that you've had this consciousness shift, you feel good about life and the future. November has you thinking in ways you didn't think you could, and you will surprise yourself with a new attitude of openness. This is going to work for you, Libra.

Dates and moments to remember:  This month can be one of your best months of the year, and you know it, but the kicker here is not to get too arrogant about it because arrogance is being punished on November 22 and smacked around on the 28th. 


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That means the cosmos are in favor of you, Libra, acting with integrity and grace rather than with the assumption that you are owed something or that you are somehow more entitled than others. Stay humble and you'll make it through November like a shining star.


Rather than look at the future as something that will take a lot of work to succeed, you might find that November holds some innovative thinking in store for you. This month is all about great ideas and while some might be radical or simply 'insane,' you feel like taking a chance and going for it, anyway. November brings out your daring side, which also comes with a flare for the unconventional. You aren't content to continue with the same old routine and November inspires you to reach for the stars ... according to your own rules.


Dates and moments to remember: Being that you've been spending most of November in your Sun Sign, you feel pretty good about life, but you also know that you've been running yourself to the ground. 

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You'll find that your energy levels will start to wane around the 22 when Sagittarius kicks in. This is good and will help your life as you must take it down a notch. Look to the 24 and the 27 for a cosmic booster shot.



While you firmly believe in the NOW moment, you'll find that November belongs to the future, as that is the only thing on your mind. You are a creative visualizer and mean to manifest what is on your mind via affirmations and mantras. You might even be difficult to take with this month as you are almost completely self-absorbed in your fantasy for the future. It's OK because you don't need anyone's approval. You have a Sagittarius vision and focus and WILL achieve what you set out for. November only acts as a time slot for gaining power with your intentions.

Dates and moments to remember: So far, so good with this month. 

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However, you might want to up the ante a bit by meditating during both the New Moon and Full Moon events, as you might find that you are particularly 'magical' around these dates, which fall on the 13th and the 27th. You are in your element right now, and your ability to manifest your dreams is off the charts, so take advantage of it all and BE THE MAGICIAN you know you are.


There's something very special about the way you handle things this month, Capricorn. You will be noticed and praised for continuously making things 'right' when they may have gone wrong. You are, especially, 'the fixer,' November brings this out in you. While this may end up meaning more work for you to do, you are the one person who can make the best out of it and come out with a smile on your face. Yes, you may sometimes feel weary and need a serious break, but the truth is accomplishment is your nature. You will find creative ways to accomplish all you need this month. Nice!

Dates and moments to remember: If energy bogs you down this month, you need to stay up and aware around the time of the New Moon on November 13. 


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With Mercury squaring Saturn only a few days earlier, you may have secured some major deal. Even though that's great, it may just tucker you out. This is exactly why you need to stay aware. Your vulnerability is just the thing someone else is looking to take advantage of ... don't let them get in.


While the love life of your dreams isn't happening according to plan this month, you don't feel bad at all. You feel as though November of 2023 is here for you to figure out your next move. In love and romance, things have been slow for you. You thought there would be a change, an ... upgrade, by now.


Yet it's the same 'ol, same 'ol going on. Another person might feel frustrated, but you trust the universe and believe that change will occur and that your positive intentions will bring you the love you desire. November is full of hope for you despite the odds.

Dates and moments to remember: You'll find that November truly brings out your best communication skills. Still, you should lock in a few solid dates for presenting your ideas, as several here benefit your charms and your ability to get your point across.

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Look to November 10, 15 and 18 as days where you make no mistake in letting people know what they need to know. On the 18th, you'll notice that you are more confrontative than usual, and this, Aquarius, is a day you need to take advantage of.


November might not be your favorite month as it comes with memories of the past and the pressure to do something amazing in the future. You appreciate that there's still so far to go before you feel the happiness you strive for, but this is also a time for you to go inward and think things out. You know you want to move forward, but you are completely aware that to progress, you have to address certain things from the past. Once those things are tended to, you can move on freely. There's a world of good waiting for you ... and you know this to be true.

Dates and moments to remember: On November 11, you may be at odds with a family member who could throw you into a serious funk. it's best to just go with the expression, "Well, they're only human." That will be a major point with you this month, Pisces. 


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Nobody's perfect, and you're going to have to deal with this. You'll find that your most peaceful days will fall on November 8, 15 and 27. Remember that even if you duke it out with a relative, everything will snap back into place because we're only human, right?

Ruby Miranda interprets I Ching, Tarot, Runes, and Astrology. She gives private readings and has worked as an intuitive reader for over 20 years.