Astrologers Explain The Life-Changing Effects Of The October 28 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse — Especially On 4 Zodiac Signs

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october 28 full moon lunar eclipse life changing effects by astrologers

Astrological events open us up to transitions in our lives. In this realm, knowledge is power — the more we know, the more we can prepare for what’s coming our way. On October 28, 2023, at 4:24 pm Eastern Time, a full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus will occur, creating space for us to let go of things that no longer serve us and accept new patterns and possibilities. A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon moves into the Earth’s shadow, which causes the moon to darken. For this astronomical event to happen, the Earth has to be between the sun and the moon, with all three celestial bodies lying on the same plane of orbit.

Astrologer Chani Nicholas notes the resonant value of this lunar eclipse in Taurus, which is “the last Taurus eclipse of its kind for nearly two decades.” Nicholas explains that this lunar eclipse offers up information about our relationships to craving, desire, and abundance, and the interplay of those elements.

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The 4 zodiac signs likely to have a life-changing transformation during the full moon lunar eclipse starting October 28th

Tarot reader and influencer Amy Demure revealed which signs will be feeling the lunar eclipse in Taurus most intensely. She spoke about how people with Taurus and Scorpio placements “will be letting go of a two-year-long burden which has been holding you back in life, because you’ve been experiencing repeating eclipses in your signs over the past two years and this is finally ending on the 28th.”

“You’ve learned and grown a lot over the past two years,” Demure said. “From now to 2024, you are going to be leveling up and becoming more attractive and successful.”



Along with Taurus and Scorpio, people with Leo and Aquarius rising signs will also deeply feel the effects of this lunar eclipse.

Demure spoke directly to Leo and Aquarius rising signs, saying, “Over the past two years, you’ve been growing and hustling in your career, which is going to lead to major benefits in your career over the next six months.”

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She offered examples of how those successes might manifest, in the form of an increase in income or landing a dream job. She shared that Aquarius and Leo rising signs should “definitely expect major advancements in the workplace.”

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How the full moon lunar eclipse will affect all zodiac signs

Another astrology-based TikToker and intuitive empath named Kat shared her predictions for the full moon lunar eclipse, explaining that “the partial lunar eclipse happening on the October 28 is 5 degrees Taurus,” clocking in at 9 minutes long. 



“Eclipses are intense,” Kat declared. “They are portals, they are doorways to new dimensions.” She shared that the changes happening will be permanent changes, “especially if they’re aspecting anything in your chart.” She advised looking up where 5 degrees Taurus falls in your chart, in order to determine how you’ll be affected.”

She also revealed that the Scorpio energy of this eclipse is creating major waves, as the sun, Mercury, and Mars are all currently in Scorpio. “This energy is very unleashed,” she explained. “It’s like a laser beam digging up secrets. The energy is very ruthless.” She noted that we could feel the effects of this eclipse for the next 6 months. “A lunar eclipse is about the peak of the moon’s cycle — this is about completion, it’s about closure. It’s spotlighting things you need to let go of, it is an ending and it is releasing things that no longer serve you.”

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Emotions will feel overwhelming for all of us during the October 28 full moon lunar eclipse

Another TikTok astrology expert explained that full moons are always emotional events. As this full moon is also a lunar eclipse, our emotions might feel even more overwhelming. “If you’re going through it, know that you are not alone,” he explained. 

This particular eclipse is a dialogue between the fixed-earth sign Taurus and Scorpio, its opposite. Chani Nicholas outlined just how powerful this eclipse will be, sharing that the best way to navigate the event is “Allowing whatever feelings arise to stretch, breathe, and roam freely through your inner landscape is your ticket to healing, resolving, and cleansing yourself of lingering issues.”



Leaning into the sea changes in our lives is never an easy task. As this lunar eclipse shakes things up, dislodging what we no longer need, we should simultaneously ground ourselves and lay ourselves bare, ready for what comes next.

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