How Mercury Retrograde's Shadow Period Affects Each Zodiac Sign's Relationship Horoscope From August 22 - September 9, 2022

We learn to love in a way that aligns with our entire being.

How Mercury Retrograde's Shadow Period Affects Each Zodiac Sign's Relationship Horoscope From August 22 - September 9, 2022 Canva Creative Studio/Sl Photography via Getty Images/Icons8 via Canva Pro/Chukovskaya via Pixabay

Yes, folks, here we go again ... a public service announcement with an astrological twist. It's time to let the whole world know that Mercury retrograde is coming soon! Well, September 10, 2022, to be exact.

From August 22, 2022, to September 9, 2022, we enter the Mercury retrograde shadow period, which will affect our love lives and relationships in purely practical ways.

But, don't worry. The next two weeks won't be as bad as we may think. You don't need to put your marriage therapist or relationship coach on speed dial, but you do have to pay attention.


Starting August 22 to September 9, 2022 themes and patterns will emerge in your love life. If you are dating, falling in love or are in a complicated relationship unsure if you should work it out or just break up, take note.

Merc 'the Jerk" retrograde season can be brutal, but during the two-week retrograde shadow period, the universe gives you some help.

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Shadow periods are gentle and kind. Instead of disruptive chaos in your life, the universe uses shadow periods to slowly bring up the lights so you can see where you have lived in the dark for too long allowing a new chapter to start while you leave the negative behind.

Mercury rules how we think, and when in the zodiac sign of Virgo, we take a grounded, earthy approach toward problem-solving. We want a strong and healthy outcome for our relationships.

We want a plan to assure us that our relationship is grounded in reality, not a pipedream that only lasts for a short period. We don't want to invest time where it won't benefit us in tangible ways by producing something down the road in the future.

Virgo is maternal, feminine, giving, and charitable. In tarot, Virgo is ruled by the Hermit card and is representative of the number 6. Mercury shadow period in Virgo draws our maternal energy inward to reach an enlightened state of being, and this extends to our love life as well the next two weeks.


Read on to find out how Mercury's retrograde shadow will affect each zodiac sign's love horoscope and relationships starting August 22 – September 9, 2022.


(March 19 - April 19)

Well, Aries, grab some tea because there is a lot to unpack this year for you. Write this down: Mercury's shadow period impacts your love life all the way to the middle of next year. 

For starters, you will get no breaks in the love department during Mercury retrograde shadow. You will want to review your routines, and health habits, which will include how want your love life and relationships to function.

You are ready to focus on the hard work that makes love last, but you are not going to want to do this alone. You want a partner who is your equal, and nothing else will do.


Your refusal to compromise standards starts with your ruling planet, Mars in Gemini where it will also enter its shadow period, and then Mars will go retrograde for the rest of the year. Why does this matter? Gemini is also ruled by the planet Mercury, and Mars will be influenced by Mercury for the next month downloading new information over the next few weeks.

Mars in Gemini turns up your desire to talk about your feelings and to analyze them, a lot. You will want to be heard and to know that your significant other is listening with the intent of taking action, with you, not for you— and yes, there is a difference because you are an independent fire sign who does not enjoy being coddled for too long.

So, during this Mercury shadow period, you are going to be ultra-sensitive to any person who only talks about themselves and has no interest in your life.

If your partner is selfish, arrogant or tolerably narcissistic, sad for them, they may get the boot before the shadow period is over. 


But, if your lover is engaged, involved and supportive, lucky them. You will be their best friend for life; loyal to the end of time.

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(April 20 - May 20)

Taurus, what a sweet spot for you to find yourself during this Mercury shadow period. You've released the tension of Mars from your zodiac sign and now you're ready to focus on things that ease your mind and give you a sense of comfort and peace.

As one of the most sensual signs of the zodiac, you are ready to indulge yourself in the finer things in life. Romantic BBQs, long walks along the beach beneath a pale Moon while holding the hand of someone you love. You want to entwine your life around someone and wrap their little soul around your pinky finger. You, Taurus are beyond ready to give and to give and to give, and you may not want to take anything in return.


You are ready to give unconditional love that is only understood by the celestial gods themselves, but the problem is that you may not find yourself in a position to express your heart this way. You might be single or have a full work schedule and no PTO, your partner may be acting emotionally unavailable and it's going to take time to build a bridge back to their heart.

All this is going to come to the surface during Mercury's shadow period. The end result? You will respond with love and fill your heart with romantic ideas on how you will want to fix problems so you can express them.

Once Mercury retrograde starts, you will be free to unwind some of the snares in your life that have inhibited you from being the sultry sexual beast that you know you are. But for now, your dreams require planning and planning will involve making the time you know is required for love in the near future.

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(May 21 - June 20)

Gemini, this shadow period is going to be a little tough on you, so you may want to buy yourself a journal or make use of your voice recorder to organize and collect your thoughts. You have talked a lot over the last few months about your love life, and now you may have to eat some of your words. Mars in your zodiac sign this month is going to bring some troubles your way, and it's going to beg you to answer the question, "Whose in charge of this relationship?"

The answer may be 'no one' because of free will, and this is where you will feel the sting of any pride or arrogance you may not see within yourself.

Mars can be a tough planet to have in your sign during Mercury's shadow period because it points out inner dishonesty.


You will learn what you didn't see before and realize the role you played. You may want to make repairs to wounded relationships with friends, families and a significant other, but there will be limitations. It's those limitations that you'll discover during the shadow period, and they will require you to exercise patience. Patience is not your strongest trait. You like to solve problems as soon as you see them, but this may not be the approach that gets you to your goals in love. So, write down your thoughts, Gemini, don't text them.

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(June 21 - July 22)

Your little heart will burst with joy when you realize how special Mercury's shadow period can be for your zodiac sign. This opens the floodgates of all things quaint and intimate in your love life. From parks and picnics to pillow talk, you are given the gift of intimate conversations, and your longing for them will be impossible to quench.


You may have to be the initiator of plans and the gatekeeper of disruptions. Your love life grows leaps and bounds during the next two weeks, where you can see the opportunity to make plans for more one-on-one conversations. The mountain you may have to climb is your fear of failure, and you may have a bit of negative self-talk to overcome while Mars is in Gemini. But once you leap into love with faith, you will succeed. You'll discover it's not too hard to ask someone on a date, even if it's just to meet up for coffee.

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(July 23 - August 22)

And so it begins, Leo, the first steps toward the love of your lifetime. You may have found the idea of self-love slightly cringy because you always felt that you loved yourself thoroughly. But, there are holes in your heart caused by fake lovers who promised you the stars but left you empty-handed, crying over their lies. 


During Mercury's shadow period, you get to review a few things that are the foundation to love: your values, boundaries, dealbreakers and what you will and will not tolerate from another person. You may have a wishlist in your head as to what you want in an ideal partner, but during this time, pay close attention to what you dislike the most.

The list you compile over the next two weeks can help you to rule out anyone who falls short of your dream partner. And, if you're already in a relationship, this list can allow you to share what you want to work on with your mate. You will find it much easier to have something concrete to share instead of roaring when you're angry or upset, and feeling hurt. 

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(August 23 - September 22)


First, we must address the elephant in the room: you are a giver to the point of self-depletion. During the next two weeks, you may notice that there are times when you have to be the taker. It's not a position you are comfortable with, but it's part of the human experience, Virgo and Mercury's shadow period is going to drive this concept home for you.

You're particularly vulnerable with Mercury retrograde and shadow periods. If you're not careful, you can become overly anxious, overthinking, and worry more than you should about yourself, your future, your friend's future and what is happening in your significant other's life.

Worrying too much will bring you to a place of pure exhaustion, but there's a rainbow at the end of this rainy day. You learn the art of letting go and allowing others to fend for themselves. And you may also discover how awesome it is when they tend to you instead of you doing it all. So trust the universe, Virgo, and see how incredible mutual reception in love can be.

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(September 23 - October 22)

Enough with the niceties, Libra. There are dealbreakers; sometimes, you stick around too long for a person to change, and it's to your detriment. But, on the other hand, you know when you have found 'the One' that there are going to be tell-tale signs that reveal how they feel about you in return. So, when the red flags fly high during the Mercury shadow period, you will have to decide.

And decision-making is not your strongest trait. Luckily for you, Mercury's shadow period lasts two weeks, so mark September 9, 2022, on your calendar. Circle it in red. Schedule meetings with your friends and your therapist if you have to decide if a relationship or any person you're crushing on is worth your time and energy. Yes, they may be cuter than a button, but you want more from love. During Mercury's shadow period, you may realize that you also deserve it.

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(October 23 - November 21)

There are certain friends whom you know have a serious crush on you, and despite the fact that you have not felt the same way, you may start to feel as though you do. Mercury retrograde's shadow period will have your spidey senses on high alert as you recognize passionate energy boiling beneath the surface that promises a type of love that lasts forever.  

If you're a Single Scorpio, you may find yourself in a wonderful position to meet a new person through your friendship circle. You will want to be social during the next few weeks so you can be where the action is. If you lock eyes with a person that sends positive energy down your spine, heed the cue. You may have met your soulmate and they felt the same way about you. Be sure to investigate and see where things lead, Mercury retrograde's shadow period may have you realizing your type is not the only type of person you could want.

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(November 22 - December 21)

Respect is such a serious subject for you, so when you notice that the respect in a relationship is starting to dwindle, it can send you running in the opposite direction. During this shadow period, you may notice more dealbreakers than ever before. You may see that you are not really in the right place with a person.

Perhaps you knew it all along and wanted to give them a chance to prove you wrong. But the respect button pushed is an automatic eject from the vehicle you've been riding. So during the next two weeks, this can be where you have to say goodbye and tell them to hit the road. If you're single, Sagittarius, you may have a hot love affair with a person you work with.


You may have felt the sparks of lust a few times already, but the next two weeks can have you realizing it's much deeper than this. You're falling hard for a person you don't know, but there's just that 'it' factor. Mercury retrograde's shadow period can have you analyze the situation and decide whether you'd like to take a risk when it comes to romantic love.

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(December 22 - January 19)

The cynic in you may war against the world during Mercury retrograde shadow phase. You do believe in love, but you also want it to be practical. You want love to come with everything that involves solid character and loyalty. When people play loosely with words or their emotions, you withdraw from the interaction quickly until you feel that you can safely come out and give your heart away.


During the Mercury retrograde shadow period, your belief in what love is and what it is not will feel challenged. Any myths you've bought into will come to the surface so you can reconnect to what you want, don't want, and need in a relationship. You may find yourself utterly OK with being alone than working through a compromising relationship. The following two weeks can force you to decide about your dealbreakers regarding love.

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(January 20 - February 18)

Relationships can be a lot of work, and you know that more than anyone else. That is why you are so particular when it comes to the person you get involved with. You tend to remain detached until you are certain that the individual you want to be with fits your high standards for love and relationships.


During the next two weeks, you will see what you need to see in your relationship. If your partner is one that you cannot imagine life without, you may begin to tighten up your relationship by spending more quality time together. If you're single and simply looking for a romantic partner, you may fall back into a friends-with-benefits situation until you feel ready to fully commit to one person.

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(February 19 - March 20)

Anything that involves the zodiac sign Virgo automatically begins to impact your zodiac sign, especially in romantic relationships. Mercury's shadow may stir your deepest sentiments about every relationship you've ever had or did not have. If you're in a relationship now, you may review each other's habits and how you interact daily.


If the relationship has become stale and predictable, some of you may find comfort in the ordinary rhythm of life. But a part of you may also become aware of how dangerous this can be. You may fear things that you hadn't before because you don't want to lose the romantic parts of your relationship. Mercury retrograde's shadow period can be a time of renewal in all the right ways for your love life.

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