The Unique Traits Of A Pisces Woman, Explained

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Pisces women are born between the dates of February 19 and March 20.

Known as the fish in astrology, Pisces is both a water sign and mutable sign, the latter of which means they easily adapt to change and are flexible to circumstances. Ruled by both Jupiter, the planet of abundance and expansion, and Neptune, the planet of imagination, dreams and delusions, the themes of both are heavily present in Pisces’ personality, influencing their deep-thinking and mysterious nature.

As the twelfth and final sign of the Zodiac, Pisces is known for being the wisest, most unique sign in astrology. Since Pisces trails behind all other zodiac signs, they pick up the energies of all of those that precede them.

Personality traits of a Pisces woman

The Pisces woman, in particular, is an idealist. She lives in her own world with her head in the clouds, thinking of humanitarian ways to make the world a better place. It’s no wonder she’s the first person to offer a helping hand. Ever the compassionate giver, the Pisces woman is truly selfless, putting the needs of others before herself. She’s devoted to those she loves and adores.

But because they are so emotional, Pisces women are sometimes hard to be around, especially when others are in the mood to have fun and take things easy. She can also run into trouble with her desire to escape reality and sometimes fail to accept truth.

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Pisces women are intuitive, tender, intelligent, and empathetic. But they are also quick to put their trust in others, often form a victim complex, are fearful, and not grounded in reality.

Pisces is creative and trusts her gut, channeling her imaginative ideas in positive ways. She has a deep understanding of the world and people around her, and knows naturally what other people feel. This plays into her gentle nature; Pisces is very sensitive and easily hurt, but she’s a pillar of strength and won’t for one second succumb to weakness. She’s also quite empathetic and romantic. Her emotional tendencies, however, can cause her to be dependent on others and feel sorry for herself.

Unfortunately, Pisces is also indecisive and unrealistic, choosing idealism over reality. They do so to avoid their personal problems and so they don’t get hurt. She seeks out deeper meaning related to her idealism, whether it’s something small or in the bigger picture of life. In addition, Pisces women are pessimistic, secretive, and easily manipulated. Since she trusts others too easily, she has the tendency to be taken advantage of in many situations. Along with her dreamer-like personality, she keeps to herself to protect her emotions, which are a combination of the other eleven zodiac signs.

1. Pisces women have a funny bone.

While she’s someone who can be serious at times, Pisces will do anything to make her friends and loved ones laugh. If you have a Pisces woman in your life, it’s a daily routine of joy and laughter.

2. She helps others stay calm.

Having a Pisces by your side will keep you cool, calm and cozy. She knows just what to say to help people overcome even their deepest issues.

3. A Pisces woman will fill that hole in your heart.

That strange hole you were never sure how to fill has a Pisces woman's name written all over it. She offers protection and compassion, easily healing hearts that have been broken in the past.

4. Everything she does is from a place of love and empathy.

She's always thinking of others, and putting their needs before her own. She’s compassionate and loving, thinks with her heart and soul, and expects the same in return.

5. Pisces is a strong woman.

Given how loving Pisces are, you may think she's a pushover. But don't get it twisted; this chick is stronger than anyone you've ever met.

6. Pisces know how important it is to care for themselves.

Because of this, they only want people in their life who are positive and honest. Negativity brings them down, so they only give their time to those who make them happy.

7. You'll never have to worry about being perfect.

Pisces will accept you as you are and respects you for being true to yourself. Forget superficiality! This sign just wants you to be real.

8. Her love is extraordinary.

Pisces loves deeply and wholeheartedly, so those lucky enough to win her over should never let it pass them by.

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Pisces Woman In Love and Relationships

When looking for the perfect mate, the Pisces woman can be a bit spontaneous, willing to try new things and see different people. She trusts easily, which can be a blessing and a curse; if she comes across someone with impure intentions, she’s likely to be taken advantage of. Still, she’s a sucker for romance and needs a potential partner who won’t hold her back from being herself.

A relationship with the Pisces woman is easy and free of conflict. Since she’s a peacemaker, she won’t cause disputes or friction unless there’s a strong reason. She’s an inspiration in her romantic relationships, encouraging and emotionally supporting them; if she doesn’t feel respect, however, she’s quick to change her mind. Unfortunately, Pisces tends to do this frequently, so her potential mates should be wary that she may let go of their relationship in search of something more fulfilling.

When she falls in love, she’s incredibly generous and will go to the ends of the earth to make her partner happy. Because she’s so selfless, her ideal partner is someone who can protect her and bring her back to reality, as she can sometimes give too much. She cares deeply about her partner’s needs, but the Pisces woman in love can sometimes lose herself. She’s also not as profoundly committed as other water signs Cancer and Scorpio, so if the magic of romance is gone, she’s not above starting over with someone else.

Pisces woman compatibility

According to Pisces compatibility, this zodiac sign is a good match with fellow water signs Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio, and earth signs Taurus and Capricorn.

As water signs, Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces fully understand the need for empathy, generosity, creativity and emotion. As earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn value respect, stability, and practicality, which Pisces needs for a balanced life.

Pisces is most attracted to Scorpio. Another water sign, Scorpio’s mysterious personality is very enticing to dreamy Pisces. Not only do they share similarities when it comes to sensuality and emotion, but both signs are creative, feel things strongly, and are loyal to their loved ones.

Pisces woman sexuality

Pisces loves to be seduced and romanced and prefers physical closeness, not just an emotional connection. They use their imaginations during sex and are incredibly attuned to their senses, so a spiritual experience isn’t out of the question. This woman is intent on pleasing her partner. And though she may be a bit shy, her best experiences are with those she cares for and who have no problem with intimacy.

If she trusts her sexual partner, their time in the bedroom is spent being creative and trying new things. Still, sex is an emotional act for Pisces women, so expect her to take things to new heights and pull out all the stops, like having candles, wax, or perfumes.

The Pisces woman's family life

As a mother, Pisces women are true nurturers. She’s giving, loving and has no problem sacrificing her needs so her children can flourish. Her kids achieving their dreams is important to her, and there’s nothing she won’t do to make that happen.

That said, she may struggle to set boundaries or properly discipline her kids, as she has a more “go with the flow” attitude, even with parenting. But her motherly instincts shine through, instills a childlike wonder in her brood, and celebrates the small victories in her family’s life.

The Pisces woman's friendships

Pisces make incredible friends! Not only are they loyal and kind, but they are great at figuring their friends out before they even realize something is wrong. They give all their energy to helping their friends, and aren’t afraid to express their feelings for fear of repercussions; in fact, they are wonderful communicators in this way. When their friends need help, they readily offer assistance and show empathy and emotional support. They are truly devoted and put their closest friends first. And while she can be secretive and deceptive, her good friends don’t take it personally.

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Pisces woman characteristics at work

In her career, the Pisces woman needs a job where she can be creative and expressive. It can be difficult for her to stick to a schedule and complete her responsibilities, so jobs in offices aren’t a good fit; rather, they need a career that allows flexibility. As a worker, Pisces tends to take on too much responsibility, making it impossible to manage herself! She’s also bored easily, and can quickly lose focus on the tasks at hand.

The perfect careers for Pisces are those that not only cater to her need for creativity but actively change the lives of others. That means careers in law, music, social work, design, medicine, healing, and art.

Famous Pisces women

This zodiac sign is so creative and adaptable to change, and these famous Pisces women show all that and more in their careers.

Drew Barrymore: February 22, 1975

Rihanna: February 20, 1988

Jessica Biel: March 3, 1982

Emily Blunt: February 23, 1983

Vanessa Williams: March 18, 1963

Glenn Close: March 19, 1947

Lupita Nyong’o: March 1, 1983

Rashida Jones: February 25, 1976

Elizabeth Taylor: February 27, 1932

Carrie Underwood: March 10, 1983

Rebel Wilson: March 2, 1980

Eva Longoria: March 15, 1975

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