How To Cast A Jar Spell For Prosperity, Healing & Love For The Next Full Moon — For All Zodiac Signs In Astrology

Here's an easy Full Moon spell to cast each month for all zodiac signs!

How To Cast A Jar Spell For Prosperity, Healing & Love For The Next Full Moon — For All Zodiac Signs In Astrology Devin H via @pexels

Each month, a Full Moon cycle takes place in a particular zodiac sign, and it's the perfect time to set your intentions and cast a spell for love, healing, and money.

What is a Full Moon, according to astrology?

A Full Moon closes the door to a zodiac sign's solar cycle. Each Full Moon invites a release of energy and lasts up to three months.

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If a Full Moon takes place during an eclipse, the Moon's energy can last up to six months, impacting certain zodiac signs more than others.

According to astrology, a completed lunar phase means letting go and releasing energy.

A Full Moon cycle is a perfect time to start over again and to search for new ways to get what you want out of life, love, and relationships.

If your heart is broken, a Full Moon is a time for healing.

How do you set an intention during a Full Moon?

Each Full Moon encourages self-care, wellness, and letting something go. So, it's the perfect opportunity for you to cast a spell using a little witchcraft.


Whether you are new to witchcraft or have been practicing for a long time, you might be familiar with jar spells, also known as container or bottle spells.

Jar spells can be used to find love, putting a curse on someone, or even breaking a curse someone has put on you. In our case, we can utilize the jar spell for healing.

A Full Moon brings about an excellent time to really take care of others and make sure those around you feel supported and loved.

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Here's how to set an intention and cast a spell using a jar during a Full Moon in any zodiac sign in astrology.

To cast a Full Moon spell, define your zodiac sign's intention.

Before you start constructing your spell, it is important to know the reason you want to perform this spell.


Become crystal clear with your intentions because the more you understand your goal then the easier it is for the universe to ensure it comes true.

Set realistic, specific, and ethical intent for what you want to manifest.

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You will need to pick a container to cast your spell during a Full Moon

You can use any kind of container you feel comfortable using for the spell. You can use a mason jar, an old pickle jar, a glass, or plastic containers.

However, just make sure that it is a jar that is easy to work with and put things into.

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To cast a Full Moon jar spell, choose your contents

The most important part of the jar spell is what you fill your jar with. As a key, It is helpful to fill your jar with personal items, liquids, your written intent, solids, herbs, and crystals.

For a personal item, it is best to use an item that represents the person you are trying to heal. So, if this spell is to heal you then you should put something in it that is personal for you.

If you are using it for a loved one, then put an item that is personal of theirs. For example, you can put a photo, hair, nail clippings, or even a name written on a piece of paper. Get creative!

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It is also helpful to write down your intent on a piece of paper because your words can be incredibly strong and healing.

For a liquid, it is known that different liquids are helpful for different situations. For example, vinegar is best used in a spell that is vindictive and revolves around getting back at someone.

In this case, for health, it is best to use oils, infusions, tinctures, and things of that nature.

Similarly to liquids, different solids can be utilized for different things. Definitely think outside the box for this one. If someone is undergoing heart surgery, maybe put heart-shaped glitter in the box.

You could even put medicine in the box. Put whatever makes sense to you for your healing spell situation.


Herbs and Crystals are powerful tools that can help in this spell jar. Crystals that help improve health include agate, amethyst, jade, and sunstone.

Herbs that help improve health include dogwood, coriander, eucalyptus, galangal root, ginger, rosemary, sage, and thyme.

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Fill your jar and connect to each item before the Full Moon

Now that you have all of your items, you must center and ground yourself before filling the jar. Pick up each item one at a time and charge it with your energy.

Then you may start putting the items in the jar as you are charging them. It is also helpful to chant to create more energy while filling the jar.


You can say something like "by the power of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water; By the Power of the sun, moon, and stars; With the blessings of the Goddess Aphrodite, I charge you, amethyst, to give me good health."

Although, you can say anything that has meaning to you and makes you feel connected to the spell and its items.

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Seal the jar you are using for your Full Moon spell

Once everything is inside your jar, you can seal it right away. If you feel so moved, you can also burn a candle on it once it is sealed.


Although it is not mandatory that you use a candle but candles can help to add extra energy to the spell.

Meditate on your Full Moon intent

With everything in your jar and having it sealed, it is now time to meditate on your intent. Visualize your goal being true and it will be easier for the universe to make it come true.

Try to visualize for as long as you can, or around twenty minutes as a good gauge of time.

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Bury the jar before the Full Moon arrives

You can do different things with the jar based on your intent. However, for healing, it is best to bury your jar.

Burying it helps it become a magnet of some kind, drawing positive things to you. If you are doing this spell for you, then bury it near your home.


If you are doing this spell for someone else, bury it near their home.

When the Full Moon finally arrives, have faith that your intention will come true!

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