Your Cancer Season Horoscopes For All Zodiac Signs Are Here Starting June 21

We're safe and sound and all is well in our world during Cancer season, 2023.

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If there's one thing we tend to do when times get rough, it reverts to the old ways, even if they are obsolete. It's not that Cancer season of 2023 will necessarily have us on a personal trip down Regression Lane, but we will happily take a step backward to unwind and regroup.

Life has been hard, and if there's one thing we can all trust in, it will always be hard ... to a degree. Life isn't easy, and we all know it, but we may find it easier to be easy on ourselves during seasons that inspire heartfelt feelings and homey goodness. Let's welcome in Cancer season, where we get in touch with what feels good and spend quality time in that warm and welcoming place.



Cancer season: June 21 - July 22 

During June 21 and July 22, we may get what could be called ... a break. Yes, the 'hard times' are always 'out there,' but we can spend a month trying to live in peace, right? During the season of Cancer, we want to spend that time feeling positive. It takes too much energy to be upset, and heaven knows we devote way too much energy to being grumpy. Cancer season gives us the option to let that kind of energy go. Yes, it will return, but must we dwell on it so? Consistently? No. Let's have a good experience during Cancer season of 2023.


Supporting Cancer season are helpful transits, such as Mercury in Cancer and a Neptune retrograde. Let's also remember that the first day of Cancer brings us the Summer solstice, which appeals to many people as summertime represents love, vacation, and time off from the world's hassles. Let's look at how this peaceful season will affect each horoscope's zodiac signs in love and life.

Cancer season horoscopes for all zodiac signs:


What the Cancer season of 2023 brings to you, Aries is a solid feel to your relationship. You know very well that you are the main reason that volatile behavior occurs during your romance, and you've made concerted efforts to keep that kind of 'fire' to yourself. During Cancer season, you'll be more apt to choose a happy home life over an exciting night out, and the entire season will show you that you can have as much fun at home as you can 'out there.'

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All the giddy thrills await you during Cancer season, as your love life doesn't seem to need anything more than your partner's participation. You are both so into each other at this time that you hardly notice a world out there, and that's just fine for the both of you. Don't be surprised if you 'make money' together, as there are opportunities in finance heading your way, and teamwork is key during this time for Taurus.'


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During the season of Cancer, you will decide that the best thing you can have right now is simplicity, in love, as in life. And it works out very well for you, Gemini, as so much of the heavy lifting is now a thing of the past. You and your romantic partner have come to a very freeing understanding, and it all revolves around open and honest communication. That's a no-brainer for you, but it's nice to see that your partner has the zodiac signed on for this kind of 'easy' living. No fights, no problem.

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It's your birthday season, and you can't help but feel positive energy during this time. Cancer season means that the person in your life may finally 'come down to your level' and understand who you really are, as this season brings out the honest nature of people. You'll discover that your partner's desires are way more aligned with your own than you even knew. This season opens the doors to greater passion and much more trust — a total win.


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Cancer season brings you a new outlook on love and introduces the idea of creature comforts and easy living. That lasts through the season and primes you for your Sun season, which is right around the corner. In love, you'll feel like taking it easy during this time, which means kicking back in a low-pressure environment with the one you love and doing things your way. Cancer season gives you a break ... before the 'real' season, like Gangbusters!

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At this point in the year, you can have it one or two: the easy or completely maddening and chaotic. Because Cancer season's easygoing 'spell' will be much more appealing than the alternative, you'll end up taking the smoother path. You'll also find that you can tolerate peace and quiet much better than you thought you could. You and your romantic partner don't need the drama. This could be a major lesson for you both during this time.


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Partnership is part of your plan for Cancer season, as so much of what you want tends to sway toward commitment and security. This is definitely the right season for you to come to terms with your real feeling. You aren't the same person you once were and don't need to live the frantic life of the wandering lover. You are ready to settle down, knowing this feels sincere and relieving.

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An interesting thing for you during Cancer season, Scorpio, is that you may end up falling in love with a close friend. You might have suspected something like this could happen, and you couldn't figure out if it were a good thing. Well, no time like the present to find out, and that's what you'll be doing from June 21 - July 22. Life is for living, and you might feel it's about time to subscribe to that philosophy.


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The great part about living through Cancer season for you is that it's just now that you are completing so much of what might have distracted you from love and having a love life. You are now at the right time and the right place for love to occur. You can give someone the attention they'll need, and you'll want to. It's the lack of pressure you need to get up the inspiration for loving someone, and now, there's no excuse. Bring it on, love!

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While Saturn goes retrograde during Cancer season, you won't let it bother you, as this is a transit that pulls hard on the patience of Capricorn folks. The one thing you have in your corner is your resilience. Things just don't get to you like they once did, and when it comes to love, Cancer season seems to come in like an Angel on a winged unicorn. It's that dazzling, but it's also real. For the first time in a very long while, you will have your chance at romantic love ... with all the sparkly trimmings.


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You'll find that Cancer season of 2023 brings you in touch with many old friends as you'll be active and social during this time. Your attitude is friendly and accepting; this is a good season to extend yourself. You want to be a good friend, and you'll find that you'll be introduced to someone who might be a love interest through friendly connections. The Summer looks promising for you in love, Aquarius, and it starts on June 21, 2023.

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You will live out Cancer season in a very typical but positive way, meaning that during this time, you'll experience great harmony in the household. The idea that you and your romantic partner can create this kind of peace and sweetness is remarkable because you are both high-strung and impulsive. Still, you go where the vibe takes you, and during Cancer season, you'll be all too happy just to take it down a notch and chill. Sounds like a plan.


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