What Your Zodiac Sign Can Manifest On July 21, During The Moon In Virgo

On July 21, our intentions are powerfully fueled by the Moon enhancing each zodiac sign's affirmations and manifestation rituals.

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How can you manifest what your zodiac sign needs on July 20, using the power of the Moon? Today, the Moon spends the day in Virgo, prompting each zodiac sign to create solid ground for the emotional depth from yesterday’s alignment between the Sun and Neptune. This moment doesn’t mean you need to abandon the optimism and hope you’ve begun to embrace, but instead, it allows you to find balance between both worlds.


The Moon rules your emotional self, which governs your feelings, vulnerabilities, and sensitivities about life and what is of most value to you. While the Moon in Virgo isn’t overly emotional, it can gets lost in how to accurately express feelings or to find meaning in what it feels. Instead, today's Moon helps you to plan and to take action. 



To work with this Moon's energy don't try to figure out why you are feeling the way you are; instead, set intentions for what new ways you can change your routine to allow more space and grace for yourself.


You don’t need to understand every level of your feelings, as it’s often enough to acknowledge and validate what you do know, so you can then figure out how to address your needs best, so you are self-validating your emotions instead of only questioning them.

Creating space for the logical steps you can take in your life creates more space for you to expand your imagination and dream — as if there weren’t any limits to what you can make because there aren’t.

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What your zodiac sign can manifest on July 21:


(March 21 - April 19)

How to manifest: A wellness routine


Today the Moon will activate your wellness sector, making Friday the perfect time to set a new routine to improve your health, well-being and life. Here's how to manifest more health in your life, write your name on a bay leaf and anoint it with olive oil, then place it in an intention jar. Add in cinnamon, sage, and peppermint to help instill a greater focus on your health while repeating your affirmation six times. Place your intention jar in a north-facing area of your home to invite knowledge and the ability to make changes.

Daily affirmation: I attend to every aspect of my health to feel and become my best.

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(April 20 - May 20)


How to manifest: Prioritizing joy

Taurus, today opens new opportunities for happiness and creativity. Here's how to start: Anoint your pulse points with grapefruit essential oil and incorporate citrine into your meditation practice. As you are settling into your breath, repeat the affirmation while envisioning a bright yellow light radiating out from your heart center.

Daily affirmation: I am prioritizing joy in my routine and life.

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(May 21 - June 20)

How to manifest: Caring for those you value most

When the Moon is in Virgo, your home life takes center stage, and you have a golden opportunity to be more present with the people closest to you. Here's how: Begin your ritual by slicing an apple into thin pieces and write your name and those of who you consider in your family. Place in a pot of water on the stove with cinnamon for abundance, lavender for peace, and rose petals for love while repeating the affirmation. As the scent fills your home, allow yourself to focus more on prioritizing those who mean the most to you.


Daily affirmation: I tend to care for those I value most.

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(June 21 - July 22)

How to manifest: Emotional consistency

The Virgo Moon makes it easier for you to connect with your emotions, making it a perfect time to journal about your thoughts. You can ask for emotional consistency, Cancer. Here's how: First, anoint your chakra points with Roman chamomile essential oil, and then find a calm and relaxing space to sit. As you do, place your hands in trimurti mudra to invite balance and emotional consistency. Place moonstone or rose quartz as a focal point during your practice for greater embodiment.


Daily affirmation: I am emotionally balanced and secure within myself.

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(July 23 - August 22)

How to manifest: Soul and ego balance

It's going to be a sensual day for you, Leo, filled with all the things that provide you comfort. Here's how: Today, enjoy a bit of balance down to your soul as you strive for less ego and more spirituality. Here's what to do: Create a circle of salt for protection as you sit inside, holding peridot in one hand to help release the ego and Lemurian crystal in the other to activate your soul. As you feel the energies of each transferring into your body, deeply inhale and exhale slowly while repeating the affirmation.


Daily affirmation: I am in the balance between my ego's desires and my soul's truth.

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(August 23 - September 22)

How to manifest: Commitment to yourself

Lucky you, Virgo. The Moon in your sign gives you a chance to connect more intimately with yourself. Here's how to do it: Take an acorn and write your name, or any large seed will do. Hold the acorn in your hands and send in the intention of commitment to it while repeating the affirmation. Then plant it outside while placing your right hand on your heart and envisioning yourself growing in all the ways you feel called to.

Daily affirmation: I am committed to honoring my truth and needs in every facet of my life.


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(September 23 - October 22)

How to manifest: Tuning into your higher self

The universe is always at work, and it speaks to you when you allow yourself time to listen and get quiet. Here's how: Tonight, create a sacred bath with charcoal, lavender, and bergamot essential oils. As you submerge into the waters, focus on your feelings as you envision any blocks being removed, and repeat the affirmation eleven times, a divine number of the universe.

Daily affirmation: My higher self is connected to the divine will of the universe.

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(October 23 - November 21)

How to manifest: Letting the universe handle it

You are great at handling things yourself, but today is about surrendering something off of your plate. Here's how: Write a letter to the universe regarding what you are surrendering to it. Whether personal or professional matters, envision placing all these things in the hands of the divine. Once finished, fold the letter three times, anoint it with frankincense essential oil, and then burn safely while repeating the affirmation. Return the cooled ashes to your garden.

Daily affirmation: I am allowing the universe to handle all things which seem undone or unfinished.


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(November 22 - December 21)

How to manifest: Balance in life

There's work to do, but part of a balanced life is knowing when to work and when to stop. So, today you'll want to manifest balance in your life. Here's how: Anoint the soles of your feet with patchouli essential oil and stand outside in the mountain yoga pose. As you stand, focusing on finding balance with the four corners of your feet, also try to feel the earth's energy infusing you with greater harmony. Repeat your affirmation ten times as you envision what balance looks like for you.

Daily affirmation: I am balanced within myself and my personal and professional lives.


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(December 22 - January 19)

How to manifest: Groundedness


Groundedness? You might find this suggestion odd, since you're one of the most earthy signs in the zodiac, but today, you have a chance to become even more intimately acquainted with the peace that comes from connecting with earth and the soul. Here's a suggestion for you: Begin manifesting what your zodiac sign needs witha simple ritual. Massage your third eye with geranium essential oil and then take your practice outside and allow yourself to surrender into a child’s yoga pose. As you surrender to your breath, drop your forehead to the earth and massage it back and forth as you embrace the grounding energy of the natural world.

Daily affirmation: I am grounded and secure in my place and what it takes to keep growing.

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(January 20 - February 18)


How to manifest: Romantic sacredness

Love is in the air for you, Aquarius, and you don't want to miss out on this moment. To capture the energy, light a red candle and massage one another’s heart chakras with ylang-ylang essential oil, breathing deeply and practicing loving eye-gazing as you do. Once you’ve created this sacred space, hold your partner’s hand and list five to ten qualities of your partner you are grateful for while keeping the affirmation in your mind’s eye.

Daily affirmation: I am deeply committed to my partner and honoring their sacred presence in my life.

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(February 19 - March 20)

How to manifest: Healthy boundaries

You are such a sensitive soul, and you often give more than you should to people in your life. But, this is what makes you the person you are today. You don't have to change, but you can create healthy boundaries to protect your time and your energy. Here's how to manifest healthy boundaries, based on your zodiac sign: Perform a self-massage with rose essential oil, and then take a white feather and run it over your body, feet to the crown while repeating the affirmation. Envision a soft boundary of sacredness protecting you from anything or anyone that isn’t meant for you.

Daily affirmation: I love myself and require anyone and anything in my life to treat me sacredly.


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