6 Vital Things You Need On Your Happiness Checklist To Live Well

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woman finding happiness in life

Finding happiness in life can be achieved if you take good care of your needs.

Everyone can and should have happiness in their lives — because you deserve it! 

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Here are 6 vital things you need to check off your list to find happiness in life.

1. Live your purpose.

If you're not actively living your purpose, you're not fully expressing yourself and cannot truly find happiness. So, this is a vital step towards finding happiness.

Your soul exists to express your purpose — it is so important.

Using your "purpose gift" and expressing yourself with it is why you are here. Without using your purpose gift, you can't find happiness or abundance in any area of your life.

This needs to always be at the top of your list when seeking happiness in your life. Every day, ask yourself, "How can I add more of my purpose gift into my life today?"

There's always another deeper level you can go to and more of your gift you can add. The more you add, the more aligned you become, and the more you'll be inspired with new things to do to align with your gift even more.

Also, be sure to eliminate anything in your life that is the opposite of or goes against your purpose gift.

Anything that goes against your purpose gift will only cancel out any actions that align with your purpose gift, so you won't get anywhere. So, really look closely at every little action you take to be sure it aligns.

You can use your purpose gift in everything you do, from how you cook or brush your teeth, to what you do for work.

Your purpose gift should be a full lifestyle and should be the most important thing. It is an ongoing process and the more you use it, the happier you will be.

2. Leave the past in the past.

To find happiness, you can't live in the past. Happiness can only be found in the now — not the past or the future.

Make a point to let go of the past. Don't keep criticizing yourself for what you wish you did. The same goes with criticizing others for what they should have done. It's over and can't be changed.

Focus on what you can do now. Forgive yourself and others. Letting go of what's holding you to the past is very important for finding happiness.

Create your best life now and don't hold onto the past. Doing that literally ties you there and prevents you from ever moving forward and finding happiness in the present.

3. Don't be a martyr.

It's so important to really live for you. If you put yourself last, you can never find true happiness. You have to make yourself a priority to find happiness.

When you're happy, then everyone around you will be happier, as well. But it's always your responsibility to make time for you.

Make yourself a priority. Think about that and know that saying "no" to something you don't want is a big part of finding happiness, and that's OK!

4. Make a plan and take action.

Be sure to schedule and plan out things you want. Don't just dream or talk about them — really start doing them.

They will never happen or just fall into your lap, so you have to plan and take action to create them. Sometimes even taking the first small step towards a goal can create so much peace and happiness in itself.

Trust yourself, know you can do it, and just start. No excuses!

You are the only one blocking you from your dreams and have the power to make them happen!

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5. Celebrate.

It's so important to celebrate and appreciate the successes you've already achieved. Always take time to look at how far you've come.

So many people focus on what they still need or haven't achieved yet, but allow yourself time to revel in what you have accomplished. The more you celebrate your successes, the more likely you are to have more in the future.

And when you talk down or criticize yourself, you will only attract more things to criticize. So, watch how you react to things and focus on what you have achieved and accomplished.

You can only learn from what hasn't gone right. Sometimes, learning the lesson from failure is the biggest accomplishment and the biggest goal achieved.

So, don't be so hard on yourself. Focus on all the positives.

What you focus on grows, so always be mindful of that when creating the life you want.

6. Don't look outside of yourself.

Happiness can only be found inside yourself. No one else can make you happy but you. You have to find that inner love for yourself, first.

Once you do that, all your relationships will be so much better and happier. If you aren't happy with you, no one else will be, either.

So really focus on yourself and work through anything that's holding you back. You are the only thing in your way to finding happiness.

Don't focus on what others are doing, focus on your choices, and what you're allowing them to do. Always know you are in control of who is in your life and create better boundaries, if needed.

Happiness is already within you — you just need to connect with it.

You should be happy, so if you aren't, start taking stock of your life and making any necessary changes.

If you aren't happy that is always a sign that you need to make changes in your life.

Don't just settle into the unhappiness and think it has to be that way. Know that you fully deserve and can achieve that true happiness.

You have full control, so use it and grab your happiness!

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