6 Strange Things That Must Be In Place To Fall Head-Over-Heels In Love

Unusual tips to make real love happen.

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"To Fall in Love, Do This", tells the story of psychologist Arthur Aron and his study about how he made two people fall in love in his laboratory.

The author of the New York Times article tried Dr. Aron's method by responding to Aron's 36 questions and then gazing into her date's eyes for 4 minutes. Turns out, she and her "partner in crime" fell in love and got married, just like the couple in the original experiment.


Why did this work for the writer? And more importantly, could this work for you, too?

As a dating coach for women, I'm going to say that it could potentially work. However, BOTH people must be open and willing to produce results. The article's author was lucky because the man she chose for this experiment was someone she knew, and he was up for pushing the envelope to see what happened.

Let's examine what's needed for falling in love in a more traditional way.

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Here are 6 strange things that must be in place to fall head-over-heels in love:

1. Be ready to meet plenty of prospects

If you want to try the 36 questions, you need to meet a lot of people to find one willing to give this a shot. If you don't want to use Dr. Aron's method, you still need to meet lots of people because this is the only way to find a good match.

When I was looking for love, I dated 30 men in 15 months. That's how I found the man I'm happily married to for nearly 15 years. I don't know how many potential dates you'll need; it could be fewer or more than 30, but there is only one way to find out.

2. Be willing to meet different types of people

Many of my clients only want to meet a certain type of man. Many seek a partner who is successful, sexy, super smart, funny, willing to travel, and so on. But, what about qualities like: knowing how to cherish you, is relationship ready, or will talk things through calmly when issues arise? These are characteristics of a mate that has lasting power.

I'm not saying you need to settle for someone who is not what you want, but please consider all the people who could be a good match, even if they don't have all the qualities you might want. Ultimately, for love to last, you need a partner who will invest in a loving relationship with you.


In addition, if you always go for the same type of person, it's time to realize the parts you love will always come attached to the things that make the relationship not work. I call it "The Package Deal," and this is exactly why it's time to try a new type—one with better compatibility.

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3. Be open and vulnerable

In order to connect with a love interest and have a good heart connection, you'll need to share who you are openly and be vulnerable. I'm not saying to be a doormat or spill your guts. The 36 questions build on each other and become more intimate with what's shared.

If you do this the traditional way, over several dates you will start to share more of who you are beneath the surface, and they will need to do the same.


4. Believe you will find love

Without a firm belief your efforts to find love will result in the relationship you dream of, and you will not feel motivated to continue the search. Why bother if nothing is going to pan out?

If you don't believe, you won't be able to see this journey through. A willingness to persevere keeps you going and prevents you from spiraling downwards after a few bad dates.

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5. Have confidence in yourself

To quote Steve Harvey, as a woman, you need to know you are "the prize." Your self-worth cannot rest in the arms of another. No matter what, you have to know deep within that you are a wonderful, deserving woman who has every right to find love.


6. Understand that natural attraction matters

Let's be honest: a certain amount of attraction must exist between the two parties, no matter what qualities they possess. Without the attraction, answering questions or gazing into each other's eyes will not somehow transform into love.

Finding love is often a choice. How can I say that? Think about it this way:

Will you take the steps to meet lots of people?

Will you date other kinds of people besides just your type?

Can you allow yourself to become vulnerable to find that heart connection?

Do you have confidence in yourself, and if not, will you work to build it?


Do you believe you can find love?

Will you persevere until you find a partner?

If you answer yes and actually take the steps, chances are very strong you will be successful. Regardless of your romantic history, love is completely possible at any age. It's up to you.

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Ronnie Ann Ryan is an Intuitive Coach and Past Life Reader. Her audio course, How to Ask the Universe for a Sign is available for anyone looking for answers.