What Is A Soul Tie? Signs You Formed One & How To Break It

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If you feel a strong connection with someone, one that is deep and all-encompassing, chances are you may have formed a soul tie.

What is a soul tie?

A soul tie is a spiritual connection and strong emotional bond between two people. Though a soul tie can happen in any type of relationship, it's commonly felt after intimacy or sex.

Soul ties can form by four different avenues — physical, emotional, spiritual, and social. Soul ties are often mistakenly confused for soulmates; the concept is similar, but soul ties can be unhealthy and toxic, whereas soulmates never are.

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There are positive soul ties that link two people together in the eyes of God. This creates an intense connection between a couple.

There are also toxic soul ties that can be used by the devil. Usually, the belief is that when soul ties are formed through sexual intimacy outside of marriage, it defiles a person.

According to dating coach Ronnie Ann Ryan, "A soul tie is when you feel deeply connected to someone, even if you haven't known them for long. It could also be true of a long-term friendship or love affair, like when you can't imagine being without someone. There is something binding the two of you together."

Ryan continues, "This could be mutual, but it could also be one way, where you give without getting much in return."

Soul ties are to blame when a person still has feelings for someone they have long been broken up with. The soul tie means there are remnants of that connection left between the two, even though they've ended the relationship a long time ago.

Types of Soul Ties

There are said to be only four main categories of soul ties: physical, emotional, spiritual, and social. They can be formed through marriage, business, friendship, and even sex.

Physical Soul Ties

These soul ties are often created as a result of having sex with someone, usually outside of marriage. If you have created a soul tie with a person due to cheating, then you probably can't help it.

However, Ryan warns, "If you blame your behavior on a soul tie, as if you can't help it because of your connection, then it's time to re-evaluate the relationship."

Emotional Soul Ties

These soul ties are formed when you've connected on an emotional level. While they are usually formed with friends, you can have this soul tie with almost anybody — your spouse, child, best friend, or even coworker.

Emotional soul ties are meant to help you stay grounded, and have a support system to lean on. For example, having a close friend to confide in during tough times.

However, emotional soul ties can be toxic if the bond is one-sided. These "ungodly" emotional ties happen when the other person tries to control or manipulate you into loving them or changing who you are at your core. It can be difficult to leave a situation due to the emotional bond.

Spiritual Soul Ties

Spiritual soul ties are formed when your connection to someone becomes a deeper soul bond, whether that's with someone in your life, God, or another higher power. This soul tie usually transcends into a powerful spiritual connection.

A spiritual soul tie is meant to bring fulfillment on another level, helping you gain knowledge and wisdom along the way. Unfortunately, a toxic soul tie can form here as well; the other person may have ill intentions and disregard your true needs and feelings.

Social Soul Ties

Because humans are social creatures, it's no wonder we form connections with others through socializing. Social soul ties form through social situations and interactions, often between friends and other social groups.

The purpose of a social soul tie is to connect with someone with the same passions as you, and to have another person who cares for you and whom you can care for.

A toxic social soul tie is formed by connecting with someone who may have their own hidden agenda, and could be set on creating upset.

6 Signs You Formed a Soul Tie

1. You feel a deep connection to that person.

A soul tie is a bond on a higher level than regular relationships. Because of this, you will feel a profound sense of connection with that person, perhaps even an immediate "click" of some kind.

2. They can get a strong reaction out of you.

Soul ties have a certain intensity to them, so everything you feel will likely be amplified, good or bad. If this person can rile you up more than any other person, or can create a bloom of happiness with the slightest smile, it's probably a soul tie.

3. They feel familiar to you, or like you've known them for ages.

This is probably the most certain sign that you have a soul tie with a person.

If you have never met this person before yet they feel familiar to you, it's because your soul already knows them. This usually fast tracks the "getting to know you process" because you feel like they complete you, so you let down your guard quicker than you normally would.

Even if this person has been in your life for a short time, you will feel like they have always been around, like there was never a time where this person wasn't in your life.

4. They entered your life at a pivotal moment.

Pay attention to the time they popped up in your life.

If the first time you met in person was incredibly life-changing and powerful, but you cannot seem to come up with something that explains exactly why, it's likely a soul tie.

If it's a soul tie, they may enter your life at a significant moment and have something to offer you. Whether it be comfort, a relationship, a job offer, or something else, it could be anything that helped you in your moment of need. They have good timing like that.

5. Your relationship feels unique.

With soul ties, it feels like your relationship is one-of-a-kind and like you don't have this bond with anyone else. It could also seem like you know this person from a past life, feeling like you've known them forever, even if you just met.

A soul tie is also unique because you feel extremely comfortable with this person.

6. You can't imagine your life without them.

A soul tie is not just a connection, but an attachment on an emotional level. This type of emotional attachment means you are bonded to this other person, and can result in feeling like you need to be with this person every moment.

The thought of your relationship or friendship ending might send you into a painful spiral. And should the relationship become toxic, it's an unbearable feeling. A soul tie can also become unhealthy when you define your wholeness by their presence.

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How do you break a soul tie?

First, you should understand when and when not to break a soul tie.

Ryan explains that it all depends on the relationship, stating, "If you are giving and not receiving or being honored in some way, most likely it is not good for you. This is likely draining and chipping away at your self-esteem."

If you allow a soul tie like this to continue, it can cause some serious damage to your own path. "When you hope for love in return, you are not coming from a place of balance. Trading anything for love is not a recipe for long-term happiness," Ryan adds.

When you are not valued or treated as an equal in your soul tie, it is best to break that tie. Here are a few ways to do so.

1. Acknowledge that your soul tie exists.

The first step you must take to break a soul tie is to be truly open and honest with yourself, coming to terms with your unhealthy situation and ready to leave the past behind you. While it may be difficult to understand your soul tie, you cannot simply sweep it under the rug.

By embracing that you do, in fact, have a soul tie to this other person, you're effectively acknowledging that there is an issue.

2. Decide to break the tie.

The next step is to take action by breaking the tie. Though the process is trying and requires some sacrifice on your part, it's always a good idea to seek professional help if you are struggling to let go of someone.

Seeing a professional who can walk you through the moving on process, in a healthy and empowering way, will be beneficial to you in the long run. This way, you know you are not alone in your journey to break your toxic soul tie.

It's also essential in this process to realize that you are complete without another person. Put the thoughts into your head that you are whole, and that you do not need the soul tie to be complete.

Ryan says, "When you come from a place of wholeness vs. neediness, that's how you enjoy a healthy, balanced, relationship that is mutually beneficial." This helps break the bond, knowing that you no longer need that person in your life.

3. Purge your home.

Get rid of anything and everything that reminds you of that person. Pictures, gifts, clothes they may have left — get rid of it all. Take this even a step further and purge your phone and social media of them.

When you remove objects of theirs from your space, you no longer will look around the room and be reminded of them. You can also do visualization exercises where you mentally sever the connection using your intention.

4. Practice forgiveness... and then let it go.

Forgiveness may be the most difficult step of the entire process, but it's necessary.

Whether the other person is asking for forgiveness, or you simply want a peace of mind, forgiving them will help you release any mental blockage holding you back from moving forward.

5. Meditate.

Sitting and meditating on breaking your soul tie can help clear your thoughts and focus on what is most important: you.

You can also try speaking to that person's soul while meditating. While they won't be able to hear you, as you are mentally addressing them, say that you wish them well but can no longer be tied to them.

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