Signs You Formed A Soul Tie — And How To Break It

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Soul Ties: Signs You Formed A Soul Tie & How To Break It

If you feel a strong connection with someone, one that is deep and all-encompassing, chances are you may have formed a soul tie.

What is a soul tie?

Ministering Deliverance describes a soul tie as "a linkage in the soul realm between two people. It links their souls together, which can bring forth both beneficial results or negative results.

A soul tie is a spiritual connection between two people that can form by four different avenues — physical, emotional, spiritual, and social. They are often mistakenly mixed together with soulmates; the concept is similar, but soul ties can be unhealthy and toxic whereas soulmates never are.

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There are positive soul ties that link two people together in the eyes of God. This creates an intense connection between a couple.

There are also toxic soul ties that can be used by the devil instead. Usually, the belief is that when soul ties are formed through sexual intimacy outside of marriage, it defiles a person.

Soul ties are to blame when a person still has feelings for someone they have long been broken up with. The soul tie means there are remnants of that connection left between the two even though they've ended the relationship a long time ago.

What are the signs you have formed a soul tie?

1. You feel a deep connection to that person.

A soul tie is a bond on a higher level than regular relationships.

Because of this, you will feel a profound sense of connection with that person.

2. They can get a strong reaction out of you.

Soul ties have a certain intensity to them. So everything you feel will likely be amplified, good and bad.

So if this person can rile you up more than any other person or can create a bloom of happiness with the slightest smile, it's probably a soul tie.

3. They feel familiar to you.

This is probably the most certain sign that you have a soul tie with a person. If you have never met this person before yet they feel familiar to you, it's because your soul already knows them.

This usually fast tracks your 'getting to know you process" because you feel like they complete you, so you let down your guard quicker than you normally would.

Even if this person has been in your life for a short time you will feel like they have always been around, like there was never a time where this person wasn't in your life.

4. They have good timing.

Pay attention to the time they popped up in your life.

If the first time you met in person was incredibly life-changing and powerful, but you cannot seem to come up with something that explains exactly why it's likely a soul tie.

If it's a soul tie, they should enter your life at a pivotal moment and have something to offer you. Whether it be comfort, a relationship, a job offer, etc, it could be anything that helped you in your moment of need. They have good timing like that.

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How do you break a soul tie?

1. Purge your home.

Get rid of anything and everything that reminds you of that person. Pictures, gifts, clothes they may have left, get rid of it all.

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Take this even a step further and purge your phone and social media of them as well.

2. See a professional.

This is always, always a good idea if you are struggling to let go of someone. Going to see a professional who can help walk you through the moving on/breaking process in a healthy and empowering way will be beneficial to you in the long run.

This way you know you are not alone in your journey to break your toxic soul tie.

3. Meditate.

Meditation is a common and, honestly, underrated practice. Meditation can help clear your thoughts and focus on what's really important. That's you, by the way, you are what's really important.

You can also try speaking to that person's soul while meditating. Say that you wish them well but you can no longer be tied to them.

4. Understand you are complete.

What you should do is to put the thoughts into your head taht you are whole, and that you do not need the soul tie to be complete. This helps break the bond knowing that you no longer need that person in your life.

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