15 Mysterious Ways The Universe Communicates With You (So Pay Attention!)

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If I told you that the universe is talking to you, what would you think? Do you imagine an audible voiceover playing in your head or blasting from a speaker as you pass by?

When the universe is sending a message, it is usually not that literal. There are plenty of signs that transcend the physical world and, if you pay attention, they can change your life.

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Before we dive into how the universe speaks to you, it is important that you have a desire to learn things you don’t understand and be open to receiving new ideas.

Listening to the universe is an acquired skill. It requires looking to the root of ordinary moments and random thoughts, and accessing your subconscious mind to understand and receive signs, warnings and messages.

15 Ways The Universe Communicates With You

1. A thought pops into your head out of nowhere.

One way to get a sign from the universe is having a random thought pop into your head. It is something you were not previously pondering, but is impossible to ignore.

It could be a solution to a problem you have been meaning to tackle, or you have been on the fence about a big decision and need to choose. You subconsciously asked and the universe delivered.

2. The universe literally gives you a 'sign.'

As strange as it sounds, sometimes the universe outright gives you the answer you are looking for. You have a specific question and boom! The answer appears.

As an example, you might be leaving an event and feel like although you drank, it wasn’t much and you are tipsy, but okay to drive. Then you look up and see a billboard that says, “Buzzed driving is drunk driving.” Thank the universe for either saving your life or keeping you out of jail.

3. You can 'feel it.'

There are times in life when we start to feel a lot of awkwardness in our bodies telling us that something is definitely off. Our physical beings are full of spiritual energy and, many times, can detect what the universe is trying to tell us.

Don’t ignore those telltale signs that you need to dig deeper.

4. The message flows through other people.

A sign from the universe can come from the most unlikely of places. People around you can inadvertently deliver important warnings or information.

For instance, you might get a text message giving you details that you need in order to finish a project, or a call that warns you of impending danger.

5. The universe says it with a song.

Have you ever been listening to the radio and the perfect song with just the right message plays? The universe hears your cries and, by hearing a song that is related, you can understand how to proceed. It uses songs to uplift, inspire and guide.

6. The going suddenly gets tough.

You have planned everything to a tee and there is nothing standing between you and victory. Then suddenly, what you thought you had within reach seems difficult.

The universe is redirecting you. Perhaps, there is a better way of doing things, or maybe there were some unforeseen dangers ahead. This isn’t rejection. It is redirection.

7. You randomly find something important.

When you lose something of value, you tend to search high and low for answers. After a while you give up and move on, but deeply regret the loss.

When the universe is trying to get your attention, things that you thought were long gone like friends, family, and heirlooms suddenly reappear to set you on the right path.

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8. Things become unusually easy.

You are working on what seems like an insurmountable task. You might be bummed out thinking that you will never, ever get to your goal.

Then, with no warning, the roadblocks and difficulties dissipate, clearing your way to success. The universe gave you a helping hand in your time of need.

9. Your intuition is relaying the message.

Human intuition is a powerful thing and if you allow it to lead you, you will never go astray. That is the reason the universe uses your intuition to communicate with you.

Your gut is your emotional center. It instinctually measures the truth of any situation and the safety of your environment. Trust your gut unequivocally.

10. You've had a change of heart.

You swore you had it all figured out, then you get that voice in the back of you mind telling you to reconsider. Once again, the universe is sending you on the detour route and you should follow.

This may not be a case of simple indecisiveness. Listen and learn.

11. You start to see number sequences you consider 'lucky.'

If you know anything about numerology, you know that repeating number sequences are direct messages from the universe. If the same recurring numbers keep showing up in your surroundings, open your mind to the hidden messages being sent your way.

12. You're experiencing déjà vu.

If you get the feeling you have done certain things or been to specific places before, you might be onto something.

The universe forces you to revisit experiences when there are still lessons to learn or problems to be resolved. Evaluate to see what you should do differently this time around.

13. Your senses are on high alert.

Your five senses can be used for things other than tasting and smelling delicious foods, listening to soulful sounds, or physical pleasure.

They warn us of danger, remind us of days passed, and give us clues throughout life. The world is full of things that will kick your senses into high gear and remind you to stay aware.

14. You see it in your dreams.

Dreams are the most common way the universe talks to us. Your conscious mind is at rest and your limitless subconscious is open to all the possibilities.

It is a perfect time for the universe to drop wisdom, warnings, hope, fear, and guidance into you without resistance.

15. You become emotional out of the blue.

Most of us try to be in complete control of our own emotions. When we can’t keep them under lock and key, it can be alarming.

But it is important to look at the "why" during sudden meltdowns. Peel back the layers to determine if it is a mood swing, hormones, or a legitimate sign from the universe and take heed.

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