12 Simple Ways To Communicate With The Universe & Get What You Want

Express your true desires to the forces beyond.

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Communicating with the universe is actually a lot easier than it sounds. Thanks to TikTok and other social platforms, there are plenty of people who will gladly walk you through the process.

There are plenty of ways to ask for guidance from the universe, so it's best to find the one way that works for you. Luckily, following a few simple steps will allow you to express your desires to the divine realm and receive what it is you truly want.


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12 Ways to Communicate with the Universe

1. Get a binder or notebook.

Intuition coach and TikToker Ray discusses in her video that the first thing you need to speak with the universe or a higher power is a binder filled with paper, or a good notebook. "Just something clear and clean," she says.


If you do decide on a binder, Ray adds that you should "make a little paper that says 'messages from the universe' on the front." So, slide that paper right into the front pocket.

For the notebook, you can write on the cover the same thing: "Messages From The Universe."

2. Pray.

The next to do is grab your notebook or binder and hold it close to your heart. Then, say a prayer.

Ray offers this example: "Universe, use this notebook to give me messages. I am using this notebook to communicate directly to you to receive clarity, joy, peace, understanding, or advice."

Ray explains that it can be personal to you. She also suggests lighting a candle or burning incense to help clear your mind or to create an intention.




3. Write a question down.

Once you have finished your prayer, write a question you have for the universe at the top of a page within your binder or notebook. Do this every day.

Ray urges you to have grace with yourself as you begin this process, saying, "This can take you a while to start to receive the messages very clearly — and that's okay."

4. Write down what comes to you.

After your questions are written, Ray says to "just jot down sentences, images, or whatever starts to come through." This doesn't have to be long; it could a few paragraphs or even a couple of doodles or images.


"Just write down anything and everything you are seeing and feeling, and just pay attention," she adds. Do this for about 2 weeks.

5. Sign off every question.

At the bottom of each page where you have a question, write down, "Universe, I am open to receiving messages, signs, and symbols throughout my day today."

This will ensure that your soul will be open to the universe's communication throughout your day. 

6. Ask for what you want.

When speaking to the universe, it is best to ask for what you want to happen, instead of asking for what you don't want to happen.

TikToker and manifestation coach Latha Jay says, "I speak to the universe the same way I speak to my kids."




Jay describes several examples in her video to show the difference: "Instead of asking the universe for a partner who is not abusive and doesn't cheat, I would ask the universe for a partner who is loving and faithful."

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7. Ask 'how much better can it get?'

Spiritual advisor and TikToker named Bee has another way to communicate with the universe. Her way is to simply ask: "How much better can it get?"


She says to ask this aloud when you are out doing something and are experiencing something good happening.



In her video, she uses the example of going to the botanical gardens and getting admission for free after asking the universe how much better could it get.

8. Disconnect from the material world.

TikToker Devo discusses a few ways in which you can communicate with the universe. The first way is by disconnecting from the material world.


He explains that since we are multidimensional beings, our higher self doesn't really care about material objects. "This could be social media, people in your life that are negative, and overall things in this world that don't align with your higher self," he suggests. 

9. Connect with nature.

The next way Devo suggests can help you communicate with the universe is by getting in touch with nature. In other words, go outside.

Devo adds that the universe is all around you and that nature is one of the most fundamental parts of the universe. So if you are locked inside all day, you are missing out. Go outside so you can "tune yourself into the source."



10. Spend time alone.

The third way to communicate with the universe, according to Devo, is by spending more time alone. You need to develop a relationship with yourself if you are going to hold conversations with the universe.


"Believe it or not, all of the answers are already within you... If you are tapping into yourself, you will start to get some answers and clarity which will ultimately align you with the universe," Devo says.

11. Mediate.

Meditation is the final step. Devo explains that meditation is one way in which you are allowed to focus your energy and practice mindfulness.

"This is very important because if you are at peace and operating at a certain vibration level. You'll start to attract what you are which is a peaceful and positive life," he adds. That is what is known as the Law of Attraction.


12. Program your subconscious.

TikToker Yulia Ozerova says in her video that in order to communicate with the universe, you need to program your subconsciousness. She then explains two phrases to use during the day.



The first is when you want something. Say the phrase, "How nice it would be... to drink water" before you actually drink the water. You would insert what it is you want after saying "How nice it would be."

Then ,once you are done "drinking the water," say the phrase, "Everything I want comes true."


Ozerova explains how these two phrases are actually creating a habit within your subconsciousness that makes your dreams come true.

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