Signs You've Formed A Soul Tie & How To Break It

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Signs You've Formed A Soul Tie & How To Break It

If you feel a strong connection with someone, one that is deep and all-encompassing, chances are you may have formed a soul tie.

According to TikTok user @ilovemusicfestivals, who goes by "Father Britanny" and posts content related to spirituality as a "guide to the other side," a soul tie is "strings of energy that link the soul to another, created during intense spiritual and emotional intimacy."

Ministering Deliverance describes a soul tie as "a linkage in the soul realm between two people. It links their souls together, which can bring forth both beneficial results or negative results.

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There are four types of soul ties, which include physical, emotional, spiritual, and social.

There are positive soul ties.

Positively, soul ties link two people together in the eyes of God. This creates a very strong connection between a couple.

There are also toxic soul ties.

Negatively, soul ties can be also used by the devil. When soul ties are formed through sexual intimacy outside of marriage, it defiles a person.

When a person still has feelings for someone after they have long been broken up, they have soul ties to blame because there are some remnants left.

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What are the signs you have formed a soul tie?

According to the TikTok video, you'll know when you've formed a soul tie when you "experience butterflies in your stomach, excitement, and nervousness."

She said that when you are with your soulmate you feel "like you're escaping your regular life and just getting away from it all."

If the first time you met in person was incredibly life-changing and powerful, but you cannot seem to come up with something that explains exactly why, it's likely a soul tie.

"You often dream about this person or waking up thinking about them regularly," according to the video.

You always are looking at their social media pages and you are hoping that they see that you were thinking about them, and find it hard to let them go no matter what happens in your relationship good or bad.

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How to break a soul tie?

Sometimes, you might find that you've formed a toxic soul tie. These have a negative impact on your life and may prevent you from realizing your full potential.

Father Brittany posted another TikTok that explains how you break a soul tie that manifests negatively. 

Her video discusses 11 practices that allow you to break a soul tie:

1. Gaze into a mirror, think about this person you are tied to, look deeply at your face, and let yourself cry.

2. Cleanse your place with sage or incenses.

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3. Find some sort of material that represents what you want to release from your life. Like a piece of clothing (not the person) and say "I release you. I am done."

4. Remove everything that reminds you of this person from your house, phone, and social media.

5. She describes, "Windows represent our view on the world, make yours dust/clutter-free."

6. Start working with the magic of crystals and trees.

7. Figure out how important pets are in your life.

8. Benefit from the magical qualities of naps.

9. Take a salt bath for purification purposes and use it as a way of detaching this person from your body.

10. Decorate your house with plants. This will give you something to take care of and it will benefit you by purifying the air.

As she added in the comments, "Feel every emotion, have gratitude, and part that part of your goodbye."

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