What Is Retrograde Season & What Each Planet Means When It Goes Rx

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What Is Retrograde & The Meaning For Each Rx Planet, Per Astrology

When someone says a planet is in retrograde, what do they really mean?

You probably have heard about Mercury's retrograde, but there are ten other planets in astrology.

The Sun and Moon don't go retrograde, but Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus also have a retrograde season. Sometimes each year, and others every other year.

Retrograde motion is an apparent change in a planet in its journey through the sky.

If a planet appears to be moving backwards, it could be in retrograde.

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Emphasis on the word 'appears.' A planet can't actually move backwards during its orbit.

Sometimes it can appear to do so because of the position it is in relative to the Earth. So, no worries – the Earth will never actually move backwards.

In astrology, retrograde season can bring about a ton of emotional and physical awakenings, while also creating some turmoil in our lives.

While Mercury's retrograde may be the one most astrology lover anticipate, all planets actually go through a retrograde period.

Here is a breakdown of every planet's retrograde season and what it means for you, according to astrology.

Mercury Rx

Personal planet

Rules: Communication, transportation, technology, and digital/social media

Retrograde frequency: 3-4 times a year, lasting approximately 21 days

What to do when Mercury is retrograde?

Catch up on paperwork. Get organized. Back up your tech. Do repairs.

Is there really a reason why people freak out when Mercury is in retrograde?

You have probably heard your astrology obsessed friends warn you about the coming of retrograde season, but what does this time of the year really entail?

Mercury's retrograde impacts everyone and in similar ways – once you start to notice a shift in your life, it is pretty obvious that it may not be a coincidence.

All of the planets' orbits affect each other; as one orbit interacts with another, it may seem like the planets and the universe itself is moving backwards. In everyday life, this can cause feelings of frustration, lack of motivation, and nostalgia for the past.

While this time may be the answer to why you are falling behind in work or slacking off in school, it can also be a time to reflect on the past and channel your introspective side.

Three to sometimes four times a year may seem like a lot fo Mercury to go rx. Mercury transits a zodiac sign for 40 days. Retrograde occurs for about three weeks each time.

Obviously, the planets can't actually move backwards; however, retrograde season allows for the illusions that come from our point of view on Earth.

All of the planets orbit around the Sun at the same time, but during rx season it appears as if Mercury is going in the opposite direction.

The planet Mercury can never be too close to the Sun and it can't pass 28 degrees. Once it starts to reach its furthest destination, it will switch directions.

Mercury rules all forms of communication: travel, cars, planes, work contracts, and relationships with others are all examples.

When Mercury is in retrograde and starting to move backwards, it is important to reserve extra time for yourself.

You will be able to avoid the negative effects of the retrograde if you plan ahead of time – especially for important events.

While it may be easy to blame Mercury's retrograde for all of the bad things that happen in your life, it is easier to try and prevent those frustrations from even occurring in the first place.

Set aside time for yourself and always make reservations for travel way ahead of time.

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Saturn Rx

Outer planet

Rules: Reputation, social standing, work, structure, politics

Retrograde frequency: 1x a year, lasting a few months

What to do when Saturn is retrograde?

Look for a new job, ask for a promotion, keep up on politics and avoid intense political conversations, plan your next move. It's also a great time to work on self-improvement and your health.

Saturn returned back to its home sign, Capricorn, back in 2017 and will remain there till the year 2020. With this long of a retrograde period, what does that mean for us?

If Saturn's retrograde happens to fall in your natal chart, this means your life's focus will depend on duties and privileges.

While Saturn is in retrograde, you will be able to see your future from a more well-rounded and mature standpoint. Those little insecurities you once had in life will slowly start to fade away.

When Saturn's retrograde is in Capricorn, we all will feel an essence of clarity. All of the progress you have made up to this point will start to make sense and fall into place.

While the retrograde may be an illusion, the effects are all too real. Saturn may not actually be move back around the universe, but the impact that illusion has is very powerful – especially for a Capricorn.

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Venus Rx

Personal planet

Rules: Personal property, love, marriage, partnerships

Retrograde frequency: Every 19 months, lasting 42 days

What to do when Venus is retrograde?

Reconnect with your partner. If you own property, take inventory on what you have or get rid of what you don't need. Take time to care for yourself.

Venus's retrograde period is coming up faster than you may think. It begins on October 5 and will last approximately 40 days.

Since Venus is the planet that seems to go into retrograde the least throughout the year, when it does everything in our lives becomes chaotic.

Some planets go into retrograde multiple times a year, while Venus rarely does even once. Venus's stations retrograde every fifteen months, causing the planet to move backwards in the sky.

If Venus's retrograde happens to fall within your natal chart, you will soon start to fill a rift in your relationships.

If you have been sensing a breakup coming within your relationship, Venus's retrograde season may be the time it happens. Some astrology experts even call Venus season, breakup season.

If this is making you a little nervous, try to remember that Venus in retrograde is so rare and barely ever falls into a person's natal chart.

However, if on the off chance it does, prepare to protect your relationships at all costs.

While this may seem terrible, sometimes Venus has a funny way of showing us what we really deserve.

If the planet's retrograde forces you and your partner apart, maybe it is to give you some clarity moving forward.

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Personal planet

Rules: War, energy, motivation

Retrograde frequency: Every 25 months and lasts 80 days

What to do when Mars is retrograde?

Apologize. Stop fighting. Pay attention to red flags and how you feel. Get in touch with your need to forgive. Let go of anger or a need to get even.

Mars only goes into retrograde once every two years, so it isn't likely to fall within your natal chart. Mars comes second to Venus in terms of a rarity in retrograde.

Once Mars does appear to slow down and reverse its course in the sky, some things could shift in your life.

Once Mars enters into retrograde, it usually lasts two to three months, making it a bit frustrating for those who it affects.

The planet Mars is what pushes us to act the way we do; the planet is the embodiment of our drive and purpose on this Earth.

Mars helps us to uncover who we really are, and retrograde season can either make your sense of self more or less clear.

The season can also bring about an inner warrior within us, as it plays upon our hidden strengths and talents.

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Pluto Rx

Outer planet

Rules: Transformation, change and psychic energy

Retrograde frequency: 1x a year, lasting 5-6 months

What to do when Pluto is retrograde?

Deal with your hidden secrets. Look to heal your 'darker side'.

Pluto retrograde occurs when the planet appears to move backwards from down on Earth.

Pluto spends almost half of the time in retrograde – some people don't even consider Pluto a planet!

Since Pluto is in retrograde for a good portion of the year, it is very possible it could fall within your natal chart. Pluto in retrograde can bring out that goofy sense of self.

You may feel yourself trying to fully understand who you are, while still succumbing to this odd feeling. If you have been struggling to figure out your purpose in life, Pluto's retrograde may be the time for some self-reflection.

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Since Pluto is a slow-moving planet during retrograde, its impact may be dull. Unless it has direct points to the moon, sun or Earth, the impact of this retrograde season may not alter any your of plans.

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Outer planet

Rules: Dreams, imagination, fantasy

Retrograde frequency: 5-6 months

What to do when Neptune is retrograde?

Get creative. Take a spiritual retreat. Search your soul and heart for answers to the unknown.

Neptune knows how to take its time and really makes its way into every pocket of the zodiac.

The planet can sometimes last up to 14 years in a person's natal chart.

This brings both good and bad news: the good news is that since Neptune really takes its time to orbit around the Earth.

Its effects during retrograde are very subtle, if at all noticeable.

The bad news is that you may feel a bit off for a while like something is slowly making its way towards you.

Whether this is good or bad news, Neptune's retrograde always brings about some sort of changes in the end.

While it can last for years and years, the average amount of time Neptune is spent in retrograde is five to six months.

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Jupiter Rx

Outer planet

Rules: Luck

Retrograde frequency: 1x a year, 3-4 months

What to do when Jupiter is retrograde?

Study or do something to improve your career. Become culturally educated. Travel.

Jupiter is another planet whose retrograde period moves slower and is, therefore, less chaotic. Jupiter's retrograde period happens once a year and lasts for about three to four months.

Since Jupiter has a larger orbit, it can seem to impact our lives greatly if it falls within our natal chart.

Jupiter is the teacher of all planets; its wisdom can reach all boundaries of the universe. When in retrograde, Jupiter can help you seek out the truth and find balance within your life.

This retrograde season brings about a period of internal growth. Jupiter will push you to love everything about yourself that once held you back.

If retrograde falls within your natal chart, prepare to be swarmed with a whole lot of faith, wisdom, and forgiveness.

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Uranus Rx

Outer planet

Rules: Chaos, freedom

Retrograde frequency: 1x a year, 5 months

What to do when Uranus is retrograde?

Change something up. Release what is holding you back. Network for business.

The planet goes into retrograde once a year, which means it spends about half the year in retrograde. These retrograde periods usually last about five months.

If Uranus's retrograde happens to fall within your natal chart, prepare for a whole lot of soul searching.

This season calls for you to make a very difficult choice – change or face severe consequences within the zodiac. If you choose not to change the negative aspects of your life, your creative and free-spirited soul will start to diminish.

This period of time pushes you to take drastic measures within your relationships, career, and inner self. Uranus does not mess around.

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