How Retrograde Season Effects Each Zodiac Sign's Love Horoscope This Week

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Prepare yourself for change as you are inducted into the warrior's spirit. The Aries Full Moon asks you to embrace your inner confidence and make some hard decisions. Spend time reflecting on what you haven't been able to get off your mind. What calls to you from across the distance of logic? Realize that you have the power within yourself to create the relationship you desire and now is the time that you must act.  

The retrograde season has slowed down a bit, but there are still six planetary bodies in retrograde motion. So making accurate decisions continues to be a challenge due to external circumstances. Although last week brought the beginning of Libra Season after Mercury stationed direct in Virgo, there was a haze that cast doubts over what you genuinely want and if it's possible to achieve it.

When a planet finally stations direct, the energy is released, but it takes time for the changes to take place. While last week allowed you to settle in and embrace this new energy, the week of September 25 - October 1, 2023, brings more urgency and confidence to finally decide, once and for all, what you want to make of your life.  

Although many planets are still retrograde, they don't impede action as Venus and Mercury did during their periods of reflection and pause. With Jupiter and Saturn still retrograde, there is a call to realign your life to your recent growth and healing, prompting changes in your external life.

Realize when you are asked to step into a period of action versus procrastination from the fear of making a choice. While fear itself is understandable, especially in new life phases, it's also something to lean toward rather than away from because, in these moments, you are invited to truly embrace your ability to evolve within your relationship and life. 

The Full Moon in Aries on September 29 fills you with the confidence, direction, and warrior energy to take on what you need to honor your inner truth. This is not the time for trying to keep the peace outside of you or in your relationship if it means you are sacrificing your inner peace or happiness.

The balance of Libra and Aries, which will dominate during this lunation and rule the new eclipse cycle, is all about me versus us. Of course, compromise will always be a staple in a healthy relationship. However, it should never come at the expense of yourself. The more you allow yourself to prioritize your feelings and desires, the more honest your choices will be, creating the peace and connection you seek.  

You can't keep the peace by avoiding a decision, nor can you achieve it by denying your truth. Instead, the more you honor these essential parts of yourself and what it means to evolve personally and romantically, the greater harmony you will create in your life. The most considerable discord often occurs because you are living outside of your truth, which can be sensed within a relationship, which means the only way to create the relationship you desire is first to honor what, and even who, your heart truly yearns for.  

Dates to pay attention to this week:

Tuesday, September 26 

The celestial lovers meet in the heavens again as Venus in Leo aligns with Mars in Libra, breathing new energy into your life and any recent challenges you might have encountered. Venus, the planet of love, and Mars, ruler of passion, are celestial lovers because they represent the feminine and masculine energy within everyone, especially playing an essential part in a balanced and healthy relationship.  

Venus is still moving through its retro shade phase after being stationed directly at the beginning of September 2023. This represents when you will move through similar themes you saw in June and July this year. However, after the retrograde, you are more aware of the choices you genuinely want to make and the decisions based on growth and healing.

As it aligns with Mars in Libra, it will bring passionate and intense energy as you strive for greater balance and harmony. Whether that means working things out or parting ways is a different story. Still, together, it lets you feel like you're making some forward momentum in your romantic life while feeling like you finally have the necessary clarity.  

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Friday, September 29 

The Full Moon in Aries helps you to step into your inner warrior, knowing there is no more significant cause than a fight for love, whether it's your relationship or your precious self-love. A Full Moon brings situations and events to fruition, or a peak, where it's determined that you can't just carry on as you have and instead need to decide about changing things up for the better.

In Aries, the Moon becomes incredibly impassioned under this fiery energy and can lead you to make drastic decisions. While the ego may be more present in this lunation, it doesn't necessarily mean it's a terrible thing as it can also allow you to feel confident enough to do what in your heart you have supposed the rumblings of desire pulling you toward.  

This lunation is potent as it echoes back to the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aries in April 2023. This was the precursor of a new eclipse cycle that is beginning and the realization that the old will always overlap the new until you're ready to choose your fate. Reflect on this time and what was occurring in your romantic relationship, as you're likely to see similar themes, especially when it comes down to taking charge of your happiness and romantic life as you're pushed to step into the role of creator.

With Venus, the planet of love, out of its retro shade phase and Mercury now direct, this will be an essential time for renegotiating your relationship agreement or finally parting ways as you realize you can't sacrifice your happiness for the sake of another, even if you love them.  

Weekly love horoscopes for each zodiac sign, September 25 - October 1, 2023:


(March 21 - April 19)  

Best Love Day: Tuesday, September 26 

It would be best to honor what brings you happiness and accept what doesn't. As much as you've been on this journey of love the past year, the only way things will get any better is to decide what you want. Of course, this also comes down to you trusting yourself, which you've been working on, especially as you are learning to validate your feelings and desires, which is unfamiliar territory for you. 

As Venus in Leo aligns with Mars in Libra, you will focus on your happiness and a commitment to your current romantic relationship. This will help you take what you've reflected on and become aware of these past few months to feel confident in making a decision about love that brings peace to your soul. 

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(April 20 - May 20) 

Best Love Day: Tuesday, September 26 

Stability isn't found within things staying the same but in creating what is most healthy and aligned with your soul. It can be tough to look at creating change if it feels like it's changing a level of consistency or what you believe was a firm and solid foundation. However, you've also learned too much about yourself to fool yourself into thinking that just because something or someone may be present doesn't mean it will be what you genuinely need.  

Embrace your inner healing as Venus in Leo aligns with Mars in Libra as you are called to reflect on the changes within your relationship, which reflect your personal growth. You don't look at love as you used to, and because of that, you're starting to honor your feelings more and what you genuinely need from your partner in a relationship. Let yourself speak up and start voicing your feelings, ideas or concerns, as it's the only way to improve significantly and for you to know in your heart that you're honoring your truth.  

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(May 21 - June 20) 

Best Love Day: Tuesday, September 26 

There are many ways to communicate, just as there are various levels of honesty or transparency. You might feel more comfortable talking about the daily events or fun aspects, such as nights out or trips together. But, at a certain point, you must see that while enjoyable, those conversations will not help you deepen your relationship. To truly create what you seek, you must leave that little comfort bubble and become more vulnerable. It will only improve things if you're truly in the relationship you're meant to be.  

Venus, the planet of love, activates your communication sector while in Leo, as it aligns with Mars in Libra, ruler of joy and commitment, you will have to have some critical conversations about the future of your relationship and the value it is adding to your life. Let yourself open your heart more, even if it feels uncomfortable. Recognize this is the path to what you've always dreamed of.  

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(June 21 - July 22) 

Best Love Day: Tuesday, September 26 

It's not enough to go through the motions, whether in life or love, but you have such a big heart that it can be easy to keep going for the comfort of what is already known. You love to love those around you, to create happiness, comfort, and a sense of home wherever you go. On your current journey, you're also learning that you matter. You have dreams, aspirations, and needs that must also be honored by your partner for your relationship to consist of the healthiness you've come to desire.  

As Venus in Leo and Mars in Libra align, you will feel themes between your self-worth and your relationship arise as you are encouraged to embrace the forward momentum of the universe and try to start finding balance within your connection. To know if a relationship aligns with your self-worth, you must first explain what you need and what changes you hope to make in your love life. Once you express yourself, you simply honor what truth is revealed as you remember you are worthy of all you desire.  

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(July 23 - August 22) 

Best Love Day: Friday, September 29 

It's time to start something new in your romantic life and more deeply honor the growth you've been traversing recently, especially with Venus, the planet of love, having moved through its retrograde within your zodiac sign of Leo. Everything happens for a purpose, and sometimes what you once thought of as the best you'd ever achieve may now reflect what you thought was possible instead of what you deserved. It's more than just knowing you're worthy. It's about recognizing the greater meaning behind your decisions and committing yourself to choose differently now that you can see the truth.  

The Full Moon in Aries highlights your zone of new experiences, spirituality, and more significant meaning as you are encouraged to take a chance on love. Whether bringing in a different element to an existing relationship or putting yourself in the position to attract an entirely new connection, the more you can see the purpose behind your romantic choices, the better you'll feel about what is needed to honor your growth. It's one thing to bring greater understanding, but another to truly let that shape your decisions for the future.

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(August 23 - September 22) 

Best Love Day: Friday, September 29 

Everything changes eventually. Sometimes, it's those things you want to change and others you hope never will. Change itself is inevitable. Whether you resist or surrender to it with faith is just a matter. You are moving through a period of dramatic transformations in how you connect with your partner and the life you choose to lead.

This theme began in April 2023 around the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aries and will continue progressing with the current Eclipse Cycle through next year. Even if it's an ongoing process, it doesn't mean you're not being called to embrace it now.  

The Aries Full Moon activates your sector of intimacy and transformation, hitting the most tender and vulnerable parts of your romantic connection. Even though change can be intimidating, especially as things shift significantly for you, it doesn't mean it's anything to fear.

Sometimes, the scariest thing can be finally receiving what you have always wanted. To genuinely enjoy it, you also must embrace it with complete gratitude. Don't be afraid to be happy because while it may be seductive to focus on the future, you might miss the actual value of the present moment.  

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(September 23 - October 22) 

Best Love Day: Friday, September 29 

You've known for a while that you are pulled in a different direction and these changes also affect your intimate relationship. As much as this has been a year of transformation, you've realized that many of your past truths no longer resonate, especially around what you are and aren't willing to accept within a relationship. What you believe will inherently create the reality you live in, and as your beliefs have already shifted, the rest of your life will follow suit.  

The Aries Full Moon will be incredibly potent as it activates your romantic sector, helping you reflect on events since the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aries rose in April 2023. This is a promotion cycle for you, as you are given glimpses of what this next Eclipse Cycle will hold for you, but it's also a time for you to shine genuinely. Honor your growth and new beliefs because change for you might be the best thing ever.  

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(October 23 - November 21) 

Best Love Day: Friday, September 29 

When it comes to love, you can often find yourself most attracted to the allure of the unattainable or unavailable, as it gives an emotional angst to love, which fuels your desire for intensity. At a certain point, you tire of this cycle and instead figure out how to have the passion and excitement you crave in a healthy, stable relationship. This is the merging of late-night rendezvous with morning coffee in bed, and while you may have thought you could only have one or the other, changes arise when you realize you can finally have both.  

The Aries Full Moon rises in your sector of well-being and determination as you feel yourself recommitted to your desires for a healthy, loving relationship. All the growth you've been moving through the past two years, as the previous Eclipse Cycle activated your sense of self and romantic life, is now being implemented. There is less thinking about what to do and more a desire to do it. This will fuel you to build healthy boundaries and roots to help you grow your next romantic chapter into the most beautiful one yet.  

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(November 22 - December 21) 

Best Love Day: Friday, September 29 

To truly make the decisions that will satisfy your dreams for the future, you also need to know what genuinely brings you happiness. Happiness is thought to be a side effect of luck, but it's a choice and should be a personal goal. As you are just beginning to discover what brings you true joy, peace, and fulfillment, you also realize what in your life isn't a part of that, which means some major decisions are coming for you.  

As the Aries Full Moon peaks in your joy, commitment, and creativity sector, you can figure out how to resolve some issues while learning more about what you need from life. This lunation will also ask you to cleanse yourself and your life of anything that isn't a part of what you want to live before going any further down the path. The more you agree or accept what isn't part of your joy, the more you delay what you desire. Don't be afraid to go all in on yourself, as it's the only way to create the relationship and life you want.  

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(December 22 - January 19) 

Best Love Day: Friday, September 29 

Change has been knocking on the door of your relationship for some time, but you are finally in the position to answer it. Even if this brings a reality you never thought you'd live, it doesn't mean that it's wrong or something that will serve to disrupt all you have already created. Instead, it's learning to let go. Realizing that the universe's changes are often needed to help get you closer to what you want love to represent in your life.  

The Aries Full Moon rises in your zone of home, family, and healing, prompting a pinnacle moment of reflection as you step into a new level and let a previous one be closed behind you. Not all endings are sad because they are necessary, more amazing aspects of life.

A stop means you've established a new beginning, and while the two often overlap, at a certain point, you must decide whether to feed your future or continue to feed your past. Let yourself choose from your higher self, as it will ensure you will not just make a decision you can live with but will continue to thrive.  

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(January 20 - February 18) 

Best Love Day: Tuesday, September 26 

At a certain point, you must trust your healing. Of course, there is always more to do or new ways that you will grow, but there are also pinnacle moments along the journey that you can feel ushering you into a new way of loving and seeing your relationship.

To continue creating the love you desire, you must allow your relationship to grow. Do this even if you may worry about the journey ahead or your healing because to block a relationship from progressing to the next level out of fear is to deprive yourself of the love you deserve.  

As Venus in Leo aligns with Mars in Libra, it highlights themes of your romantic relationships, new beginnings, and abundance. This also means a leap of faith is in store for you. You must trust yourself to seize this new beginning and align your relationship with your growth. Embrace your inner confidence this week as you truly allow yourself to receive all the love you have ever desired.  

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(February 19 - March 20) 

Best Love Day: Tuesday, September 26 

When it comes to relationships, it can be seductive to have an air of mystery to them. Yet eventually, even as romantic as you are, you crave transparency, honesty, and commitment. As you honor this desire to balance romance and transparency, you are pushed to continue your inner growth and embrace a healthier way of connecting and fostering a romantic relationship.  

Venus in Leo activates your sector of well-being just as Mars in Libra shines a light on themes of intimacy and transformation. Venus and Mars help you to take what you have learned, and how you've healed to establish an entirely new way of connecting with your partner.

The more you learn that mystery may only be attractive when you're still working through your feelings of availability of worthiness, the easier it is to let the old ways die as you embrace a healthier love. Healthier love will finally fulfill all the romantic dreams you've ever had.  

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