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The Powerful Manifestation Method That Claims To Make People Fall In Love With You

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TikTok Whisper Method Trend

Manifestation is the process of taking a dream or a goal and actively taking steps to make them happen in our physical reality.

The latest method for manifesting whatever you want is simple: watching TikTok videos.

A new TikTok trend known as The Whisper Method is supposedly making people’s manifestations come to life in just a few steps.

What is the Whisper Method? 

"The Whisper Method" is a TikTok trend that allows you to manifest a particular desire via whispering.

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It involves visualizing yourself whispering (hence the name) whatever you want from your specific person into their ear at high vibrations, which TikTokers call "good energy."

It could be a job promotion, a text from your crush, or anything else you desire from them.

TikTok users who have tried this manifestation technique swear by it and claim they receive results instantly.

How to do the whisper method in order to manifest. 

The Whisper Method only involves a few short, easy-to-follow steps.

1. Make sure that you’re going into this manifestation with positive energy. You’re going to close your eyes and visualize yourself in your specific person’s bedroom (sounds creepy, but trust the process). 

2. You want to picture your specific person sleeping in their bed — it’s a plus if you know what their room looks like!

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3. You’re going to imagine yourself walking over to one side of their body. You’re going to kneel to their ear and whisper to them what exactly it is you want from them. It could be anything from “text me” to “give me a raise.” 

4. You will repeat whatever you whispered to them into their opposite ear. 

5. You’re going to kiss them on the forehead, exit their bedroom, and open your eyes. It is encouraged that you whisper aloud what it is that you want instead of just visualizing it. 

Does the whisper method actually work? 

It may seem silly and unpromising, as no scientific evidence concludes that manifestation actually works, but people claim to have had successful results from The Whisper Method.

TikTok user "@b----craft444" received text messages from her specific person that read “I can’t stop thinking about you” and “I hope sometime we can talk again and work something out” after trying the Whisper Method only once. 



Another user, @valeriafune, had her specific person reach out to her, saying, “I just randomly started thinking about you so much. Can we please talk and fix things? Please I love you,” just a night after doing the Whisper Method.

The comments section contains a variety of similar outcomes from other users, including “I didn’t believe it at first…then it happened the morning after” and “Mine called asking if I wanted to get food.” 



Everyone’s experience with manifestation techniques can vary.

Some will get results instantly, others might take some time, and others may not receive them at all.

However, many TikTok users are finding success with the Whisper Method thanks to this rapidly growing trend. 

The important thing to remember is that it may not always work on the first attempt — after all, practice makes perfect.

Your crush or that bonus at work could very well be waiting around the corner for you, you may just need the Whisper Method to nudge it! 

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