What Your Zodiac Sign Can Manifest On July 22, During The Moon In Virgo

Today’s manifestation rituals for
Deeper healing will always lead to greater manifestation.

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More profound healing will always lead to greater manifestation on July 22. Today the karmic wheel makes another fated turn as Venus begins its retrograde journey in the passionate and determined sign of Leo. Venus is the planet of love, finances, and even value, so it’s not about manifesting a newness but more profound healing within yourself during this time. This is a deep time to address trauma, general wounding, or unhealthy or toxic behaviors that work against you in what you want to create or manifest in your life. Retrogrades are a period of reflection for going back to addressing matters with greater truth and transparency.




When growing, it’s often not the next wonderful thing you truly need, but instead, to excavate your soul and what has been simmering below the surface, dictating your actions and choices. Venus in Leo is focused on what it wants in its heart, which means you can embrace that same dedication and passion. However, the planet of love will slow down as it dives into the underworld for forty days and nights. You are tasked with going on a journey into your deepest caverns.


During this time, instead of thinking about manifesting a new relationship or financial abundance, reflect on what conditioning you’ve been bringing to your romantic life or what wounds around money affect your life. Of course, you want to move ahead and get started on manifesting the life of your dreams, but to do that, you first need to heal all the beliefs or behaviors blocking you from receiving what you truly desire — and what you are worthy of.

What your zodiac sign can manifest on July 22:


(March 21 - April 19)

How to manifest: Healing unhealthy habits

To honor Venus in Leo activating your sector of creativity, commitment, and joy, write down a list of habits or qualities you feel are working against your ultimate purpose in life. Fold this three times, anointing it with coconut oil for protection, then plant it beneath rosemary for healing while repeating the affirmation.


Daily affirmation: I am ready to heal anything which isn’t in my highest good.

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(April 20 - May 20)

How to manifest: Greater emotional control

As Venus in Leo highlights your zone of home, family, and healing, massage your heart chakra with sandalwood essential oil while deeply meditating on clearing this space and settling your breath. Then, tie a green string around your left middle finger, representing Saturn and your emotional self. You can also place a jade ring on this finger as well. As you adorn your body with a ring or string, repeat the affirmation six times.


Daily affirmation: I control my emotions and how I express them to others.

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(May 21 - June 20)

How to manifest: Speaking your truth, not your fears

Write your affirmation on a slip of paper and then place it in a sacred herb pouch with rosemary, lavender, and rose petals to utilize the power of Venus in Leo, activating your sector of communication. Once you have created your herb pouch, tie it with blue thread to represent truth and send your intention into it. Place it under your pillow, repeat the affirmation, and then safely burn at the end of Venus’s retrograde, returning the cooled ashes to the wind.


Daily affirmation: I only speak my truth with love and refuse to voice my fears or wounds.

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(June 21 - July 22)

How to manifest: Acting from your worth

Create a sacred altar space using a gold candle, basil, cloves, and cinnamon as you deeply honor yourself and the themes of self-worth and value that Venus in Leo will activate. As you return to this scene to meditate, give yourself a self-massage using frankincense essential oil while repeating the affirmation and feeling the energy generated within your body.

Daily affirmation: I am committed to acting from a place of high self-worth in every facet of my life.


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(July 23 - August 22)

How to manifest: Allowing yourself to transform

As Venus begins its retrograde journey in your sector of self, open a space for reflection by anointing your third eye with clary sage essential oil, and then practice free consciousness writing while focusing on how much you have changed and still desire to. When you're finished, please plant this beneath peppermint as you repeat the affirmation.

Daily affirmation: I can change my heart, mind, and life to bring greater alignment.

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(August 23 - September 22)

How to manifest: Accepting what you cannot change

Venus in Leo will highlight the deepest part of your chart, which governs your subconscious, dreams, and intuition. To harness this energy, create a quiet space for a fish yoga pose, anointing your heart chakra with blue cypress essential oil before getting into position. As you feel this energy point open, repeat the affirmation, allowing stored emotions to surface and be transparent. Close your practice by touching your heart and reminding yourself how deeply you are loved.

Daily affirmation: I accept what I cannot change and release its control over my life.

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(September 23 - October 22)

How to manifest: Commitment to your boundaries

Create a circle out of stones in your living space or outside, placing white and black candles around the outside to honor the transformation Venus in Leo will possess over your sector of social circles, recognition, and reputation. As you sit or lay down inside, feel the energy of protection and new beginnings as you repeat the affirmation and tune into the divine protection from the universe.

Daily affirmation: I am committed to honoring my boundaries for what I know I need and deserve.

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(October 23 - November 21)


How to manifest: Raising the bar on who has access to you

Utilize your ability to bring more excellent balance into your professional life as Venus in Leo activates this theme by creating a list of how you are there for others without any reciprocity, which has left you feeling drained. Roll this vertically, and tie it with a black thread for protection, placing it in the freezer to cease participating in behaviors that only cause you harm.

Daily affirmation: I accept not everyone deserves to have me in their life, and I will adjust accordingly.

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(November 22 - December 21)

How to manifest: Living up to your potential


Please write your name on a bay leaf and anoint it with frankincense essential oil for abundance and divine guidance to harness the power of expansion and spiritual connection. Venus retrograde in Leo will activate. Take this leave and burn it safely using a gold candle, repeating the affirmation as you do. Once its ashes have cooled, add it to a small jar of sugar for you to use in your coffee or tea.

Daily affirmation: I owe it to myself to live up to my potential, so I am in divine purpose with the universe.

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(December 22 - January 19)

How to manifest: Honoring the value of risk


Venus retrograde in Leo will highlight themes around transformation, and what you must do to seize the opportunities presented to you which also means being able to take risks, even if they're calculated. Take an orange candle, etch, or write your name vertically — placing it in a sacred space with basil, coriander, and cloves for abundance. As you return to this space, meditate on the affirmation, and envision yourself expanding beyond your comfort zone.

Daily affirmation: I am honoring the value and place that risk-taking has in life, as I understand everything I want is beyond my comfort zone.

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(January 20 - February 18)


How to manifest: Greater stability

Venus is retrograde in your love and romance sector, giving you a divine opportunity to grow your relationship even more deeply. Wrap ginseng roots with green and red thread. Plant them while repeating the affirmation, envisioning your sources being protected and growing deep. While keeping the affirmation in your mind, sprinkle rose petals for love and lavender for peace around the soil, placing your hand on your heart in gratitude.

Daily affirmation: I am creating more excellent stability and growth in my romantic life as I forgive and release what isn’t needed.

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(February 19 - March 20)

How to manifest: Clarity on your romantic growth

As Venus stations retrograde, you will have an opportunity to reflect on your own healing and growth process, which plays a significant role in the romantic relationship you create. To begin your ritual, take a transparent glass of water and send the intention into it for romantic clarity. Once you have, crack an egg into it for an egg energetic cleanse while repeating the affirmation, watching what rises and fills the glass or if, instead, it seems clear. Reflect on your romantic clarity and if you need to perform a more significant cleansing or healing.

Daily affirmation: I am embracing clarity and healing regarding my romantic growth and the choices which have made me who I am.


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