8 Ways To Manifest Someone Back Into Your Life

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We all have a specific person we are missing and hope to reconnect with. It could be your one true love or a family member, but you constantly wonder what it would be like to have that person back in your life.

Human beings are social creatures. When you are in a loving relationship with someone, you can raise your vibration and attract positive energy.

Learning how to manifest someone back into your life can be the first step in sending a message to the universe in hopes that a special someone will receive it and reach out.

How do you manifest someone?

To manifest something or someone is to bring it into reality using your own internal energy and faith. It’s all about visualization and a belief that you have the power to create your own reality.

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. That means that when practicing manifestation techniques, in order to attract good things, you need positive thoughts and a high vibration.

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How To Manifest Someone Back Into Your Life

If you have a burning desire to manifest a good friend, a relative, or a lover back into your life, there are several ways to do it. Just be certain that you are being realistic about why you lost touch in the first place.

1. Set clear intentions.

Why do you want this particular person around? One of the biggest mistakes to avoid when manifesting is having a lack of understanding as to why you let someone leave your life to begin with.

Maybe they treated you in a way that didn’t make you feel good. Perhaps they brought forth negative thoughts and negative energy that was detrimental to your life.

Be very clear about what exactly you expect to get out of this person’s presence in your life. Be realistic about whether what you visualize is feasible.

2. Visualize it happening.

In step two, visualize all that you desire coming to fruition. This is easier when the person you want in your life feels the same way about you.

To visualize, start by taking deep breaths, focusing intently on the emotions you feel when you imagine being in close proximity with the person.

Recall how they look, what they smell like, their mannerisms, and his or her physical characteristics. It might be helpful to call upon specific memories. Once your vision is clear, focus on the positive feelings you have.

3. Be aware of your limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are self-imposed thoughts and ideas about what is possible for you. If you think you are unworthy, it will manifest as your reality.

Negative emotions and the self-talk that comes along with them can stop you in your tracks when trying to manifest a loved one into your life.

Some examples of limiting beliefs are, “I’ll always be alone” or “I just know they never want to see me again.” Recognizing and banishing this mindset is essential to the manifestation process.

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4. Practice positivity.

Now you are fully aware of how your thoughts show up as your reality. It’s time to replace those limiting beliefs with positive affirmations.

Contrary to negative self-talk, positive affirmation such as, “Of course they want me back” or “They will be happy to see me” has the anticipated effect of translating into real life.

Practice affirmations and positive thoughts on a daily basis until they are second nature. But don’t stop there — make putting out good energy part of your life.

5. Release your expectations.

People learn and grow over time. Just because you knew them way back when does not mean they are the exact same person from your recollection.

Detaching from the outcome and trusting the process is the biggest part of manifesting. Let go of expectations and know that all is working in your favor.

The biggest source of disappointment in life is unrealized expectations. Go with the flow and avoid overthinking. Remember that being okay if it happens and okay if it doesn’t is a powerful place to be.

6. Be willing to accept the outcome.

No matter what you want or believe, it is totally possible that the person you seek is not in a position to receive your positive energy. That is okay.

Think of the worst possible outcome you could face and have a plan of action. If things don’t go as planned, you will survive and life will go on.

7. Make contact.

Now that you know exactly who you want in your life and why, it’s time to reach out. Whether it’s a text, a phone call, a comment on social media, or a pop-up in person, let them know they are on your mind.

Once you have made contact and confirmed that you are ready for them to re-enter your orbit, invite them to be a part of your new world.

8. Re-evaluate and act accordingly.

So, now they are back, like they never went away. Be cautious of falling into old dysfunctional habits and be on the lookout for red flags that you may have overlooked.

Be prepared to cut out anyone who does not have your best interests at heart and move on. You need only entertain people who enhance your life.

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