The Super Easy 5-Minute Trick That Invites Good Luck & Prosperity Into Your Home And Life

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Feng shui is the practice of arranging your living space in a way that creates peace and balance with the rest of the world. The ultimate goal is to establish a synergy between yourself and your environment resulting in total harmony.

"Feng shui" means wind and water. The concept came from an ancient poem that talks about the human connection to the environment around us and how we must flow with it.

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Feng shui works by assuming that everything, including the world we live in, is influenced by unseen forces and energies. The goal of the practice is to "unblock" the path, letting positive energy flow freely to create a calm and serene space.

Using feng shui, one easy way to invite fortune and wealth into your home is to clean your front door.

In Feng shui, the front door is very important. It is the first thing you touch when entering your home. It is believed to be where energy and wealth come into your house.

The first thing to know about your front door is that if it faces other exterior doors, such as a balcony or sliding glass door, it is bad luck. Money and good lucky will come in but continue straight out. (A solution to this is to build a wall or a barrier to trap good energy and fortune, allowing it to circulate.)

One thought about the front door, or any other door that opens into areas of your home, is that cleaning it welcomes in good vibes.

The curb appeal of your home is vital in feng shui. The front is where chi (good or bad energy) enters, so it should always be clean, warm, and welcoming.

TikToker RayRayPaTayTay, also known as Rachel, decided to test that belief herself.



She explains that cleaning your front door, or any other door in your home, for that matter, brings good luck into your life. Rachel goes on to say that one of her friends cleaned her doors, and had a slew of positive things happen.

Now that we know how valuable the front door of your home is when attracting luck and positive energy into your house, there are certain ways to clean your door depending on the material it is made from.

How to Clean a Wooden Door

All doors are not created equal. If you are cleaning wood, start by mixing a cleaning solution consisting of warm water and dish soap. Use a clean cloth that is non-abrasive to gently scrub the door from top to bottom.

Next, use a separate similar cloth and water to remove any residual soap. Be sure to dry the wooden door completely after wiping it down. Finish the job with a light coat of furniture polish.

How to Clean a Fiberglass Door

Harsh cleaners can damage your fiberglass door. Instead, you can use a combination of dishwashing liquid and water, or something natural like vinegar and water.

Simply add your solution to a spray bottle, spritz it onto the door and wipe with a soft cloth. If you want to remove tough grime from your fiberglass door cleaning, try adding 1/4 cup of baking soda.

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How to Clean a Glass Door

Glass doors are beautiful and delicate. But nothing is worse than a cloudy glass door caked with dirt. For cleaning glass, start with a store-bought glass cleaner or a combination of water and vinegar.

Spray the door down and wipe in circles with a cloth or a paper towel to minimize any streaks that might be left behind.

How to Clean a Steel Door

Steel doors are unique in that you rarely come across them on houses. But if you happen to have a steel front door, keeping it in great condition is required.

To clean, start with a mild soap and water, or a gentle all-purpose cleanser and a soft rag. Clean the door with plain water next. If your steel door has build-up, use steel wool or sandpaper to remove it.

One extra step to take when cleaning your steel door is to apply a coat of primer to prevent rust. The same techniques can be applied the metal door hardware.

Other Ways to Bring Luck with Your Front Door

1. Apply peppermint oil to raise your vibration.

A TikToker named Kara says that applying peppermint oil mixed with water to your front door will invite abundance, luck, and wealth. You can also raise your vibration by doing so.

Simply use a washcloth and the mixture, rubbing it on your front door.



2. Create and use your own ‘magical wash’.

TikTok user Amy Harvey shared her own "magical wash" she created to clean the front door.

She starts with a few simple ingredients. First, mint for prosperity, luck, and success. Then, rosemary for protection, healing, and strength.

Add both to a cup of boiling water to brew and, once cool, wipe your front door down, "knowing that now you are calling in protection and prosperity to your home."



3. Add bells and crystals.

Finally, a TikToker who goes by the name Fairy Ninang adds that you can create "front door magic."

How? By putting feng shui bells on your door knob. Doing so invites in good luck and fortune, and protects against negative energy from entering your home.



You can also place crystals above your front door, including gemstones like smoky quartz to cleanse negative energy, nephrite jade for good fortune and stabilizing emotions, black tourmaline to increase security and protect from negative energy, and tiger's eye for a boost of courage.

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