How To Use 'The Alarm Method' To Shift Into Your Desired Reality

If you believe, you will achieve.

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Everyone has a thing or two about the way they live they would like to change.

With many TikTokers popularizing quantum jumping, the idea the people have the ability to change the aspects of their lives they don’t like, reality shifting is just one of the ways to make the necessary adjustments.

The heartbeat method, the sunni method, and the staircase method are just a few of the shifting methods some believers are using to manifest their desired reality.


But another method that has been helping people realize the lives they want is the alarm method, otherwise known as the alarm clock method.

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What is the alarm method for reality shifting?

Like many manifestation methods, the alarm method involves having total and complete clarity about what it is that you want to happen and visualizing it coming to fruition.


But this reality shifting method doesn't just use visualization.

In fact, the alarm method uses proven techniques like positive affirmations, Law of Attraction components, and the power of suggestion to make your deepest desires a reality.

Here's how to do the alarm method in 4 steps.

1. Get clear on what you expect to achieve.

The first thing you need to do is understand what you want.

Set goals for this exercise that are S.M.A.R.T. That means they need to be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound.

Part of gaining clarity is having faith that you have the ability to accomplish what you desire. If you are in doubt about your capabilities, you have failed before you even started.


2. Set your alarms.

The next step in the alarm method is setting an alarm.

You will need to space multiple alarms out throughout your day in order to stay mindful about your intentions. This reminds you to stop what you are doing and take meaningful action toward the advancement of your goals.

It keeps you on track and the finish line top of mind.



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3. Visualize your dreams coming true.

Now it is time to imagine your desires coming to pass.

Whenever the alarm goes off, stop what you are doing, close your eyes, and visualize.

As you envision your new reality, keep repeating affirmations that align with positive outcomes. When it is time to open your eyes, know that you will wake up in your desired reality.

Many people find it most effective to set alarms a couple of hours before falling asleep. When it goes off, you awaken, visualize, then fall back to sleep. This is a way of increasing the chances of lucid dreaming.

This lucid dreaming method will allow you to fall asleep and see yourself in your desired reality. This usually occurs during REM sleep (rapid eye movement) right after drifting off or immediately before awakening.


4. Repeat.

It is completely normal to take some time to wake up in your desired reality. That is exactly why the alarm method requires multiple alarms throughout the day.

Remember that the biggest roadblock to successful shifting realities is doubt and disbelieve. You can do whatever it is that you truly believe you can.

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