How The Universe Lets You Know You're On The Right Track (Finally!)

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Change is not always easy to navigate. It can turn your life upside or blindside you without any notice. Occasionally you know change is coming or you're ready for something new. That’s when signs from the Universe can be highly reassuring, letting you know you are on the right track.

Many people have trouble making decisions when the pressure is on. That's why when faced with choosing or reacting to a new direction, you may seek help. This is particularly true concerning big life changes.

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Perhaps you talk things over with someone you trust or collect opinions from family and friends. You might try to consult the tarot for guidance to be sure you are headed the right way.

What Are Signs From The Universe?

There are two different ways to spot signs from the Universe. The first is recognizing signals that just show up. There are loads of ways to see them, but it requires an open mind. You’ll need to keep your eyes open, be aware of your surroundings, and pay attention to things that might be clues.

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Examples of Signs You Might See

For instance, any of these occurrences can be a sign:

  • A song on the radio with sentimental meaning or words that speak to your situation
  • Four-leaf clover in a span of grass
  • Clouds that resemble something else, like a heart, or a person’s face
  • Changes in your environment, like a tree on your walk that was suddenly chopped down
  • A machine that stops working, especially if more than one breaks at the same time
  • Lights flickering for no reason
  • Thunder and lightning pop up while you’re thinking about a situation
  • A door closes suddenly
  • The wind picks up quickly
  • Seeing a wild animal like a hawk or a fox (you can Google the spiritual meaning)
  • Hearing a voice in your head with a message
  • Someone calls you out of the blue

This is just a brief list, and the possibilities are endless. Many things could have meaning to you based on your individual experience. What is significant to you might not mean anything to another person.

Spiritual experts insist that the Universe, our guides, angels, or even loved ones who have passed show us signs every day. However, picking up on them requires heightening your awareness to notice as they appear.

You also need to interpret and understand the symbols. It’s a bit of an art but it sure can be enormously helpful. If you wish you had some kind of evidence that you’re headed in the right direction, keep your eyes and ears open.

Don't feel you have to intensely scrutinize everything. The better approach is to pay attention to what is going on around you and stay aware.

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Ask the Universe for a Sign

The second method is to select your sign and ask the Universe to affirm your new direction by showing it to you. This provides confirmation that you are on the right track. In the past, when I have had a big decision to make, this is the method I have used quite successfully.

When faced with a life-changing decision, I often start with a pros and cons list. While this is a worthwhile exercise, it doesn't always help me make my decision. It can also lead to decision fatigue, where I just can't choose.

If you feel overwhelmed or confused, asking for a sign will make a difference. If you ask, "Is this the right way to go, show me this sign by Tuesday before midnight." Either you see the sign which assures your choice, or you don’t which notifies you that further consideration is needed.

24-Hour Notice

Here's my story about using this method of asking for a sign and how it served me well. I was working freelance at several marketing agencies. After seven years, I had developed "the itch" and was thinking about making a change.

A friend from my first corporate job decided to start his own agency and this caught my attention. He asked me if I wanted to join him. After my corporate experience, I didn't want to work for a big company again. But this was different since his firm was a small startup.

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Honestly, I wasn't sure what to do. I made lists and talked to industry friends. I consulted the cards and had readings. But still, I couldn't choose. I felt overwhelmed trying this make this decision and wished I could just see a sign. That's when it hit me to ask for one!

So, I asked the Universe for a sign. I wanted to see a yellow tulip if I should go work with my friend. However, it was late April and tulips were blooming so that would be too easy. My request was to see a yellow tulip that wasn’t growing in the ground within 24 hours. Challenge on!

Later that same day I walked into someone's office I had never been in before. Lo and behold, sitting on her credenza was a tulip made of yellow neon! There it was - my sign that I should go.

That's how I made this huge decision and I stuck with it. I worked at this startup for about a year before I left and returned to freelancing.

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The Sign That Changed My Life

Looking back, this one choice changed the course of my life entirely. I decided to look for love, started dating, and met the man of my dreams within that 12-month period. I strongly doubt this would have happened if I didn’t make this big move away from freelancing.

Within a month of meeting the man eventually I married, I left the company. In the long-term, it wasn't a good fit. However, in the short term, I managed to achieve my long-term goal of love which had been neglected for more than 15 years. I call that an enormous success!

Whether you request a sign from the Universe or keep your eyes and ears open for the symbols that appear naturally, this method works. It will absolutely help you not only know you’re finally on the right path, or help you decide which way to go.

Good luck on your journey!

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Ronnie Ann Ryan, Love and Intuitive Coach and Past Life Reader who helps clients learn more about spirituality and your past lives. She is also the author of the free book 7 Ways Your Past Lives Affect Your Love Life Today.