How Blowing Cinnamon Into Your Home Can Bring You Prosperity For The Month Ahead

Start the month off right.

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As we prepare to welcome in a new month, you might want to open your home up to some good vibrations.

A cinnamon abundance ritual has become increasingly popular with those seeking to attract good fortune, wealth, and prosperity into their home. 

Ahead of the first of the month, you may want to get to know this simple ritual so you can start the month off right.

What is the cinnamon abundance ritual?

On the first of every month, people will take a small amount of cinnamon and blow it into their front door from the outside, imagining the prosperity and success that will arrive in your house. 


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Cinnamon has been used throughout times not for its culinary use but for its possibility to attract prosperity and abundance. 


Done on the first of every month this ritual is said to pull prosperity into your home but how does one perform it? 

1. Put the cinnamon powder in the palm of your hand and head for your front door.

This can be cinnamon from your cabinet. Often it is suggested to use your right hand but it can be your left hand too. And don't worry, being left-handed is not bad luck and it's not evil.

You want to stand outside your front door, looking into your home.

2. Repeat this mantra.

"When this cinnamon blows, prosperity here will enter. When this cinnamon blows, abundance will come to stay. When this cinnamon blows, abundance here will live!”

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This is going to invite all that prosperity and good fortune into your home, if you don't say it then there's the chance that it will skip your home. 

3. Blow cinnamon with intention.

While setting an intention and keeping your mind firmly on your desires for the month ahead, blow the cinnamon into your home.

You must think about positivity for this because if you only think negative thoughts you have a risk of bringing that into your home rather than bringing in the good you want. 



4. Leave the cinnamon powder on your floor for 24 hours.

The reason for this is because you want that positivity to be there, don't sweep or vacuum the cinnamon up because you may ruin the chance of bringing prosperity into your home.


After the end of the 1st of the month, the next day, then you can clean the little mess you've made.

Does this need to be done on the first of every month or can I do it on a different day? 

No! This needs to be done on the first day of each month because the intention is vital. It is your intent to welcome good fortune into your home and bring prosperity to your home. 

The intention is to welcome all good fortune into your home and doing this just at your bedroom door or on any other day will not work. 


But I can promise you if you do this on the first of every month you can feel a difference. You'll feel something positive and you'll be excited to see the difference that you will feel. 

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