How Scorpio Season & The Full Moon Effects All Zodiac Signs Starting November 2023

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How here's how the Full Moon during Scorpio season to a new level. Of all the zodiac signs, Scorpio is always the one that raises eyebrows. We jump to conclusions about this zodiac sign and think we know what this season may bring us, especially regarding love and romance. Scorpio season and LOVE? Well, bring it on ... that's what most of us think.



The thing is, this season is a standalone transit. We've got much going on starting October through the month of November 2023. While our love lives stand to take precedence over many other things, we will see those love lives get put through their paces on the very same day that the Sun in Scorpio and Mercury sextile Lilith plus a Full Moon Lunar eclipse in the sister sign of Scorpio makes this an intense time for us all.

We'll review how the transitions accompanying the Scorpio season affect and influence each zodiac sign and how love and romance are threatened and supported during this time. This will be an interesting season for everyone here, so let's now look at who, in particular, is affected by 'what.'

How Scorpio season effects all zodiac signs October through November 2023:


Most loving days: October 31, November 6, 8, 28

Day one of Scorpio season has you immediately grappling with Lilith's negative pull on you, which will cause you to say something to your romantic partner that could knock them off their loop. With the Sun trine Saturn coming up the next day, October 24, you can guide things back on track, but still, what's said cannot be unsaid. You are heading towards a Full Moon in Scorpio on the 28th. That could have the two of you rehashing the trouble of a few days prior. 

You do have a few saving grace moments coming up. However, being super smart, you'll no doubt figure out how to mend any damage you've personally caused. We're looking at the positive energy created by Mercury conjunct Jupiter on the 29th and how you'll enter November feeling relatively strong and ready to compromise. While Scorpio provides you with a sparring mat to work out your romantic aggressions, the closer you get to Sagittarius, the better.

If possible, try not to lose patience too quickly during this time, as your romantic partner might be unable to keep up with your moods. Remember that you're a fierce person to argue with, and because you don't like losing, you could become ferocious. Try to consider your partner's feelings. Remember the love, and don't put too much emphasis on being 'right.'

Keywords for the month: Patience, compassion, leeway

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Most loving days:  October 31, November 8, 13, 15, 19

Similarly, Mercury sextile Lilith will upset Aries; it will do something similar to you on that first day of Scorpio Sun, but you'll take it differently. What's going on is that you start the season off with a bang. It may look like you are creating a scenario of negativity, only to manipulate your partner into feeling bad so that you can cheer them up afterward. This sets the tone for the entire season, Taurus, and basically, what it means is that Scorpio season is about fighting to make up.

You need to feel alive and see that the early days of Scorpio start the engine, but it isn't until you get into November that the race begins. As soon as the Sun conjuncts with Jupiter and Mercury conjuncts with Uranus on November 3 and 4, you'll feel more in control. While control isn't exactly your thing, you won't be able to deny that it's a nice feeling. That's typical of Scorpio season. It puts you in the driver's seat ... that's something you like.

With Mercury squaring Lilith during the New Moon in Scorpio, you'll be able to strut yourself in all the ways you had in mind, which means that you will be one hot little tamale, Taurus. Go easy on that partner of yours. Sagittarius season is approaching waiting to lay some cool on you.

Keywords for the month: Overreaction, obsession, impulsivity 

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(May 21 - June 20)

Most loving days: November 3, 6, 7, 10

Scorpio season comes with a band and goes out with a whimper for you, Gemini, but that might not be a bad way to go. Lilith energy comes in right at the top of the season and as it sextile with Mercury, you might feel a bit frisky. Don't be surprised if at this time — October 23, to be exact — you show that you are far less inhibited 'intimately' than your partner knew. This is where you establish yourself as 'the great lover'; honestly, the concept makes you smile.

You'll find trouble coming your way as Mars conjuncts Jupiter on October 28, letting you see that you might have pushed it too far when it comes to 'proving' yourself. Your partner loves and accepts you as you are, so you don't have to overdo it, mainly because it starts to feel fake to both of you. Venus trines Uranus on Halloween when you both begin to level off. While the Scorpio heat is still on, you have finally figured out how to temper yourself.

November has you feeling even-keeled about romance, even though you may find that tempers rise. Arguments occur, as this is typical of the Scorpio Sun season. You'll see that you are in charge of your emotions and can guide yourself to the right decisions at the right time.

Keywords for the month: Impressive, creative, daring

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(June 21 - July 22)

Most loving days: November 3, 4, 6, 10

Starting the season with a Full Moon in Scorpio is what jumpstarts you need to get things done ... your way. You see this season as your opportunity to get everything in motion. With the many Mercury influences that be, you'll want everything to be clear and easily understood ...  especially regarding your love life and how the two of you live that life out. While October gives you an energy boost, November will show you the ropes.

Scorpio season starts to feel 'real' during November, as there is transit like Venus trine Pluto to get you going on your transformation. Mercury trine Neptune, on the 7th, lets you know that if you're going to change, then so must your romantic partner. If teamwork is what you're after, then this is the time that you and your person start laying out the rules.

Around the 17 and 18, you'll enjoy the benefits of Mars trine Neptune and the Sun conjunct Mars. While these aren't ordinarily known as positive influences, your sign of Cancer knows how to parlay. You feel that obstacles are there for you to learn from ... and you do. So much of Scorpio season is there for you to learn by.

Keywords for the month: Ambition, future, security

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(July 23 - August 22)

Most loving days: November 6, 13, 27

Scorpio season has always brought out a side of you that your romantic partner likes very much. That's because you feel like showing them what love means to you during this time. Scorpio is all about loyalty. While this zodiac sign is usually associated with passion and control, its love of devotion and faithfulness is rarely associated with it. Day one opens up with you confessing your undying love to your partner.

While October has very positive days, such as the good times you'll spend together during the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 28, you'll also see that the 31st brings you great joy. Fun times during Halloween, perhaps, or just a good opportunity to act like kids again and dress up as creepy people. Scorpio season has you and your loved one remember many of the good ol' times.

November ushers in the more serious notes of Scorpio Sun season, as you'll see that the New Moon in Scorpio has you and your partner constructing a new way to look at things for yourselves. This means powerful transformation is coming your way and you are very conscious of it. You want to change and grow with your partner. November paves the way for powerful romantic change.

Keywords for the month: Loyalty, passion, paranoia

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(August 23 - September 22)

Most loving days: October 23, 24, November 3, 4, 13

Scorpio season always feels promising to you. During this month, you realize that if you want things to be special, you must be the engine that drives the relationship to that place. Lilith's energy is almost overwhelming to you during this time and might make you want to abandon the ship if you don't try to save yourself. November is when things start becoming obvious for you. You need to make changes or you'll end up bored and uninspired.

Scorpio is here to inspire you, so take advantage of it. During Mercury sure Lilith on November 13, you will have a choice; if you choose wisely, you may change your life in ways you couldn't imagine. Your romantic partner will show up for you. That means they will take it upon themselves to show you they actively participate in this love affair. Will you meet them halfway, or will you return to that place where nothing serves to further?

On November 17, you'll be kicked in the butt by Mars trine Neptune and Sun trine Neptune. These transits will disallow you from falling into depression. You will come to realize during Scorpio season that you have it all and that it's your turn to step up and appreciate what you have.

Keywords for the month: Boredom, revelation, transformation

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(September 23 - October 22)

Most loving days: November 15, 20

You may find that the entrance of Scorpio Sun is exactly what you've needed as you feel that the love affair you're in right now is going nowhere fast and perhaps all that is associated with Scorpio might just do the trick. When the Sun enters Scorpio on the 23rd, you'll also deal with Mercury sextile Lilith. That's what throws you right at the start. You want that positive rush. Yet, the first day has you wondering if you're even with the right person.

Things start sour here, but you can pick that up and change it all shortly. During Mars conjunct Jupiter on October 28, you'll also dance with a Full Moon in Taurus. These two transits give you a choice: go all in or get out now. The problem here is that you'll find a thousand and one reasons to 'get out now,' but you won't do anything about them because the truth is that you love your partner.

You will come to know that it's on you. You have done enough judging for a lifetime ... perhaps it's time to hold the mirror to yourself. Bingo! That's the ticket, Libra. You've got Mercury sextile Venus on November 15, and that could potentially change everything. Try listening to your heart this time. Don't stand in a ceremony waiting for 'them' to do the changing. Be the change!

Keywords for the month: Risk, arrogance, nerve

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(October 23 - November 21)

Most loving days: November 4, 5, 6, 8

What can you say to a Scorpio who has just entered the season ruled by their own Sun sign? We can say, 'Have fun, don't forget to write.' This month, you are so in your element that you barely need any advice or guidance. That doesn't necessarily mean it's smooth sailing for you. What comes up for you during Scorpio season is the need to reel in your ego. You are strong, indeed. You need to figure out when to display your power and when to keep it to yourself.

In love, you'll see brilliant days of loving compassion on October 23, during Mercury sextile Lilith, as this transit works with your disposition. You are a very passionate person. Things like arguments or lover's quarrels are no big deal to you. Expect lovers' quarrels by the dozens throughout October. Fortunately, you're with someone pretty much like you in this department, so no harm is done.

November's version of Scorpio season is where the action takes place regarding romance and personal growth. You'll see that your partner is very comfortable with the idea of change and that transforming brings you closer. By Sagittarius season, you'll sit pretty and feel confident about love.

Keywords for the month: Power, control, passion

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(November 22 - December 21)

Most loving days: November 7, 8

Scorpio season has always been one of your favorite times of the year because it not only precedes your season. It's representative of the Autumn, and you are an Autumn person. This is when you feel most comfortable in your skin. That means you are quite confident with others, especially in romantic situations. On the first day of Scorpio, you'll fully get the fuss over Mercury sextile Lilith energy and make it work.

This season makes you feel confident enough to pull back when needed. Simply because it's the raw and powerful passion season of Scorpio doesn't mean you lose your mind to romantic gestures and escapades. In your case, you pick and choose with intense discretion. Autumn is, after all, your time, and you don't want to suffer any unnecessary blows during this time. You go at your own pace.

November has you feeling the love you need to feel without feeling burdened by it. You have other things in mind during Scorpio season. The way you use the power afforded you is not always for romance. You have other things in mind, and you are only too happy to play the long game if that's what's necessary.

Keywords for the month: Silence, manipulation, success

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(December 22 - January 19)

Most loving days: October 31, November 11

This new season brings hope and the idea that you and your romantic partner can work on some aspects of your relationship that you both feel need work. Scorpio season does wonders for couples who want to try; your efforts will be rewarded in ways that will inspire you to continue. You'll see that as soon as the season begins, you'll be in a situation that will put an obstacle in your path. That's how Mercury sextile Lilith energy starts your journey off.

It isn't until it's figured out that you know why such an obstacle is in your path. When you work it all out, you'll know that you couldn't have come this far without that obstacle. It was the 'ice breaker,' so to speak, and you'll find that things start to smooth out for you and your partner around November 1. With the Sun conjunct Jupiter on the 3, you'll see you were right to stick with it.

Your best day will be during Mars conjunct Uranus on November 11. While this day isn't everybody's good luck day, you happen to be the kind of couple that enjoys the weirdness that comes with a transit of this nature. This is what bonds the two of you together. You like the unique. You enjoy the difference. Scorpio season has you straying from the path and going out on your own ... together.

Keywords for the month: Stoicism, deviance, art

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(January 20 - February 18)

Most loving days: October 31, November 9, 13

You might feel as though Scorpio season was meant for you, as you can't help but feel super positive about everything, including your love life, which hasn't always been something you could count on for security or happiness. Yet, there's something that's shifted in the cosmos. During Scorpio season, you aren't paying attention to your old rules. You feel it's time to break out of the box and do things differently. You feel confident and daring, and you will get what you want ... somehow.

Lilith energy hits you three times during Scorpio season. Once on Scorpio Sun's first day in town and later on, during Sun sextile Lilith on October 26. on November 13, Mercury will square Lilith and all of this implies that you will be tempted to go back to your old ways, doubting this and that, never accomplishing anything regarding love and romance. You are going to fight this feeling, Aquarius. You are not going to let Lilith win.

Your better days are in November, as you will feel your Scorpio power grow into what you could call your own personal support system. If you fall in love with someone, you won't be shying away. You will fight for this person's love if you are in a relationship. You're not letting go. You do things your way and more power to you for trying!

Keywords for the month: Difference, solitary, vision

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(February 19 - March 20)

Most loving days: November 3, 6, 8, 15

You've always enjoyed the influence that Scorpio has on you and sometimes feel very much like a Scorpio yourself. You identify with the lesser-known traits that come along with the zodiac sign as you are someone of great sensitivity and loyalty. You feel Scorpio season in your bones and when it comes to how it affects and influences your love life, you see the entirety of it as positive and helpful.

While October holds promise for you in love, you'll notice that the real fun starts in November when you enjoy some of the better Venus transit. You've got Venus conjunct Neptune on November 3, Venus trine Pluto on the 7th, and Mercury in Venus on the 15th. These transit work well with your Pisces personality and you'll be able to learn much from your partner during this time.

You'll also use this knowledge to make it all worthwhile, Pisces. You want this relationship of yours to last. You aren't interested in keeping up appearances or phoning in your love. You want to be there and you want to be there for a lifetime. You take your romance very seriously during Scorpio season, and it all works out for you.

Keywords for the month: Excellence, knowledge, adoration

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