Summer Solstice Horoscopes On June 21 Bring Luck In Relationships For 3 Zodiac Signs

Summer's here and the time is right...

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It's the first day of Summer, meaning the Summer solstice has arrived, and three zodiac signs are the luckiest in love as a result. There's a joyful sound to it all, and because we are also in the presence of transit Moon conjunct Venus, we can assume that for many of us, love will play a large role in today's positive outlook.

Cancer season has also opened its door to us, instantly making our lives a bit more bearable. We have hope on this day and dreams that we'd like to manifest as reality. When those dreams coincide with our romantic lives, we will see many of them come true today. For three zodiac signs, this is one of those 'very good' days when we get along well with the person we're with.




If we are single, there's just as much of a positive vibe for us as for those who are coupled off. We're not too worried about our status on this day because, during Moon conjunct Venus, we can't help but feel as though everything will turn out well, no matter how we get there. We believe the universe has a good fate for us and can't stop believing in that. We feel solid and secure, whether in relationships or on our own, and looking. The optimistic attitude works wonders for three zodiac signs today, bringing us even more positive energy. If we want love, we will be loved. It's just that easy. The universe will find a way.


And so, on this first day of Summer 2023, we can rejoice in the idea that if we believe this season will go well for us, it is. We're not listening to the noise right now; we are opening our hearts to the good, to the endlessly positive ... we know we can be happy. On June 21, we really get a taste of what it's like, in terms of love and romance.

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Three zodiac signs who are the luckiest in love on June 21:

1. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

What makes you feel so good about this first day of Summer is that Moon conjunct Venus gives you the impression that when it comes to love, you're definitely going to have what you want, and what you want is passion, adoration and that sense of playfulness that makes love so exciting to you. Cancer season hopefully starts for you, as you are quite content to stay home and think happy thoughts.


Whether you are single or in a relationship, this first day goes to 'preparing,' which means you spend a lot of time figuring out your next move. That doesn't even slightly imply that you're lazy — you're not, but you are methodical and calculated, and Cancer season helps you to work with that chill energy. It's a good day for love in your world because you're not in any rush and have full confidence that everything will work out.

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2. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

Cancer season makes everything feel better for you, Sagittarius, as you feel you can finally relax into the Summer season ahead without feeling too much pressure. Today's vibe is all about vision; you see where your love life is heading, and you like what you see.


If you are partnered, you will be envisioning many fun days ahead during the transit of Moon conjunct Venus, and if you are single, then your confidence will have you convinced that there is no need to fear: love is definitely on the way. You don't feel particularly needy about it either, which is likely why it will come to you so fast. You don't have a care in the world on June 21, making everything you do feel free, easy and loving.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

Today brings good fortune your way, Pisces, as you finally feel relaxed about something nagging at you for a while now. On this direct day of Summer, so enters Cancer season, which always tends to make everything in your world just that little bit more relaxed. What was troubling you might have had something to do with your love life, but as the day progresses, you'll experience the phenomenon of Moon conjunct Venus, and the result will be that whatever troubled you now seems like it's almost non-existent.


If you decide to let it go, it will actually go away. This helps you to understand that on this day, your love life is doing very well and that there's no reason to nitpick or find something wrong with it, just for the sake of having something to do. The first day of Summer gives you a fresh start; come to think of it, you're totally into it.

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